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Another instant classic by Fucking Awesome with a lot of small details in post production of the audio and photography. It’s always a lot of fun watching those edits and finding all these little references.

Featuring an outstanding Louie Lopez, Na-Kel Smith, Anthony Van Engelen, Sage Elsesser, Diego Todd, the new guy Joe Campos, Nik Stain, Ben Kadow, John Fitzgerald, Donovon Piscopo, Sean Pablo & Andrew Allen.

The FA squad have been touring through Europe.

Featuring Anthony Van Engelen, Jason Dill, Kevin Bradley, Diego Todd, Ben Kadow, Sean Pablo, Andrew Allen, Sage Elsesser, Kevin Rodrigues, Louie Lopez & Aidan Mackey.

After the success of the first movie and the leftover montage we now get “Boys Of Summer 2”. The film has the same humor, the same behind the scenes type of feel and big-name skating that the first one had.

Still, part 2 seems more serious, less of the cuff and more focussed, you win some you lose some, see for yourself.

The title says it all, this is THE Greg Hunt interview! It starts with his skating and ends with his new book about Jason Dill.

It is a slightly longer read but if you are interested in what Greg has to offer you will be delighted!

Go and read the article by clicking this link.

Photo by Ryan Allan.

History is important and Bill Strobeck’s path in skateboarding is comparable to being an artist in Paris during the start of the 1900’s.

Bill once said in an interview he was thinking about making a video with all his best footage and we hope this is the start of that renaissance project.

Skateboarding is about many things, mostly it is about the skateboarder and his skateboard interacting together. This interaction begins with you learning to stand on the board, pushing, ollieing, shoving the board, nollie, fakie, switch or normal stance. Some learn faster, some slower, but the objective is the same; “Stay on the board.” This article is not about that, this is about getting off the board (and getting back on afterwards), walking or running with or without, maybe even away from the board.
Today we offer you a step by step analysis (lmao) of some of the most influential skaters who got off the board.

A Different Route.

Right off the bat, we start with two of the most classic walks caught on tape! At the same time, both Jason Dill and Louie Barletta use walking to get somewhere or to walk over something they could not get to by staying on the board. Louie’s might be a little more eccentric because not many people skate terraces like he did, but still, both these guys made a lot of people get off the board.

John Motta uses the same principle but instead of picking his board up and taking it with him, he chooses to leave it and jump on the next one. A technique, mostly used by filmers, while filming long lines, with a lot of ups and downs like stairs. Normally I’d go for the pickup but doing it John’s way creates a little more suspense about what is about to come next.


Jason Dill – Photosynthesis, Alien Workshop (2000).


Louie Barletta – Bag of Suck, Enjoi (2006).


john motta
John Motta – A Happy Medium (2008).


Cruising To The Spot.

I am not totally sure if Mike V just got back from an injury here or if he just has that much pent up punk rock Aggression, but Mr. Vallely does deserve his props for this ‘powerful cruise through the city’ style line! He manages to push skateboarding by keeping it true to his style of skating, whilst at the same time doing tricks that every skater would like to do, while going from one to another spot.

Vincent, on the other hand, seems like he just came from the corner store where he bought a soda, and on his way back, he noticed he could flip his board in there. Probably the most relaxed walk of the bunch, which contrasts quite nicely with Mr. V’s spurt.


Mike Vallely – Label Kills, Black Label (2001).


Vincent Touzery – Trunki, Les Blobys (2017).

The Bail To Pick up a.k.a. The Never Give Up.

This is a more recent phenomenon, ever since iPhone filming became an everyday thing, skaters started to worry less about wasting tape and thus happy accidents made it into our collective memory. The reason why we like this style of walking is because it makes everything seem so much more spontaneous, it reminds us of skating around with the homies, instead of the sometimes tedious process of perfecting things in front of the lens.


Amandus Mortensen – Sondre & Amandus (2015).


Chris “Mango” Milic – Life Is Goodie (2015).


The Hop Off, Hop On.

The Hop off and Hop On is a method perfected by one of today’s most influential skaters: Mr. Kevin Rodrigues. He has a knack for wall riding, no comply flipping or throwing down his board (to hippy jump) and moving into the next trick. The great thing about this combination is that everybody can join in, just remember: the most important thing is the rhythm of your walk! Hesitation can sneak in and ruin an otherwise great line.

Kevin Rodrigues – I Like It Here Inside My Mind Don’t Wake Me This Time, Polar Skate Co (2016).


Jan Hoffmann – hellafaded2k15 (2015).


Noah Bunink – Le remix, Pop Trading Company (2017).


ryan thompson
Ryan Thompson – TULIP (2016).

The Mid Trick Walk Along.

