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Besides the tour stops in London and in Paris the adidas Skateboarding squad have also went to Berlin. A few of you probably remember the video we posted of Magnus Bordewick skating up the stairs at Frankfurter Tor. Well, the SW Flip was missing but here you have it. Another highlight is the few street skate sections inbetween the demos.

A new adidas video just dropped a minute ago. This one is having a good percentage of the whole squad skating the world’s most famous concrete jungle. Tyshawn Jones is the future!


Tyshawn Jones, Silas Baxter-Neal, Rodrigo Teixeira, Mark Suciu, Nestor Judkins, Jake Donnelly, Daewon Song, Marc Johnson, Jack Fardell, Mark Gonzales, Kevin Lowry, Dennis Busenitz, Lem Villemin, Pete Eldridge & introducing Frankie Spears and Nora Vasconcellos.


Adidas Skateboarding recently introduced the new Lucas Premiere ADV. As Lucas is injured pretty bad at the moment, he decided to invite the whole European Adidas riders to his hometown Toulouse to have a good time, which then resulted in some impressive skateboarding as well. We wish Lucas a quick recovery!

adidas_la ville rose_crew at pool©henry kingsford

The time has come! Today Adidas Skateboarding’s biggest project Away Days has its online premiere and is available for the next 24 hours before you can buy it on itunes tomorrow. No more words needed. Enjoy!

While currently the premiers of Away Days are taken place all over the world the Far & Away episodes further on provide us with interesting insights. This time we can see how Dennis destroys his own backyard, Donnelly shows tremendous pop, and Nak runs the dice game.

The fourth behind the scenes episode is about the mental and physical struggles the Adidas team riders had to face while filming a full part but it also shows some very nice appetizers for the Away Days video, as well.

The third installment leading up to the release of the new Adidas tomorrow in LA. This one is mostly about the international vibe of the team but since we already spoke on that lets just say that it is about Chewy Cannon. Chewy is one of the best! Why? Because he can do an ollie on flat ground in a line and still have it look better than your nollie tre flip, in addition to that he skates fast and on the nicest terrain. So yeah Chewy’s part is probably going to be one of the best in the video.

The second installment of the Far and Away series is here and it features one of life’s most important lessons, share your wealth and share your opportunities with other people so you can grow together.

If you by any chance missed the first episode click here to see it.

Adidas Skateboarding presents the official trailer for their first full length film, which will premiere in the month of May 2016 and features only top-class skateboarders like Dennis Busenitz, Salias Baxter-Neal, Lucas Puig, Mark Gonzales, Mark Suciu, Nestor Judkins, Benny Fairfax, Rodrigo TX, Lem Villemin, Pete Eldrige, Jack Fardell, Jake Donnelly, Miles Silvas, Alec Majerus, Na-Kel Smith and Tyshawn Jones. As that already sounds almost too good to be true, the trailer is also insane!

#3stripes3cities – the final chapter. This summer, Hamburg marked the final destination of adidas Skateboarding’s tour across Germany. See Valerie Rosomako, Lem Villemin, Patrick Zentgraf and Sandro Trovato hitting the streets once again as well as footage from the demo in the famous i-Punkt Skateland. We had a lot of fun following these guys around. Press play!

Filmed and edited by Torsten Frank

You’ve seen Part 1 of adidas Skateboarding’s #3stripes3cities video trilogy already. Today marks the relese of the second edit, in which the entire team around Lem Villemin, Sandro Trovato, Valeri Rosomako and Phil Anderson visit the famous “2er” DIY spot in Hannover. Lofty lines and laid back music – enjoy the show and get inspired!

Filmed and edited by Torsten Frank

This July, the adidas Skateboarding team went on tour again, although it feels like these guys are on tour all the time, which is actually pretty sick! #3stripes3cities was the motto for this particular one with stops in Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg. Today we present the first part of three – Berlin, where the adidas Skate Copa Event kicked off the tour. Expect some excellent streetskating by Lem Villemin, Phil Anderson, Valeri Rosomako, Benny Fairfax, Patrick Zentgraf and Sandro Trovato:

Filmed and edited by Torsten Frank

This is the final call! There’s only one week left for you to enter the 3Stripes3Tricks video contest presented by PLACE and adidas Skateboarding. We’ll choose one more winner so take your chance now! This is Pt.9 feat. Lem Villemin:

In order to enter, all you need to do is film three tricks – either in a line or three single tricks in a clip – and upload the video to your Instagram account, using #3stripes3tricks while also tagging @placemag and @adidasskateboarding. That’s it – all entries get the chance to win amazing prices. We’ll choose three winners and repost your videos on the PLACE Instagram channel.

And there’s more: the winning footage will also take part in the Big Final Edit featuring the German adidas team with riders like Sandro Trovato, Lem Villemin, Patrick Zentgraf, Kai Hillebrand, and more. Last but not least, all three winners will receive a big adidas surprise stuff package delivered straight to their front door. Whether it’s stripes or tricks – three is the magic number and we hope to see your footage soon. Good luck!

Ich habe es getan – ich habe mir nach langer Zeit mal wieder ein Skateboardvideo bei iTunes vorbestellt. Wieso, weshalb, warum fragt sich jetzt vielleicht der ein oder andere von euch… Guckt euch einfach mal diesen Trailer zum neuen Cliché Video “Gipsy Life” an – vielleicht versteht ihr dann meine Entscheidung. Wenn das nicht wirklich vielversprechend aussieht, weiss ich auch nicht…

“Ten years since the inaugural “Gypsy Tour”—Cliché Skateboards notorious pan-European road trip/survival tour—the company celebrates a decade of scraping by on 15-Euros-a-day and sleeping under the stars by combining it with their 8th full-length video release. Gypsylife—Filmed and edited by Boris Proust—is split between documenting Gypsy Tour 4 (with guest janitor Chet Childress) and showcasing full parts from Paul Hart and Max Geronzi along with heavy footage drops from Kyron Davis, Brad McClain and Adrien Coillard. In the footsteps of Bon Appétit and Freedom Fries, Gypsy Life will introduce an entire new generation of Cliché prodigies to the world, while including hefty Gypo helpings of Lucas Puig, Joey Brezinski, Andrew Brophy and the rest of the Pro team to boot. Get in the caravan! Original tracks by Busy P.”

Bilbao. Die Stadt an der Nordküste Spaniens erinnert in vielen Punkten an San Francisco: Unendlich viele Downhills und versteckte Spots en Masse. In den späten Neunzigern wurde Bilbao einer groß angelegten Renovierungsaktion unterzogen – so erklärt sich auch der auffällige Mix aus zeitgenössischer und klassischer Architektur, die sich hervorragend zum skaten eignet. Axel Cruysberghs, Lem Villemin, Cooper Wilt, Emmanuel Guzman und Philipp Schuster haben die Stadt gemeinsam mit Fimemacher Brian Lotti erkundet, der diesen wunderschön atmospärischen Clip zusammengeschnitten hat:

Lem Villemin – Nosegrind

Axel Cruysberghs – BS Smithgrind

Cooper Wilt – Nosewheelie


Der adidas Skateboarding Seeley ADV Lem Villemin Colorway ist ab sofort erhältlich. Lem persönlich zeigt, wie so ein Tag in dem Schuh aussehen kann und so ganz alleine ist er dabei natürlich nicht. Ein Day In The Life mit Phil Anderson, Angelo Kaiser, Yaw Baus und einigen mysteriösen Kreaturen.

Mark Suciu, Nestor Judkins, Benni Fairfax, Lem Villemin, Jake Donelly, Miles Silvas, Tyshawn Jones, Na-Kel Smith und ein paar weitere adidas Teamfahrer machen sich in diesem Edit ausschließlich über Bump to Bar Spots her. Der Grund ist #BoostTheBar – eine Contestserie, bei der der jeweils beste Trick an einem eigens designten Bump to Bar Spot mit Cash und Sachpreisen belohnt wird. Alle Infos gibt’s im Clip: