Today we are connecting some dots, Kassel to Zurich via Berlin, Vienna & Stuttgart. Filmed and Edited by Aurelio Ghirardelli of Aui & Zween fame. Maybe unknowingly these bonds to these places are stronger than one might think. Moving around doesn’t always have to mean that we don’t build a connection to a place or to the people there. One could argue that as skaters we often bond with cities quite intensely through our heavy interaction with the city’s interior and the people that live there. Because skating is somewhat of an intrusive act, you can often tell quite easily what the mood of “the people” is in that place. Anyway, before I spell it all out let us have some of the humans behind the project speak.

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Music supervision by Simeon Sigg & Mattia Comuzzi.

Graphic design credits by Fabian Fretz & Mattia Comuzzi.

Words by Sean Tien.

Filmed and Edited: Aurelio Ghirardelli.


„To Care“ is to look beyond the simple things that can create a mutual bond among friends and embrace the curiosity for what lies past the unwritten rules and nuances of exactly those things.

CARE (Skateboarding) started in 2017 as the result of a group of friends skating around Zurich. Rather than being a skate crew or a brand, the idea of CARE came to life as a shared feeling of just having fun with it and pushing the things we enjoy aside from skating too.

„Enthusiasm Worldwide“ is a new video filmed and edited by Aurelio Ghirardelli, featuring a bunch of Zurich locals as well as some friends from Kassel, Berlin, Vienna, and Stuttgart. Enjoy!


Lukas Caprez, Mattia Comuzzi, Simeon Sigg, Sean Tien, Sandro Brun, Flavio Zimmermann, Jan Hofer, Fabian Fretz, Simeon Schmocker, Giuliano Ghirardelli, Oliver Weismantel, Sven Kilchenmann, Danny Sommerfeld, Jonas Albrecht, Andreas Wertgen, Kenneth Brencher, Sven Langkabel, Lucas Jankoschek, Robin Wulf, Tim Rebensdorf, Michi Zimmermann,