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Arrow & Beast teamed up with their friends from Grotesque to bring us this sick video featuring most of Benztown’s finest skateboarders and to accompany that, they also released a small run of clothing that you can check out HERE. S/O to Simon Gärtner for killing it as usual!

Filmed & edited by Yannick Stechmeyer-Emden.

A new video from Stuttgart by the “Grotesque” clique just came out. This one has a good balance of OG Stuttgart heads and new comers and an overall good feeling to it.

Featuring: Simon Gärtner, Marvin Sauer, Michael Tan, Erik Müller, Jesse Heighty, Sandro Trovato, Helen Storz, Phil Anderson, Torsten Frank, Tobias Kasemir, Roman Zolotarchuk, Rosa Altmann, Leo Mattasiat, Georg Staudenmaier & Daniel Trautwein.

Filmed and Edited by Bannsen & Yannick.

When you have two friends, one is from Stuttgart and one from Barcelona, who both happen to be skateboarders, the obvious decision would be, to go skate in Barcelona. The two following individuals decided to do it the other way around and skate Stuttgart. Hence, we’re happy to share with you: „VAMOS AL LA Stuttgart“ a video filmed by Christian Pelz and produced by Torsten Frank. We decided to get some behind the scenes information on the project from Andrea Benitez and Catherine Marquis, the main characters in the video. Read down below, to find out what both of them have been up to in Stuttgart and what they‘ve got in store for us in the near future.

Intro by Moritz Alte.
Interviews by Roland Hoogwater.
Photography by Gonzalo Gonzalez de Vega.

Schermafbeelding 2018-11-22 om 16.15.01


Hey Andrea hope you are well? First question, how did this all begin?
Hey, I‘m good thanks, how about you? So, Catherine and I had been running into each other at contests for a while, but we really became friends in Nanjing China. At some point, during the event, we ended up having beers in the streets together. We talked about a lot of things, but the conclusion was, that we should get together, skate and film some stuff. We felt, that our styles really fit together even though, she is rather known for skating transition and I am more of a street skater. So the short version is that she talked to Torsten (Frank) and I talked to my TM in Spain. they both liked our idea and arrangements were made. Things looked to go quite easy, but my first flight got cancelled and as a result, our trip went from 6 to 5 days.

So you lost a day?
Yes, that worried me. I thought to myself, what can I do within five days? I did get the money back though and in the end, the result was pretty satisfying.

What was the crew like and how did Paddy (Patrick Zentgraf) get involved?
The squad consisted of Chris, Cathy’s boyfriend, who filmed, as well as Gonzalo, Lea Schairer (no tricks in the video) and Rosa. Gonzalo actually lives in Stuttgart and he just came with us to chill and took some photos. I actually didn‘t know Paddy before, but now he is my bud (laughs). We became friends after just minutes. He is really cool, he was pushing us to skate at our best.


Looking at the video, it seems like you guys had an amazing time but what was the vibe actually like?
It felt super pure to me, we just went skating together and we didn’t plan that much. My mindset was basically like, go to Germany, film some clips and skate spots that I like.

Did you like the spots? Stuttgart is quite different from Barcelona, don’t you think?
In Barcelona, we have spots everywhere, but I liked the spots in Stuttgart. They were not that far from one another and the type of spots we skated were fun spots, stuff you can get creative on. Except for that last hubba, that was kind of high. It was getting pretty late and I was super tired, but when I got there I really wanted to get the clip. The try that I landed, a few old people walked by and they started cheering for me. The whole thing was pretty funny, because it was a small village, in the middle of nowhere.

What was a highlight for you in Stuttgart?
Too many things happened, but there was one that stood out: We were out in the cornfields taking pictures for my mom and the car was parked. I left my coffee open in the car and then a car came driving up. Cathy got stressed and moved the car. And all I was thinking about was, that my coffee got spilt all over the car. But Cathy came back and did not say anything. So I went to check the car and my coffee was still there, in exactly the same position, I left it in.

