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Some would say it was bad luck and some would say that it was meant to be this way. Here is an explanation by Dan himself why the new video is called unfinished:

“Due to harddrive issues in the past, a lot of the corresponding footage got lost. This is the fragment of THE UNFINISHED VIDEO from 2017.”

Featuring Manuel Mayr, Johannes Schirrmeister, Tabo Löchelt, Stephan Weimar, Sascha Scharf, Niklas Stube, Juan Carlos Aliste, Kerem Elver, Roland Hirsch, Banden B, Molly, Valle Ott, Kanya Spani & Quirin Staudt.

Paul Herrmann has been working with us for years now and even though this is not an edit for Place we still feel close to Paul’s work. And in our opinion this is Paul’s best work yet, from the filming, the trick, spot and song selection everything works well.

Special shoutout has to go to T-Time aka Tommy Habermann who has gone the extra mile for this edit and made us want to see more.

R.T.CO is skater owned but it is for everyone that likes sunglasses & t-shirts (who doesn’t). But low-key they have supported some skaters as well by making boards so as a result came this… Their first skate tape! Courtesy of Paul Herrmann.

Starring: Steffen Grap, Moritz Alte, Yannik Zhou, Johannes Schirrmeister, Deniz Bulgurcu & Valentin Cafuk.

“Nochmal” translates to: Again or Another One. Niclas probably choose that title in regards to the many Maybachufer videos that came out in the last years, but we thought you might like to watch anyway.

Filmed by Niclas Rickes featuring, Peter Buikema, Carlo Metzger, Kalle Wiehn, Moritz Alte, Luis Richter, and Johannes Schirrmeister. Enjoy!

Paul Herrmann gets the honor of closing off our year with his best of 2018 montage. The video features some of Berlin’s finest and some of Germany’s best.

To be honest, it is nice to see that young filmers still wait to “build” montages instead of filming for a couple of weekends and then “just putting it out” in a sub-par fashion.

Surprises are nice and we believe in the fact that every skater can have something to add to a montage. To draw a parallel, in a band not everybody can be the lead singer, some people might be drummers or they might not even play any instrument but still, they are an important element of the band.


In “bestof2k18” Herrmann manages to show us all the bits and bobs behind his “band” and we hope you enjoy the results.


If you pay attention to the youth around you, you will get to see the future. Big words for just a phone compilation from Berlin but whatever, it’s the truth. S/O to Tommy Habermann, Steffen Grap, Luis Waterkamp, Anton Jäger and many others.

To be young during summer in Berlin, a lovely time, a moment to remember. Paul Herrmann documented his friends and their friends for his newest Berlin edit.


Moritz alte, Luis Waterkamp,Valentin Cafuk, Julian Ruhe, Johannes schirrmeister, Steffen Grap, London Lee, Anton Jäger, Jun Kummer, Wanja Huth, Denzi Bul,Wladimir Hoppe, Arne Stein, Jan Hoffmann, Konrad Waldmann & Basti Eckert.

Music by:
1st Song – Brat Star
2nd Song – MCNZI

Johannes Schirrmeister is not a well-known skater, but he belongs to a group of young Berliners that are on a very good way to become more noted in the future. Next to the feature in our new issue, with photos shot on one day by our staff member Steffen Grap, we have a documentary made by Nils Hansen, featuring Johannes’ day in Jerusalem.

We would like to invite you to the launch event for PLACE Issue #60 the “Time Issue”.

During this event, we want to take you with us and celebrate things in style at Eo7 in Madrid in partnership with Carhartt WIP & Sevenmad and with the support of Converse CONS.

Our new issue is focusing on the thing that is constantly ticking or tocking in the background, not a clock but time itself is the focus of our newest issue.

The evening starts off, with us presenting our newest issue that is followed by a showing of four videos related to the print issue:

Fries Taillieu “1 24 1440” / Adidas Summer camp / Felipé Bartolome’s “Time” / Berlin’s Jerusalem

For more info please go to our Facebook event.

PLACE Issue 60 Features:

Jacob Elliot Harris, Phil Zwijsen, Fries Taillieu, Hugo Maillard, Paul Grund, Felipé Bartolome and many more.


“I could do something like this.”

…And you should. There is a thin line between plagerizing and drawing inspiration. Generally, you should ask yourself if you’ve already crossed that line, but rather focus on what is best for your work by naturally developing content, material, and ideas in the process of production. But even if you take an abstract idea and articulate it, putting it in your on words, you will always find people that will see what other work or artist your piece is inspired by.

Our very own Danny Sommerfeld took the idea of David Hockney’s photographic collages and brought it into our world, which is that of skateboarding. While some seem to lose themselves in the photograph, others will always think of hockney’s famous works of classical L.A.: Backyard pools, open roads and cars. As such, in every image you encounter over the next few pages, you’ll also find a little Hockney. And like any other idea you have, there is always someone who might have thought the same, though one way or another, somewhat differently. Even your masters have found their inspiration in other works, just as Hockney sought inspiration from Picasso’s early cubism pieces. He took this idea and brought it into the world of photography.

