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Last week our trusted companion Danny Sommerfeld exhibited his work at COMA (Container Of Modern Art). He also presented to the world his latest project called (SOMMER), which is basically a tool for Danny to connect his photography to a disposable product like a skateboard. So about a week ago Danny went off to München with his bags packed, his photos printed, three rolls of film and he came back with “this”.

What is “this” you might ask yourself, this is what we call a meta-work. What is a meta-work!? you might ask. Well let me put it this way, on one side this is a recap of Danny’s time in München, at the same time, Mr. Sommerfeld twisted the whole thing around by encapsulating all the images into a concept.

The concept being that you are looking at three rolls of film, every roll starts with a contact sheet (like you get when you develop a roll of film a camera store.). In this Kaffeezigarette, Danny presents us with 3 rolls of film, many moments, shot in 1 city and all of that is connected by this 1 idea.

So instead of simply giving you a review of events, you get a review packaged into something new. Enjoy.






















If you want to see the exhibition you still can check here for info.

All photos by Danny Sommerfeld.

Most of these images could have made it into our current issue, that is a fact. It takes a certain idea, a vibe, a setting and the right people to make a good article. It also strongly depends on the taste of the person working on a specific article direction. Person “A” might like a bit more Heitor Da Silva (who wouldn’t?), Person “B” might prefer some more grandpa’s (elderly Spanish people have the best style!) or simply a second Budgetbeuker portrait (he is a pretty one isn’t he?). Since we have other articles and a limited number of pages, we don’t want to have to leave some stuff on the drawing board just to watch them expire.

Enjoy another episode of Kaffeezigarette!




































Our very own dog Danny Sommerfeld just launched his website! On his piece of web space, you can take a virtual tour through his PLACE projects, his autonomous works and more. Basically, you will be able to sneak peek into his doggy brain.

To celebrate this event Danny delved into his archives and created something new out of something old, Upcycling his own work so to speak. All jokes aside though we have seen Danny learn a lot and transform his work into something worth looking at longer than your average picture

Click here to visit Danny’s website.

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Next Wednesday during the BRIGHT Tradeshow we would like to invite you all to our 10 Years Of PLACE Birthday Party at Strausberger Platz 19 in Berlin, Friedrichshain. But before we will raise the glass, we have a little teasing and quite special column for you guys. As a real flower child, Danny Sommerfeld unintentionally documented a few situations during a few more or less blurry party nights of the past year where every time not least the power of colorful plants made him hit the shutter release.

Photos by Danny Sommerfeld









Danny Sommerfeld is back with a video version of his Kaffeezigarette column. This one features our cover kid Jun Song a.k.a. Seoul_air and his very trusted companion Moritz Alte a.k.a. mo.therfucka, in the middle of filming for this some Swedish guy named Felipe just popped up and started skating the park Danny being Danny just started documenting him. As far as the tunes go some of you trusted followers probably started to notice a shift in the tpdg’s musical interests by now.

P.s. If you are the guy hit us up and get your just due.


Those of you that know us have seen us popping up in Leon Rudolph’s latest edit s/o, now if you don’t know what s/o stands for it is short for shout out. I guess that is what Danny Sommerfeld is giving Leon with this behind the scenes style gallery!


Shout out to the end of summer.


Shout out to ignoring the rules of photography.


Shout out to all the cars that passed by and made Franz lose his focus.


Shout out to the next man on the come up.


Shout out to all the teachers that told me I would never amount to something


Shout out to all the people that lived above the buildings that I was hustling in front of.


Shout out to all the places we travel to only to pass by in a second.


Shout out to JJ for bringing a mic to a skate session.


Shout out to ankle braces and smiling faces.


Shout out to all the prayers that were written down by sprayers.


And finally, shout out to all the people that skate second-hand grip and own a first class pet.

Check out Leon’s edit by clicking here and to see more of kaffeezigarette click here.

All photos by Danny Sommerfeld

Text by Roland Hoogwater

About two weeks ago we went to the northern part of America. If you are an avid PLACE follower you are aware of our adventures and thus not surprised by this column’s topic. NYC was the second stop on our trip and it is a city that pops up in a lot of our brainstorming sessions. When it comes to articles, skaters, galleries, NYC is always in the mix but the thing is we never went there to see and shoot the city in our own way.

So when Danny finally got into the city he turned into Alice and fell down through the rabbit hole down into wonderland. Now to most of us NYC sounds wonderful, to say the least, but it has its downsides, it is hot and humid, it’s loud and it smells like hot trash most of the times but it is also a great place to meet people and to get stuff done the way you want to do it. So take this little taste and enjoy the “Big Apple” through Danny’s eyes.

Photos by Danny Sommerfeld
Text by Roland Hoogwater


It is no secret that we made a magazine about the beautiful city of Paris. A big part of that issue was shot by Danny Sommerfeld so it was only natural that he came with us to our Paris launch event. So we booked return flights and an appartement for five days thinking that we could chill…. Wrong! The whole thing flew by in a New York minute. In the end our trip was fueled by friends and good times. In between those moments Danny managed to shoot this new series about Paname.














Café con leche und selbstgedrehte Zigaretten sind nur zwei der vielen Leidenschaften von Danny Sommerfeld. Er ist bekannt für seine außergewöhnlichen Skills auf dem Skateboard, das er gerne auch mal als Knallbrett betitelt und ihm wird eine hohe stilistische Handhabung attestiert. Nach seiner kaufmännischen Ausbildung beim Mob in Gießen zog es Danny nach Hamburg, wo er sich seinem Label TPDG widmete. Nach eigener Aussage liegt ihm die Größe der Hansestadt nur bedingt, weswegen Danny vor nicht all zu langer Zeit in seine Heimat Kassel zurück gekehrt ist. Dort ist er gerade “mega happy” und hat mit dem Umzug “alles richtig gemacht”.

Sein tumblr beweist auf eindrucksvolle Art und Weise, welch gutes Auge Danny für Fotomomente besitzt. Von eben solchen gab es auf seinen vergangenen Touren nach New York, Berlin, Marrokko und China eine ganze Menge. Wir präsentieren eine chronologisch willkürliche Auswahl unserer Favourites:


Gerri, Danny & Kalle