To be honest, a lot of these moves seem to come straight from a Louie Barletta, who should be on everybody’s favorite skater list by now. Go watch his parts and you will notice that the only difference is that these tricks are done in a serious manner, instead of with a weird hat and a Rod Stewart track. Anyway, you have to find the right trick and spot (a long slide) to do this but if you do the possibilities are endless.


dustin henry
Dustin Henry – Curb Kruise (2013).


mango 2
Chris “Mango” Milic – Dr. Scarecrow (2016).


Walk The Line.

This one doesn’t really need any explaining, does it?


john cardiel
John Cardiel – Sight Unseen, Transworld (2001).


Walking as a mode of skating.

A fancy way to say that walking can be the actual main dish instead of a side order that only add’s to the meal. Case and point CK1’s stroll on these metal arm rests, imagine him replacing that walk with a series of hippy jumps, it wouldn’t be the same right?


Cory Kennedy – CROCODILE DONE DEAL, Fourstar (2014).


The Stop Walk And Roll.

This is the only section that doesn’t involve the board moving before hand, it is the simple idea of placing your board somewhere (very high in this case) and jumping on it. Most skaters use this to test out spots but very few use it as a means to an end, which it can be in the right hands. In our opinion, this is the little brother of the caveman nosegrind that Andrew Allen popularized a while back. We say little because everybody can try this one at almost every spot.


Daniel Pannemann – Rick Moranis (2015).


The Walk Home.

For the older skaters amongst us, this is a pretty common thing. You need to wrap up the session because your significant other wants to home and the baby needs to be fed, time to go, leave the board and take a walk home.

josh kalis
Josh Kalis – Photosynthesis, Alien Workshop (2000).

A big part of Supreme’s program is based around working with people that either have a great history (in the limelight) or with people that deserve to have their moment in the sun. Mike Hill is not an “in the spotlight kind of guy” but if we (the skateboard community) ever decide to make a hall of fame he should be inducted into it.

So instead of googling “Mike Hill skateboarding” for you, this time we will leave it up to you to decide if you want to invest your time into someone Supreme is investing their time in.

Under the aegis of F.A. World Entertainment Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen founded their own new company, Hockey Skateboards. Everyone who already came across productions of those two company names knows that they like to do things a little different, which is at least one of the numerous reasons they are widely celebrated for. Therefore, style-wise “Hockey II” makes no exception and the skating of Andrew Allen and Ben Kadow is just incredible!

Normally this footage seems to be reserved for Instagram montages but somehow Mr. Strobeck decided to make an entire montage from the Paris leftovers. Seems that Dill had a hand in choosing the song for this one (Mr. Wonder being his favorite artist) and we are happy to see Stevie shine in a montage like this one. Sit down and enjoy all your favorites in this 4-minute throwback to Supreme’s winter months in Paris.

“Carter it is fucking Friday the fucking 10th!” As we sat down to talk about our favorite Dill moments, we realized everyone seemed to love the intro from Alien Workshops “Photosyntheses” when Jason get’s a call from Chris Carter to put the heat on him to get footage because they wanted him to have “last part”. The rest is history. The Dill we met in Paris is a different one. You can almost say he seems to be grown up…in a very Dill way of course. This man is a good-looking, very polite man and one of the most influential figures in skateboarding worldwide. Jason Dill is leading the cool guys and everyone wants a piece of him. Here is a talk with the one and only Dill-Man about République, Bill and Paris in general.

by Benjamin Deberdt

There have been rumours going around Supreme was interested in opening a shop in Berlin. Is this ever going to happen?

That might just be a rumour… about a year, year and a half ago, I spent a little over a month there. I love Berlin. The Paris store is now open. We had a great opening and I hope people are happy to have us.

Who is the woman in the photo-print from your last FA Board?

The one and only Michelle. Passport photo, 2008. First loves last.

Does Chloë Sevigny have her board set up at home?

Yeah, she keeps it right by her front door so all her friends see it when they walk in… ha, no, I dunno. I know she has one or two of her decks…yeah Chloë, you’re the best!

Strobeck seems to be in love with this one Kid (Leo) from République. What is so different about the French youth culture?

Bill has a very large set of eyes. He sees little things that maybe most people don’t take the time to see. Actually what Bill does is meet a kid like Leo at République and tell him “hey, you’re pretty cool”. That goes a long way when you are 14 and an adult says “keep doing your thing”. He told me all about Little Leo– this epic kid I’m gonna meet at République. I met Leo and he said “Hey man” in a way that almost mimicked an American twang, and sure enough he was as cool as Bill said. We took him skating with us a couple times outside of République. Him, JB, and another kid from here, they’d just come skate if it was a mellow day. They say the funniest shit… Little Leo is just funny. He’s a good kid… Nos, the little guy at the beginning of the Pussy Gangster video is an epic epic kid. Liam and his brother Tom, August, all of the République kids. I just like how these kids live and skate and that they all have certain things that make them particularly special.

And what’s so good about République?