This might be the first Adidas backed video project focussed on women in Europe right?
Yes, it is, they did projects in the US though. But this one is special because we created this ourselves, nobody told us to do anything. It is all us. I feel like that is the state of women in skateboarding right now, we are starting things and building structures as we go on.

Do you think that the Olympics are a good platform for female skaters to present themselves on?
The Olympic games as a platform are a great opportunity, equality for women and men (equal pay). But a lot of this is about time, I think, it just takes time. I choose to ignore the bullshit. Through the years, I‘ve broken many bones and entered many discussions, even with my own family. I also almost failed my studies. All of this because of skateboarding. Just like all skaters, I suffered a lot and loved it. That is what makes me a skateboarder. It is one of the things, that I am sure of.


Are we going to see a second part to this video?
I have been very busy since this trip to Germany, I went on a tour with Asiplanchaba (a female-focussed skateboard website) and we filmed a little video for that. And after that, I flew to the states to film for Bones. But yeah it would be sick to do a second part.

I guess we are going to be seeing a lot more of you in the future then?
Yes, good things are coming, I‘ve been skating for so long, for like 15 years. A lot of things are changing now, I am doing my last course before I finish my studies and I will officially be an electrical engineer.

I will keep my fingers crossed, thanks for getting in touch Andrea!


What can you tell me about this project you did with Adidas, how did it come together.
The idea started at the Far N’ High contest in Paris (both remember it differently), where we met each other for the second time. In Paris, we skated the city together and basically hung out the entire time. At some point, we started noticing that we have a lot of the same sponsors, which led us to think of the video idea. We stayed in touch and Andrea planned to visit me in Stuttgart.

As a friend visiting a friend?
Yes and then she came up with the idea to ask our sponsors for support. Initially, Torsten was supposed to film the clip but since he was on a Trip, Chris got involved. Torsten then suggested that we could include Patrick Zentgraf in it as well. Which was cool, Paddy likes to be involved in these sort of things.

Is there any standout moment of those 5 days that you want to talk about?
Andrea‘s mother watches German shows on television and we passed by a cornfield and made us stop the car so she could have a little photo shoot. (Landdoktor/Schwarzwald Klinik)

You also mentioned something about a song that you recorded for the video?
Yeah, we recorded one together, but unfortunately, it ended up not making the cut.

So, are there plans for you to return the favour and visit Andrea?
No solid plans, but we do want to visit her in Barcelona, it could be cool to do it as a series. We‘ll see, it is always fun to do stuff together.

Will Chris be involved too?
Yeah probably, I can’t seem to get rid of him (laughs).

What is he up to these days?
He‘s sitting next to me and is editing a video. I am also working on a new VX part with, which will be finished soon.

Chris, can I ask you, how does it feel to be out there, getting clips with your girlfriend?
Chris: It is very interesting to see what she can and is doing nowadays. It isn‘t like at the beginning where she would quit sooner. Filming her can be a test of patience because she wants to do crazy tricks and progress all the time. She‘s not that easily satisfied.

Catie: I never gave up (laughs). But I will admit that I threw a fit, got angry and at times cried when I could not land a trick. So it was crazier than he is portraying it as (laughs).

A question for you both, did you ever consider doing a couples part? It might be corny but it could also be cool.
Chris: We did think about it but as you said it could get too corny.

Catie: We did film a lot, he films me I film him, but he never wants to take the time to edit his

Chris: I like to edit her stuff more than mine. But we did think of making a video with both of us in it but a shared “couples part” sounds a bit too cheesy.


Talking about contests, just like Andrea, you‘re involved with the Olympic Games, what does that Olympic experience mean to you?
Free travel basically. They approached me and I liked the opportunity, who would say no to that? It can lead to new experiences and opportunities, that I might otherwise not have.

