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Today at 6pm we will show you exclusively Jan Hoffmann’s new full part and to say the least, it is quite a heavy one. Before that you get the first look at Jan’s Pro Board for Robotron Skateboards and Cleptomanicx now, by showing you the snapshot recap of his surprise party at the Attitude Skateshop in Bremen last weekend. Jan got his shirt, the board of course and a first video premiere, surrounded by all his loved ones. All Photos by Friedjof Feye. Make sure to come back at 6pm ;).

Danny Sommerfeld is back with a video version of his Kaffeezigarette column. This one features our cover kid Jun Song a.k.a. Seoul_air and his very trusted companion Moritz Alte a.k.a. mo.therfucka, in the middle of filming for this some Swedish guy named Felipe just popped up and started skating the park Danny being Danny just started documenting him. As far as the tunes go some of you trusted followers probably started to notice a shift in the tpdg’s musical interests by now.

P.s. If you are the guy hit us up and get your just due.


“I could do something like this.”

…And you should. There is a thin line between plagerizing and drawing inspiration. Generally, you should ask yourself if you’ve already crossed that line, but rather focus on what is best for your work by naturally developing content, material, and ideas in the process of production. But even if you take an abstract idea and articulate it, putting it in your on words, you will always find people that will see what other work or artist your piece is inspired by.

Our very own Danny Sommerfeld took the idea of David Hockney’s photographic collages and brought it into our world, which is that of skateboarding. While some seem to lose themselves in the photograph, others will always think of hockney’s famous works of classical L.A.: Backyard pools, open roads and cars. As such, in every image you encounter over the next few pages, you’ll also find a little Hockney. And like any other idea you have, there is always someone who might have thought the same, though one way or another, somewhat differently. Even your masters have found their inspiration in other works, just as Hockney sought inspiration from Picasso’s early cubism pieces. He took this idea and brought it into the world of photography.

Take your time to find the beauty in every shot and maybe you’ll find some little hints here and there – odes to photographic masters of yesterday, perhaps some pieces of inspiration for the artists of tomorrow. Nothing is absolutely perfect or unique. Here is to David Hockney:

by Daniel Pannemann
Photos: Danny Sommerfeld

Friends – Bremen, 2016

Farid Ulrich – Betonhausen Berlin, 2016

Johannes Schirrmeister – Alexanderplatz Berlin, 2016

Kai Hillebrand – Spot der Visionäre Berlin, 2016

We first came into contact with Jun’s skating via Instagram, as well as through Leon Rudolph’s YouTube channel. Jun kind of stuck out for some reason—he wasn’t the best skater in the videos, but he seemed to be having the most fun. His personality shined through, which is much harder to find in today’s skateboard world than someone who can hardflip a 16. Not limiting himself to the realm of skateboarding, Jun also makes music and has established his own clothing brand called 송준sky. Clearly, he expresses himself a lot across mediums and industries. Rewinding back to a couple of weeks ago, we went on a trip to Bremen and got to meet Jun. We had the opportunity to see if he uses the internet as a tool to create that feeling of happy-go-lucky charm, or if it just comes organically. I think flipping through this issue provides you with the answer to this question. In a sense, meeting Jun felt like déjà vu, similar to when we met Franz Grimm, who we featured in our last issue. Although they are completely different types of guys, they both gave us a similar feeling: that good vibe that makes you want to join in and hang out for just a little while longer.

by Roland Hoogwater
Photo: Danny Sommerfeld

We would like to invite you to the launch of PLACE Issue 57 “A Portrait”
For this event, we want to take you with us and celebrate things “Berlin Style” at a Spätkauf.

Our new issue is focusing on the age-old art of portraying: people, moments, things and emotions. We challenged ourselves in new ways! Stop by and have a drink with us.

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PLACE Issue 57 Features:

Dane Brady, Jerry Hsu, Kevin Rodrigues, Jun Song, Sarah Parson-Texas, and Giorgi Armani.