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Our friends from Kassel just released a new Mülljungen edit and it comes with just the perfect soundtrack to a very classic VX local scene video. Absolutely entertaining and lovely all around.

Filmed & edited by Kenneth Brencher.

During the premiere of Leon Rudolph’s new video, somebody asked: “Why is this video called Practice?” The answer lies in the opening shot of this video.

Pressed play, still no clue? You probably don’t watch the NBA, Leon does, he got the inspiration for his newest video from a Basketball legend Allen “A.I.” Iverson.

Iverson was at the peak of his skills and got asked about his performance during practice and his response is simply legendary.

Press play and listen to Iverson’s wisdom and watch Leon’s newest video featuring People like:

Jun Kummer, Hyun Kummer, Cephas Benson, Benny Urban, Santiago Sasson, David Jakinda, Farid Ulrich, Peter Buikema, Moritz Alte and many more.

It seems that every time we fly somewhere Leon finds the urge to release something new, the last time we were instantly hooked and the video became our pre-session go-to skate clip. This one is special because it contains the first “real” Max Sand footage in a long time! Max is the kind of skater we have come to love, he possesses the right balance between board control, a do or die attitude and a way to make any type of make a good one. Max can get away with stuff a lot of us can’t, one-foot landings, clipping a ledge, an out of balance kick turn often followed by a look into the camera. He just makes you want to go out and skate and that is the most important thing.

Additionally, we want to give you some insight into why this thing is called 2backpacks. In a way, it is an homage, firstly to Danny Sommerfeld’s skating and secondly to a guy in Bremen who recognized Danny and told his friend “Do you see that guy? He always carries two backpacks, one for his stuff and one for his big nutsack!” A classic remark that stuck with all that were present.

Potsdam, die Stadt der Schlösser und Gärten. Prunkvolle Gebäude, Parks, Seen und massenweise Touristen lassen sich hier finden. Für Skater verbirgt sich hinter dieser Fassade eine Stadt voller Spots, die jedoch alles andere als leicht zu fahren sind: Rauer Boden mit fiesen Cracks, Hindernisse in der An- und Ausfahrt oder poröses Material sind an Potsdamer Spots alles andere als eine Seltenheit.

Öfters besuchen Berliner oder Teams, die in Berlin auf Tour sind die Hauptstadt Brandenburgs, um Abwechslung von den Berliner Spots zu bekommen – doch viel mehr als den bekannten Bank-to-Curb Spot kriegt man selten zu sehen. Deshalb machen wir mit euch eine 3-minütige Stadtrundfahrt durch die ratternden Straßen, um zu zeigen, was sich in der alten Stadt noch so verbirgt. Mit dabei sind Konstantin Rutschmann, Malte Spitz, Konrad Waldmann, Jonas Albrecht, Alex König, Valentin Ott, Johannes Schirrmeister, Deniz Bulgurcu und Justin Sommer. Gefilmt und geschnitten wurde der Clip von Konrad Waldmann.