Understandable, but what does that mean, what do they expect from you?
Well, I basically have to skate more contests. For example on 22nd October, I’m flying to the US, to skate in a contest. But it definitely has advantages. After the contest, I’m going to stay in the states for a bit and have some time to skate and have cool experiences.

R: What do you think about the current state of girls in skateboarding? Do you think this project/video that you guys created can be seen as a milestone? For me it doesn’t really matter, I want to skate with people. Even though Andrea, Rosa and I are girls, it was not a choice or a statement it just happened.
Gender isn‘t a conscious factor in skateboarding for me.

Maybe that is the way it goes? Filming a video with the homies, as you did, is a core factor of being a skateboarder don’t you think?
Personally, I think filming is the most enjoyable. On the contrary, contests can be rough at times. I was pretty frustrated during the German Championships, but a lot of the times big contest can also be fun.
I try to skate both, street and bowl.

Even though people see me as a bowl skater, at some of these contest I have placed above some of the other “street skating” girls. For instance, in Nanjing (China) I was the highest placed German woman, in the street event (laughs). The point is that I want to skate it all. I even skate vert, when I feel like it and other days I will focus on learning new flip tricks. It depends on my mood and I don’t want to pigeonhole myself.

Thanks, Cathy I think that is a nice quote to end it on! Thanks for getting in touch with us to do this interview.


We met Mark while he was out living in Berlin we skated together and we knew he was good but he still really managed to surprise us in this video.

We also love the animations and want to give a shout out to Bannsen who probably spent quite a few hours working on them.

Recently, Team Titus visited Germany’s new and probably smoothest indoor skate park in Stuttgart for a private session. The park looks so nice you even want to skate it in the summertime! That’s what Yannick Schall, Patrick Rogalski, Vladik Scholz, Markus Blessing and Jost Arens might have thought, too.

Stuttgart’s brand new and pretty nice looking indoor skatepark got inaugurated with the premiere of the Adidas Away Days video followed by an open skate session with the German team riders Kai Hillebrand, Patrick Zentgraf, Daniel Ledermann and Sandro Trovato.

Video by Torsten Frank

The infamous crew of Stuttgart’s Arrow & Beast skate shop recently visited Berlin and also used this circumstance to stop by the Nike SB Shelter. The outcome of this is a very lively edit that depicts both the skating and the Shelter from some unknown perspectives. Featuring: Erik Müller, Kai Hillebrand, Patrick Zentgraf, Mark Metzner, Daniel Wagner & Kamil Krzesniak.

This summer, PLACE and adidas Skateboarding proudly present the 3Stripes3Tricks video contest. It’s all about dynamic skateboarding – easy but stylish, fast and light-footed. This is Pt.7 feat. Kai Hillebrand:

In order to enter, all you need to do is film three tricks – either in a line or three single tricks in a clip – and upload the video to your Instagram account, using #3stripes3tricks while also tagging @placemag and @adidasskateboarding. That’s it – all entries get the chance to win amazing prices. We’ll choose three winners and repost your videos on the PLACE Instagram channel.

And there’s more: the winning footage will also take part in the Big Final Edit featuring the German adidas team with riders like Sandro Trovato, Lem Villemin, Patrick Zentgraf, Kai Hillebrand, and more. Last but not least, all three winners will receive a big adidas surprise stuff package delivered straight to their front door. Whether it’s stripes or tricks – three is the magic number and we hope to see your footage soon. Good luck!

Heute abend wird im Stuttgarter Delphi Kino das “Propeller” Video von Vans gezeigt und als wenn das nicht schon Grund genug zum feiern wäre, legen die Jungs vom Arrow & Beast Skatshop noch einen drauf: Im Anschluss wird das fünfjährige Jubiläum des Skateshops begossen! Turn up!

5 Jahre Arrow & Beast Party
(Vans Propeller Aftershow)

05.05.2015 / 22H

Töpferstaße 5
70173 Stuttgart


Der adidas Skateboarding Seeley ADV Lem Villemin Colorway ist ab sofort erhältlich. Lem persönlich zeigt, wie so ein Tag in dem Schuh aussehen kann und so ganz alleine ist er dabei natürlich nicht. Ein Day In The Life mit Phil Anderson, Angelo Kaiser, Yaw Baus und einigen mysteriösen Kreaturen.

„Machet sie erschtamol. I komm hier net woider“, meint der alte Mann vor mir am Geldautomat, nimmt seine Karte und geht. Er sieht aus, als hätte er sein Leben lang hart für sein Geld gearbeitet – wahrscheinlich in der Landwirtschaft oder als Winzer –, als hätte er einen großen Bogen um Computer, Mobiltelefone und vierstellige Codes gemacht und sein Geld vorzugsweise unterm Kopfkissen gehortet.

Er ist weg, ich bin wieder allein und laufe auf den Automaten zu, der zu rappeln anfängt, als würde die Erde beben. „Entnehmen Sie Ihr Geld, Auf Wiedersehen!“, steht auf dem Display, und er spuckt gefühlte zwanzig 50-Euro-Scheine aus. Ich nehme die warmen Scheine heraus, frage mich, ob die Aktion auf meinem Karma-Konto oder als das Ende meiner finanziellen Misere verbucht werden soll.

FS Flip

Ich setze auf Karma, laufe ihm hinterher und gebe ihm sein Geld. Er bedankt sich höflich, ich gehe zurück zum Automaten und bereue die Aktion schon beim Blick auf meinen Kontostand. Wäre ich letztes Wochenende viermal den gleichen Run gefahren – so, wie man das anscheinend macht – würde es jetzt wohl anders auf meinem Konto aussehen, denke ich mir. Aber Gangsta-Rap didn’t make me do it this time, und Taktik war noch nie mein Ding. Vernunft übrigens auch nicht, denn warum bin ich eigentlich in der Bank?

Also long story short: Ich arbeite bei Bernd Aufrecht. Bernd sitzt im Rollstuhl, das heißt, er kann seinen riesigen, fahrbaren 10.000-Euro-Smoker nicht selbst lackieren. Dazu braucht er mich – und hitzebeständigen Lack. Gestern gibt er mir seinen Geldbeutel mit, damit ich heute früh vor der Arbeit den Lack kaufen kann. So weit, so gut. Nun ist es aber so, dass es zwischen Gestern und Heute auch noch eine Nacht gibt und ich gestern Nacht mit Julia im Kottan war und Geld am liebsten dann ausgebe, wenn ich eh keins habe.

Also erst mal ’ne Karaffe Weißwein und dann noch eine. Bernds Geldbeutel übernimmt die Bezahlung, denn ich habe kein Geld dabei und kann ja auf dem Heimweg beim Geldautomaten vorbei und sein Portemonnaie wieder bestücken. Gesagt, nicht getan. Stattdessen habe ich voll Bock auf Downhill, denn Stuttgart ist ein Kessel und bergab geht’s eh for life!

FS Bluntslide

Jedenfalls musste ich dann am nächsten Morgen Geld von Laras Konto auf meins überschreiben, um das Geld zurückzuzahlen. Lara ist das süße dreißigjährige Mädchen, das mich jeden Morgen daran erinnert, die Zähne zu putzen. Geld von ihrem Konto zu nehmen ist eine Aktion, die ich äußerst ungern mache, auch wenn ich derjenige bin, der jeden Monat darauf einzahlt. Aber sag niemals nie, auf Prinzipien ist eh geschissen und die Pointe der Geschichte ist: Leben ist das, was passiert, während du andere Pläne schmiedest. Also geht vor die Tür und genießt den Tag, er bringt mehr als 1000 Follower! And I’d rather be a dick than a swallower.

