About two weeks ago we went to the northern part of America. If you are an avid PLACE follower you are aware of our adventures and thus not surprised by this column’s topic. NYC was the second stop on our trip and it is a city that pops up in a lot of our brainstorming sessions. When it comes to articles, skaters, galleries, NYC is always in the mix but the thing is we never went there to see and shoot the city in our own way.

So when Danny finally got into the city he turned into Alice and fell down through the rabbit hole down into wonderland. Now to most of us NYC sounds wonderful, to say the least, but it has its downsides, it is hot and humid, it’s loud and it smells like hot trash most of the times but it is also a great place to meet people and to get stuff done the way you want to do it. So take this little taste and enjoy the “Big Apple” through Danny’s eyes.

Photos by Danny Sommerfeld
Text by Roland Hoogwater