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Some fresh Emile Laurent, Tyler Bledsoe & Silas Baxter Neal! The latter continues to surprise us both in the volume and the quality of his output. With 50-minutes of playtime, this is a long one but a good one!


The stripes showing us their newest offering just before Christmas time. Let’s be honest though any new Gustav footage is definitely a “Christmas came early” type of situation.

Parade world & Jan Maarten Sneep a.k.a. Memory Screen teamed up to honor the former SOTY and to celebrate his new /// campus ADV colorway.

Here is a little excerpt for their interview with SBN

I know you’re super close friends with Dennis Busenitz, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear his shoe, you don’t like it?

Hahaha, why would I wear that guy’s shoe! No, I’ve worn it but only filmed one or two tricks in it. It feels a little weird on my foot, I don’t know what it is. I like the look of the regular one but I’ve skated the Vulc one more. I have tried to ride it! Haha. 

A very nice video featuring a very surprisingly fun line by a SOTY that doesn’t always get the credit he deserves. We also have lot of Paul Shier footage but no tricks!?

Anyway, some great work by the people over at Monster Children.


Alec Majerus, Silas Baxter Neal, Dan Mancina, Diego Najera, Dennis Durrant, Jake Donnelly, Frankie Spears, Brad Saunders, Shin Sanbongi and Kento Yoshioka.

Silas Baxter Neal might be the most overlooked SOTY and that is such a shame! Watch the oceanic /// team skate through their homes.


adidas Skateboarding’s latest film introduces the team’s latest talent, Diego Najera. Directly inspired by “bloom of the Sakura;” the tones and hues of the film come courtesy of a special heat-sensing camera.

Feat.: Alec Majerus, Dennis Busenitz, Jack Fardell, Lucas Puig, Magnus Bordewick, Mark Suciu, Miles Silvas, Nestor Judkins, Nora Vasconcellos, Rodrigo Teixeira, Silas Baxter-Neal, Jake Donnelly, Chewy Cannon, Dennis Durrant, Gustav Tonnesen, Daewon Song, Klaus Bohms, Pete Eldridge, Tom Snape, Hiroki Muraoka, Brandon Nguyen, Shin Sanbongi and as mentioned above Diego Najera.




Adidas went all out for this one, almost the whole team came to the city of angels to skate and hang out. But even though all the heavy hitters were there it was the new addition to the team Magnus Bordewick who outshined everybody with his pop and non-conventional style. Norway keeps on giving us new and interesting skaters.

Let’s be honest, this was a great idea by Mr. Mulhern because by taking the footage from this “Away Days” trip to Taiwan he created something new, something fresh. It shines a light on some of Dennis’s best lines, all in all, a great plan executed well.


Rodrigo TX, Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, Nestor Judkins and Dennis Durrant.

The HUF team took a trip to Portland, Oregon. “45° North, 122° West” features Dan Plunkett, Peter Ramondetta, Tyler Bledsoe, Josh Matthews, Joey Pepper, Jake Anderson, special guest Pat Moran, as well as Portland local, Silas Baxter-Neal.

A new adidas video just dropped a minute ago. This one is having a good percentage of the whole squad skating the world’s most famous concrete jungle. Tyshawn Jones is the future!


Tyshawn Jones, Silas Baxter-Neal, Rodrigo Teixeira, Mark Suciu, Nestor Judkins, Jake Donnelly, Daewon Song, Marc Johnson, Jack Fardell, Mark Gonzales, Kevin Lowry, Dennis Busenitz, Lem Villemin, Pete Eldridge & introducing Frankie Spears and Nora Vasconcellos.


Adidas presents us with episode 1 of the Far & Away series. This series provides us with some small previews of what we can expect from the video, at the same time we still don’t fully know what to expect from the Adidas crew. All in all this episode is a good little teaser to get you excited to see the video.

Wer steckt eigentlich wirklich hinter adidas Skateboarding? Silas Baxter-Neal ist anscheinend nicht ganz unbeteiligt. Der Silas ADV bietet schon einmal vorab das Gefühl, dass der Schuh wahrscheinlich viel mehr kann als nur gut aussehen. Der “A Day In The Life” geht auch nie aus der Mode. Vor allem wenn der Tag so aussieht:

Silas Baxter-Neal ist 2008 vom Thrasher Magazine zum Skater Of The Year gewählt worden. Was für den einen Bestätigung genug wäre, war für Silas erst der Anfang. Der mittlerweile 30jährige Amerikaner überfliegt gekonnt die Lücke zwischen zweier Geländer und pflanzt sich weiterhin monatlich auf die Cover dieser Welt – so gesehen in Transworlds Perpetual Motion.

Langsam fängt es bei den Fußballfans an zu kribbeln, die WM rückt stetig näher und ist zum Greife nahe. Zu diesem Anlass zelebriert adidas Skateboarding schon jetzt ihre neuesten Modelle in bester Kicker-Manier. Das FUTEBOL PACK ist limitiert und sowohl technisch, als auch stilistisch von legendären adidas Fußballschuhen inspiriert. Hier ein paar erste Eindrücke:

The Busenitz Pro

The new Silas SLR

The Lucas Pro

The Gonz Slip

Neues Material aus dem Hause Adidas Skateboarding – Silas Baxter Neal bekommt einen neuen Pro Schuh – den Silas SLR. Und wer könnte den Schuh besser vorstellen als Silas himself. Ort des Geschehens – Die Trainingsfacility “The Grotto” in Portland, Oregon. Gefilmt wurde mit neuester Videotechnologie, was diesen Hallenclip zu etwas ganz Besonderem macht:

“The Movi cam is something straight out of a sci-fi movie and filming with it was such a crazy process. There was a guy operating the direction of the camera with a remote control that resembled a really fancy RC car controller. There was another dude controlling the focus from another controller, and a third guy who directed the camera using a rope and pulleys. Amongst all that weirdness and in half darkness, I had to try to concentrate on landing a trick – it was a crazy experience for sure.” – Silas Baxter-Neal