Varial Heelflip


By Robin Wulf
Photos: Danny Sommerfeld

Sandro Trovato ist in der deutschen Szene längst kein Unbekannter mehr. Der Stuttgarter mit italienischen Wurzeln ist mit unglaublichen Kickflip Skills gesegnet und hatte vor nicht allzu langer Zeit sein erstes Interview bei uns im Heft. Die dort gezeigten Tricks und noch ein paar weitere Banger kann man sich jetzt auch in bewegten Bildern angucken – Red Bull Skateboarding hat soeben Sandros Full Part online gestellt, den ihr euch nicht entgehen lassen solltet:

Felix Löchel hat einen beeindruckenden Clip online gestellt – inspiriert von den DVS Commercials wurde hier ordentlich die Post-Production-Peitsche geschwungen. Gefilmt wurde in Stuttgart. Geschnitten wurde in Stuttgart. Animiert wurde in Stuttgart. Geflogen wurde in Stuttgart. Mit von der Partie sind: Kilian Zehnder, Sandro Trovato, Michael Hoi Le Tan, Patrick Zentgraf, Erik Müller, Yannick E.S. und die Stimme von Marc Johnson…

Eine Zeit lang war es spannend, denn adidas hatte angekündigt, drei neue Teamfahrer in ihr Roster aufzunehmen. Derartige Plätze sind heiß begehrt, das ist kein Geheimnis, außerdem versprach die Qualität der bisherigen Teamkonstellation Neuzugänge mit außergewöhnlichen Klasse-Skills. So wurde Anfang September offiziell verkündet, dass neben Miles Silvas auch die beiden Über-Newcomer Na-kel Smith und Tyshawn Jones, die besonders durch das in diesem Jahr erschienene Supreme-Video auf sich aufmerksam gemacht hatten, ab sofort mit den drei Streifen unterwegs sind. Und diese beiden wurden auf ihrem ersten offiziellen Ausflug tatsächlich so etwas wie die heimlichen Stars auf einer Tour mit Lem Villemin, Dennis Busenitz und Lucas Puig, was sicherlich nicht nur an ihren Skills auf dem Board lag, sondern besonders mit ihrer jugendlichen Freigeistigkeit zu tun hatte.

Im ersten von zwei Videos geht es für Na-kel, Tyshawn und Dennis Durrant von Hamburg über Köln und Stuttgart nach München. Im zweiten Teil folgen Lem, Lucas und Dennis – stay tuned!

Na-Kel Smith
Pop Art Heelflip, München

Na-Kel und Tyshawn: Besonders auffällig ist ihre Leichtigkeit gewesen, mit der die beiden stets im Takt mit Boombox über die Straße tanzten und die Leute in ihren Bann zogen. In Hamburg wurde Tyshawn sogar von einem Kid die Supreme-Cap abgeschwatzt. ‘Can I have your Cap?’, war die Frage. Tyshawn darauf: ‘No worries, here you go.’ Das Kid ist natürlich mit einem breiten Grinsen rumgerannt, O-Ton: ‘Wow, geil, die Cap kostet 150 Euro und Tyshawn hat sie mir geschenkt. Die Mütze von Tyshawn, wow, wow geil!’

Tyshawn Jones

Mit Na-kel ist außerdem jemand an Bord gewesen, der seines Zeichens Member der angesagten Odd- Future-Rap-Crew aus Los Angeles ist. So sind auch Fans zu den Demo erschienen, die sich aus Amerika limitierte Odd-Future-Shirts bestellt haben, die hierzulande nicht so leicht zu bekommen sind. Damit haben die Jungs dick represented, und das hat Na-Kel natürlich total abgefeiert…

Na-kel Smith Hamburg
Crowd in Hamburg

tyshawn jones
Tyshawn, SW FS Flip, Stuttgart

Video & Edit: Torsten Frank
Additional Filming: Anton Geismar, Jascha Muller
Fotos: Burny