Take your time to find the beauty in every shot and maybe you’ll find some little hints here and there – odes to photographic masters of yesterday, perhaps some pieces of inspiration for the artists of tomorrow. Nothing is absolutely perfect or unique. Here is to David Hockney:

by Daniel Pannemann
Photos: Danny Sommerfeld

Friends – Bremen, 2016

Farid Ulrich – Betonhausen Berlin, 2016

Johannes Schirrmeister – Alexanderplatz Berlin, 2016

Kai Hillebrand – Spot der Visionäre Berlin, 2016

Today we are premiering “Welcome to Franki” a skateboard video by a young filmer out of Frankfurt named Paul Herrmann. The video was shot in Frankfurt, Berlin, Barcelona and the French capital of Paris. It gives you a good insight into what young German skaters are doing (mostly in Frankfurt and Berlin) but it also has some mainstay people like Kai Hillebrand, Valentin Cafuk, and Timo Meiselbach. All in all we back Paul in his efforts and are proud not only to host the online premiere of his new video but also to welcome him into the PLACE squad. From now on Paul will produce a monthly video column for all of you to enjoy but first things first, take a seat, make yourself comfortable, press play and welcome yourself to Franki.


Valentin Cafuk, Tim Griffel, Luis Waterkamp, Max Barthel, Philipp Weil, Lukas Bergener, Clemens Dembinski, Yunus Ergen, Louis Urban, Anton Jäger, Steffen Grap, Daniel Pannemann, Philipp Oehmige, Johannes Schirrmeister, Deniz Bul, Timo Meiselbach, Rahul Rahman, Nils Hansen, Sascha Scharf, Niklas Stube, Ollie Reinicke, Eric Erhardt, Max Obert, Timo Klein, Kai Hillebrandt, Tom Weimar, Martynas Katauskas, Andrius Kohrs, Tim Thomas, Matthias Ellinger, Kert Hollywood, Luis Kohl.

Photo by Max Barthel

It seems like a couple of Germans found a cheap Groupon travel deal, first the Europe Co. guys and now a Paris clip by Paul Herrmann.

The clip features Anton Jäger and Johannes Schirrmeister, the latter seemed to be out there the longest because he managed to pop up in both the videos. Herrmann’s clip itself has a nice and relaxed vibe, just what you need to start off the week.

I guess if you call your company Europe Co. you can’t just hang out in Germany, right? A possible motivation for the guys to make this little trip to the French capital. Even though the footy in this clip is good, we are pretty sure that the best of the best was saved for Europe’s upcoming release Autobahn, so check the vibe and get ready for their next big project.

As a skater, you know that there are two things that you are almost constantly on the hunt for, one being new boards and the other being new shoes. Sometimes you might spend your last buck on some skateable second-hand shoes just so you can keep skating. You might not care about the shoes you are skating but you should because what you wear is a big part of your style.

A little while back Supra was kind enough to send some shoes to our office. I always like to read wear tests so we tried to find the right crew so we could do our own wear test. We decided it would be cool if two good friends, Steffen Grap and Johannes Schirrmeister worked together to test the shoe. We asked Steffen to shoot the photos and Johannes was eager to try out the shoes.

As soon as Johannes slipped on the Cuba, he started to skate them and it seems like they were ready straight out of the box. We cruised around and had fun with it, finding or creating some spots along the way. After the session, I asked Johannes what he thought of the shoe and he said basically skated and held up well and he particularly liked the special edition Crown Coalition colorway (black and yellow) and the addition of the lace (most slip-ons seemed to slip off after a little while).

supra collage 5

supra collage 3

supra collage 2

supra collage 1

From the start, Supra as always had a strong image with staple shoes like the Skytop, but they also had a very diverse squad of team riders from the get go. Supra’s shoe designs are similar to their team, very diverse. The Cuba Basically is a classic slip-on that has been tweaked by adding some little extras that improve the way the shoe’s fit. The version we tested even had an ollie patch adding to the durability of the shoe.
All in all we like what the brand is doing, they are giving international guys like Lucien Clarke and Oscar Candon the spotlight, and they also seem to support their team’s other creative outlets like Muska’s venture into the art world and Jim Greco’s “The Way Out”. We feel that Supra seems to be moving in the right direction.

Skater Johannes Schirrmeister
All Photos by Steffen Grap
Text and edit by Roland Hoogwater

Potsdam, die Stadt der Schlösser und Gärten. Prunkvolle Gebäude, Parks, Seen und massenweise Touristen lassen sich hier finden. Für Skater verbirgt sich hinter dieser Fassade eine Stadt voller Spots, die jedoch alles andere als leicht zu fahren sind: Rauer Boden mit fiesen Cracks, Hindernisse in der An- und Ausfahrt oder poröses Material sind an Potsdamer Spots alles andere als eine Seltenheit.

Öfters besuchen Berliner oder Teams, die in Berlin auf Tour sind die Hauptstadt Brandenburgs, um Abwechslung von den Berliner Spots zu bekommen – doch viel mehr als den bekannten Bank-to-Curb Spot kriegt man selten zu sehen. Deshalb machen wir mit euch eine 3-minütige Stadtrundfahrt durch die ratternden Straßen, um zu zeigen, was sich in der alten Stadt noch so verbirgt. Mit dabei sind Konstantin Rutschmann, Malte Spitz, Konrad Waldmann, Jonas Albrecht, Alex König, Valentin Ott, Johannes Schirrmeister, Deniz Bulgurcu und Justin Sommer. Gefilmt und geschnitten wurde der Clip von Konrad Waldmann.