Anywhere there is one collective spot where people can skate near the center of any city is a good thing…and it’s Karl’s spot motherfucker. [Karl Salah]

So, could you see yourself living in Paris? Do you speak the language?

You know I don’t speak French, silly. Live here? Shit I’ve been here a month, I’ve got over two more weeks to go… I think I could live here though. I’m starting to get beat over the head with ultra modern Americanism at home: the pending elections, daily shootings in public, fuckin’ assholes all over the television and in the news, bad looks, freaked out faces… show me a populist city that’s not mega freaked out these days. I really like it here, although since I speak so little French, I get discriminated against for being American and not speaking French almost everyday here. I completely welcome it. It’s my fault for not knowing how to order a meal in the native tongue…only an American asks for extra ice. Hate me… Comme si comme ça!

How is it going out skating with Kevin Rodrigues?

Oh man Kevin is cool. I like Kev. Who doesn’t? He’s just doing his thing hard and running his own deal, I really like what he does on a board. I have had a really great time skating with him, Roman, Greg, Vincent, Manuel, Val, Alex, all them dudes have so much fun when we are out skating…it’s hard to explain and I kinda hate the word “fun”, but these motherfuckers have FUN…them Bloby’s. It was quite a filming trip here to Paris watching the FA kids from Sage to Nak to Tyshawn and KB skate with them. Made me feel old but happy for skateboarding’s future.

Who is your favourite European skater at the moment and why?

I’m gonna have to still pin that one on Lucas Puig…cause he’s really just too ill. He does it again and again. His tricks are like bullets or some shit.

The best thing about having a Supreme shop in Paris?

Lots of things. My old buddy Samir [Krim] being so heavily involved and his history alone when it comes to this city. Also just what will come of it being available to the younger dudes in the years to come…I think people will be surprised how it will develop over time. I’d like to thank Samir for telling me to come back out and film…thanks bud.

You look very healthy lately. Is it the French food? Haha.

I do? Ha, thanks, ummmm… I eat at Chez Justine a lot…shout out to Jon Monie (French skater and owner of the bar).

Once again somebody took the time to create a little Supreme style compilation clips. There is something to it though scrolling through Strobeck’s feed and collection little snippets here and there. You get Fat Bill’s style of filming with the music style of the creator (or not), but in the end something new is created. Remixing or collaging is, was and will remain one of todays most important movements in and out of skateboarding.

The brand new PLACE issue 56 “Paris / Paname” will be available through skateshops, selected retailers and newsstands – some of the shops got the issue already, just ask!

The concept behind our current issue is to explore the booming Parisian skate scene, to visit people, who are a staple in Paris but also the ones who are not as well known but deserve a platform. We met a lot of exciting people while working on this issue, we were out there experiencing Paris with them. As with the last issue the work we do has become personal to us and we believe you can feel the Paris vibe as we felt it when you’ll read this issue.

Here’s a little sneak peak…

Santiago Sasson “Jardin Privé” – Interview

Manuel Schenck Portfolio – A Contemporary

A Cruise Through Paname – Spending Time with Parisians feat. Edouard Depaz, Joseph Bias and more

Jason Dill ’16 – Interview by Benjamin Deberdt

FUTUR – From the Shadows

Alex Pires “City Elements” feat. Ben Kadow, Tyshawn Jones, Joffrey Morel, Max Geronzi, Paul Grund and Sage Elsesser.

Get your copy HERE.

When I met Sage, he told me that he often feels like the guy interviewing him becomes his friend, so he’ll talk to them about everything. Sometimes that will get him into trouble, at the same time I feel like a person who is confident enough to be himself at all times is a breath of fresh air. That doesn’t mean that some things can’t be private, but being open might make all the difference when it comes to a person’s longevity in the skateboard business. Because what interviewer likes to hear the same answers over and over again? I certainly don’t. Sage is a natural who isn’t afraid to have his friends’ back and speak up about people or things he doesn’t like. Here’s the 18 year old FA team rider from New York in his own words.

You’re on a European tour with the CONS team right now. Any interesting stories so far?
Nothing much, dudes just ripping. Motherfuckers are all good as fuck, there are not many stories though, we drove around from skatepark to skatepark, from spot to spot. I do feel like on a Europe trip it’s a lot harder to eat, I just forget to eat. In Paris for instance I just ended up eating three baguettes a day at the most, in the US it’s a lot easier because you know where to go to get some food.

Last year the Illegal Civilization crew came out with their second video, a lot of people were shocked by what they saw. Can we expect something new from IC this year?
My friend Mikey Alfred makes all the IC videos and clothes but right now he’s working with Tyler The Creator a lot so I don’t really know what’s going on. But the IC2 video was sick, it was one long big inside joke. The video is just about us hanging out and skating together, we’re a group of friends going out cruising.

A lot of people were hating on the video because they felt the video contained things like animal cruelty but I personally don’t feel like that, the video is sick! I didn’t like my footage, though. Most of my clips where too old and the tricks were weak, but Na-kel, Kevin, and Tyshawn really came through with sick parts.

FS Nosegrind

Is there a difference for you between a Converse Project or a Supreme type thing?
With Supreme, making a clip is super natural, we all grew up skating together and we still skate together almost everyday, it’s just the boys: we go skate, some days we might not go skate, some days are terrible and we argue, some days are great, but it’s always a lot of laughter because we are amongst friends. For me Kevin [Bradley] is just an inspirational guy. He’ll smoke ten blunts and all of a sudden he’ll start skating, Bang! He’ll land a sick trick, that makes me want to step it up a notch, too. I think there is a Supreme thing coming soon, though.

Do you feel like you do your best skating when you are amongst friends?
It depends… sometimes when I’m on a tour like this, I want to step it up a notch.

I noticed a couple of people hating on Sean [Pablo] does that happen a lot?
Yeah! I hate when people talk shit on Sean. Somebody started to try and one-up one of his tricks so when Sean landed it first, I went out on the course to show Sean some love. People are just mad because he’s 17 years old getting flown all over the world, he’s got a great style, and he’s pretty. I look at it this way, though – if people are not hating on you, you’re doing something wrong. Dylan [Rieder] is one of the best skateboarders in the world, sometimes I call him super Dylan. Sean gets a lot of the same hate Dylan gets, it’s not their fault that they are fucking gorgeous. They skate like ballerinas, it’s just natural for them, it just looks to good for some people so they start to hate on them. But Sean’s my friend, so I’ll always have his back. That’s why Fucking Awesome is the best. You can just do you, paint your nails, make your own clothes, start a ‘zine, all that stuff.

Do you get to do some of your own FA stuff?
No, Dill does all the graphics himself. Dill is like Cinderella’s step mom. He wants you to be on point, I might meet up with him and he’ll say: “That shirt sucks, take that off.” That’ll leave me feeling embarrassed at times.

I don’t think he would say that about the shirt you’re wearing now (Sage is wearing a Malcolm X T-shirt).
Hell no! This is something everybody can fuck with because it says something important: “I will join anyone, I don’t care what color you are, as long as you want to change the miserable condition that exists on this Earth.” Dill taught us a lot, though. We all came up pretty fast but at the same time it feels really natural. Dill is strict but he isn’t mean for no reason and it’s working. FA is our shit! It’s crazy when I travel to places and I see the influence we have on kids. It’s still kind of weird. Supreme did that poster of Kevin in Thrasher. (BS Tailslide as seen in the Supreme SF clip). Now kids all over the world are hanging that poster on their wall. To me, that’s so sick!

by Roland Hoogwater
Photos: Jon Coulthard

Vans_Prem_Poster_800x800_DE Kopie

Am 28. April präsentiert Vans im Berliner Babylon Theater die Europapremiere des Vans Skateboarding Videos “Propeller”. Unter der Regie vom gefeierten Filmemacher Greg Hunt präsentiert Propeller eine umfassende Momentaufnahme des modernen Skateboardings, die mit Auftritten der größten Namen, Legenden und wirklichen Pionieren der Szene gespickt ist. „Jedes wichtige Skateboading Video setzt einen Meilenstein: Es treibt die Community mit neuen Moves – hervorgegangen aus dem Erbe der Vorgänger – voran, fängt dort an, wo andere aufgehört haben und ist maßgebend für die Weiterentwicklung der Szene. Sie sind wahre Propeller, die das Skateboarding immer weiter vorantreiben.“

Auf unserer Facebook Seite verlosen wir 2×2 Tickets – wer nicht auf sei Glück vertrauen möchte, kann sich ab morgen, Mittwoch, 22. April in folgenden Stores sein Free Ticket sichern – viel Glück!

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Budapester Straße 46, 10787 Berlin

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Leipziger Platz 12, 10117 Berlin

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Vans Store Alexa
Grunerstraße 20, 10179 Berlin

SOTO Store
Torstraße 72, 10119 Berlin

Linienstraße 40, 10119 Berlin

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Vans.

Gestern haben wir das erste Video von HOCKEY gezeigt, der Tochterfirma von AVE & Dills Fucking Awesome. Ein Clip, welcher ganz ohne musikalische Begleitung kam aber trotzdem von einer taktvollen Geräuschkulisse lebt – was wohl nicht zuletzt an der enormen Einschlagskraft von John Fitzgerald und den surf-ähnlichen Bewegungen von Hobbie-Surfer Donovan Piscopo liegen mag. Die erste Kollektion kann sich bereits sehen lassen; bei solch einem Paar von Gründervätern war aber auch nichts anderes zu erwarten.

Das gestrige Erdbeben von John und Donovan: