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PLACE CLASSIC: Keith Hufnagel Interview

With the recent passing of legendary skater, businessman, influencer, and family man Keith Hufnagel we decided to delve into the archives and found this interview from 2012. Obviously, this was before he became sick, and even before Dylan’s passing so the tone of the talk is actually quite upbeat and happy. He touches on things that inspire him which is nice to hear from a person that managed to touch and inspire us. So take a trip, go down memory lane and enjoy Keith’s words in this Classic.

Originally by Benni Markstein. / Photos by Erik Gross.

Added intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Keith Hufnagel is originally from New York but moved to San Franciso in 1992 for College and to follow his passion for skateboarding. Ten years and a well-done pro career later he opened the HUF store in 2002 to give back what he got from the scene so far. Although the shop closed in 2008 the longtime Real Skateboards Pro established HUF as a brand with worldwide success. We present an interview about inspiration, influencing skateboarders, and his view on Germany.

What did change the most within the skate market in the last 15 years? How did the brands change that have been in the business for that long?

It is crazy just how much the skateboarding market has changed in that amount of time. This is really the biggest skateboarding has ever been, and this is the most accepted skateboarding has ever been. I mean, skateboarding these days is on TV, in advertisements, in the news— it’s absolutely huge right now. In many ways this is good because we are finally listened to, we are invested in, we’re even sort of taken seriously, haha. There is money in skateboarding now that allows us to actually make a living and survive, even prosper, doing what we love. But then again there is the downside to all of this as well. Because of the state of skateboarding now, we are seen as something “profitable,” something worth being “invested into.” Yes, it is awesome we have financial backing, but in the end, in the eyes of the major corporations and big businessmen buying into our “sport,” we really are just another dollar. Where were these corporations 15 years ago when skateboarders were despised and laughed at? Where will they be if skateboarding falls from public acceptance as we have seen it repeatedly do in the past? I think the most important thing for brands nowadays is to make absolutely sure that they keep enough of skateboarding for skateboarders. This means holding on to enough of the brands and industry to ensure that we as skateboarders are the ones profiting most, as we are doing all the work.

A perfect summary of Huf’s very influential skating.

As we’ve seen over the past 15 years, a lot has changed for a lot of skate companies—some for better, some for worse. And then there are those that have not changed much at all, and those are the brands that I think are doing it right, the brands who keep doing the same shit that has always worked for them. I think something like the DELUXE camp (Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Anti-Hero, Krooked) has it all figured out—they’ve been sticking to the same thing for a long time now. They are really a “for skateboarders by skateboarders” crew over there, and make sure that every one that is working hard for them is taken care of in return. I could be a bit biased ’cause I’ve been with them for so long, haha, but they are really like a family over there. They make skateboards for skateboarders, simple as that.

Name three skateboarders that had and are having a massive influence on what’s happening in skateboarding right now.

Hands down, Mark Gonzales. He absolutely changed the way people looked at street skateboarding and opened everyone’s eyes to a whole new way of skating. He didn’t invent the ollie, but he took it to the streets and applied it in a way no one had ever seen it done before. There are those few people in this world that can turn water into wine and he is one of them, haha. You can watch Mark skate down the street and be completely stoked. 

Danny Way. He essentially invented the mega-ramp, which is seriously one of the craziest things ever. I honestly don’t understand it. Danny Way completely killed gnarly street skateboarding, and as if that wasn’t enough, he is now pushing boundaries with the mega-ramp that are just beyond comprehension. I mean, he has both acid-dropped off out of a helicopter and ollied over the Great Wall of China, haha. I feel like we are going to be seeing a lot of progression on the mega-ramp over the next 10 years.

Rodney Mullen. He probably invented every street skateboarding trick there is today, he was just doing them as a freestyler. He has undoubtedly had a huge influence on why street skateboarding tricks are the way they are today.

Can you give us some info about why you think these guys are so important.

Well, for one thing, I have the utmost respect for individuality. One of the most important things in this world is to have a vision, a dream, a goal, and just go for it no matter what. All three of these guys had that vision and just went with it. It’s insane to think that everything they did on a skateboard simply did not exist before. They literally invented new forms of skateboarding. Nothing was copied– these were original minds taking skateboarding to a new level… that, to me, is what trendsetting and innovation is all about, which is the only thing that advances this world.

Dylan Rieder and Ryan Lay in front of Civilist.

What did you inspire most for your actual collection? What is different than before and what do you see coming next year?

Well for our current HUF Fall ’12 collection we took a lot of inspiration from that sort of “do-it-yourself” skate style of the ’90s. Over here at HUF, we’re heavily influenced by the 90s skate scene… that’s the environment I grew up skating in, so that’s what’s closest to home for me. Back in the 90s, you didn’t have the variety of brands you get today. A lot of the style that emerged at that time was just totally DIY, you know, piecing together gear from all over the place. For Fall ’12, we wanted to return to those roots, so we took inspiration from both the DIY and hip hop scene of the 90s, and just added a modern 2012 twist.

Looking forward to Fall ’13, I would say it’s not necessarily about what is different in comparison to this current season, but more so just where we have added on. We look at each season as a new layer as we build our vision, so are always feeding off our collection as a whole as we adapt and develop as a brand. For Fall ’13 we continue to pull a lot of influence from our 90s NYC roots, so you can expect to see a lot of saturated, bold colors, sitting alongside the classics that people have come to expect from HUF. If I had to find one difference, it’s that our Fall ’13 season is merchandised really well, so you can expect to see overarching color stories as well as mini capsules within the line, which can be put together in so many ways. I guess all in all it’s going to be a really versatile collection, but still on some “we don’t give a fuck” kind of shit, (laughs).

Where do you see HUF as a brand in 5 years? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As a brand, I see HUF evolving more and more into a larger and more solid footwear company. I love where we are at right now, but see a huge amount of potential for growth in footwear. We are still relatively new to the footwear game, but I feel we have the originality, creativity, and authenticity that can really drive us into becoming one of the most solid footwear companies in the industry, a footwear brand that is able to compete with the major corporations out there. I am really stoked on our skate team right now and feel honored to be a part of such a genuine crew. I plan to continue to remain completely involved in the company, and definitely see myself playing such a part as long as HUF is around—I plan on being here forever, haha. I may not always be the person doing creative, but I’ll always be here to guide the brand along with that same original vision we had when we first started.

Keith in Real Skateboards “Real To Reel” video.

What’s your most favorite place in the world? 

Oh man, that’s always a tough question. I feel very fortunate to have traveled all over the world because of skateboarding and have fallen in love with many places. What’s awesome about skateboarding is that it takes you to places that “normal” people really don’t ever end up seeing, simply because it is completely out of their radar—a hubba behind some centuries-old European church, a ledge behind an abandoned American grocery store, a set of stairs on top of some mountain in Mexico, haha… Every place has its unique qualities, it’s own vibe. I guess one place I wouldn’t mind settling down at might be something like Hawaii, for when I’m a bit older. I really enjoy the whole beach life out there.

What do you like about Germany? Cars, beers, Nurnberger Bratwurst?  

Germany is awesome. I’m a big fan of German-engineered cars, beers, and sausages, haha. I haven’t spent too much time in Nuremberg specifically, but do know the city saw some gnarly times during the war. I’d definitely have to say that Berlin has become one of my favorite cities out of everywhere I’ve visited. It has such a crazy history, and it’s awesome to me to see how it has developed into this huge hub for the art world. I really liked all the different artist areas there, and the whole creative vibe that is going on there… lots of good times out there!

Thanks a lot, Keith!

The title says it all, this is THE Greg Hunt interview! It starts with his skating and ends with his new book about Jason Dill.

It is a slightly longer read but if you are interested in what Greg has to offer you will be delighted!

Go and read the article by clicking this link.

Photo by Ryan Allan.

Two months after Dylan Rieder has passed away, the flood wave of sympathy for the lost one continues without ceasing. Today, HUF film maker Martin Reigel released another edit that beautifully captrues the bright moments of this exeptional personality.

It has long been rumored that Dylan Rieder was suffering from leukemia. But still, nobody really dared to raise the thought that Dylan might really die from the consequences. Thus, the shocking news about his death affacted everyone and left us wordless. What first had been a rumor was soon confirmed by Dylan’s manager. On October 12th, 2016, at the age of 28, “surrounded by his family and friends, Dylan Joseph Rieder passed away due to complications with leukemia. His passion for life, art, music, fashion and skateboarding has always been contagious. Dylan will be remembered by all as a loving son, brother and friend.” Dylan’s personality and talent for skateboarding have always been exceptional and made himself a legend already during his lifetime. With certainty, his name will be forever known as an irreplacebale icon and inspiration beyond comparison. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. Rest in peace, Dylan.

Photo: Biemer

“You will live on in the chasm of our broken hearts and your influence will echo through our lives for all time. Goodbye Dylan, thank you for everything.” – Jerry Hsu

“Sad day today, Dylan was one of those people that made you want to be like them, a real one of a kind talent. Rest in peace Dylan!” – Andrew Reynolds


“You handsome master of skateboarding, forever you will be in our hearts. Thanks for being a super human, super skateboarder and friend. Rest easy in paradise brother.” – Andrew Brophy

“My stomach hurts. I think it’s safe to say that Dylan has inspired each and every one of us in one way or another. So much grace and power. Dylan is the reason I got on Rasa Libre, and then soon after Krooked. I could go on and about it how much he impacted skateboarding and everyone arround him, but it hurts. It hurts to read these words I type. 28 is too young. Rest in peace Dylan” – Brad Cromer

“Dylan you were the best at everything, a best freind, the best skater, the best son, and the best fighter. We will miss you forever.” – Atiba Jefferson

“At loss of words. The best to ever do it. You are in a better place now buddy.” – Sean Pablo


“Grace, power, style, incomparable influence. One of the best to ever ride a skateboard, one of the kindest people to ever walk this planet. Rest in peace, Dylan.” – Transworld Skateboarding Magazine

“Greates of all time. Rest in peace Dylan.” – Keith Hufnagel

“I am going to miss this dude. We went through a thing or two together over the years, mostly best times. I owe you big time! If it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t have a family right now. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, my family and skateboarding. You will be greatly missed! Ride on brother!” – Arto Saari

“Born to ride a skateboard? It’s a seemingly silly concept when you think about it, but Dylan Rieder made us believe it. That man was absolutely, positively a gift: power, style, grace – he had it all. That said, he was much more than a skateboarder and that’s what makes this infinitely tragic. Think about what he had already accomplished and imagine how much more he could have done.” – Thrasher Magazine

“I will never forget all the time we spent driving around the country in this van… They were some of the best times of my life doing what we all loved to do. I watched you become one of the greatest skateboarders ever. You had immense talent and heart. That heart is what made you great, and one of the toughest people I’ve ever met on and off the board. You were a one of a kind my friend, a fighter till the end. You will be in my heart forever. Thank you for your friendship. I love you Brother.” – Anthony Van Engelen

Dylan Joseph Rieder – May 26, 1988 – October 12, 2016

Please address checks to City of Hope. In memo line write: To Dr. Stephen Forman for Dylan Rieder.

City of Hope
Attention: Philanthropy
1500 E Duerte Rd.
Duerte, CA 91010

Gestern wurden im Rahmen der Agenda Tradeshow in Los Angeles die Transworld Skateboarding Awards verliehen, zum bereits 17ten Mal übrigens. Wir haben hier sind die Ergebnisse für euch. Wie sieht’s aus, seid ihr d’accord? Wie hättet ihr gewählt?

Aaron Herrington

Aaron Herrington

Wes Kremer




Josh Stewart – Static 4/5


Dylan Rieder – “cherry”


Dass Skater sich gerne mal ein zweites Standbein als Model aufbauen, ist seit Alex Olson, Austyn Gillette oder Lucien Clarke weitgehend bekannt, auch deutsche Skater wie Jeremy Reinhard oder Kaio Hillebrand standen schon für die Modeindustrie vor der Kamera. In der neuen Spring/Summer Kollektion von DKNY wird Ben Nordberg zu sehen sein, der somit in die Fußstapfen von Dylan Rieder tritt: Der nämlich war in der letzten Kampagne des New Yorker Labels zusammen mit Cara Delivigne zu sehen. Willkommen in der Fashionwelt!


Dylan Rieder hat mit dem Sonnenbrillenlabel EPØKHE zusammengearbeitet und eine limitierte Signaturebrille entworfen, die in diesem kurzen Film von Russel Houghten vorgestellt wird. Hunde, Brüste und Hipsterism erwarten euch:

HUF und Thunder haben eine gemeinsame Kollektion auf die Beine gestellt – eigentlich kein Wunder, wenn man sich die Teamfahrer der Companies mal genauer ansieht: Da gibt es ja mit Brad Cromer, Dylan Rieder, Austyn Gillette, Peter Ramondetta, Dan Plunkett und Keith Hufnagel die ein oder andere hochkarätige Überschneidung. Neben personalisierten Trucks hält die Kollektion auch noch Longsleeves, Plant Life Socks, Kappen und T-Shirts bereit. Release der ganzen Geschichte ist der erste November:

















Sean Pablo haben wir immer wieder gerne auf unserer Webseite zu Gast. Der Teamfahrer von Supreme, Converse und Fucking Awesome hat dem VHS Mag ein sehr sympathisches Interview gegeben, in dem er über seine Wurzeln spricht und seine Sicht der Dinge auf Skateboarding erklärt. So jung und schon so smart…

Wenn man mit seinen Freunden auf Reisen geht, wird Skateboarding eher zu einer nebensächlichen Geschichte und man nutzt die Zeit viel mehr für andere Dinge. Mal davon abgesehen das Sri Lanka sowieso nicht bekannt ist für perfekte Asphaltierung und Marmor-Ledges. Monster Children hat Stephanie Gilmore, Andrew Allen, Craig Anderson, Dion Agius und Dylan Rieder nach Sri Lanka geschickt und daraus eine Dokumentation produziert. Ein bisschen Skateboarding findet man aber trotzdem. Einfach auf den Link klicken, um weitergeleitet zu werden.

Team Average 3 – Sri Lanka from Monster Children on Vimeo.

HUF Footwear stellt seine Herbstkollektion an Schuhen vor – wir haben den Überblick über alle Modelle für euch. Schon einen Favoriten?






Pepper Pro


Classic Hi

Dylan Rieder war ja bekanntlich letztens für einige Zeit in Berlin – im Clip zu seinem neuen Pro Schuh auf HUF Footwear wurde die Footage jetzt verwendet. Der 3 Minuten Clip kommt ziemlich experimentell daher, ist schwarz weiss und Boobs gibts auch zu sehen… Click Play!

Foto: Erik Groß

Gemeinsam mit den Girls der LookyLooky Posse hatten wir letzten Freitag zur Geldverbrennungsparty bei Vatos Tacos in Kreuzberg geladen. Dass der Abend so überschwänglich und fröhlich werden würde, hätten wir uns beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen können. Umso schöner, dass es anscheinend allen Gästen gefallen hat und wir die Party in die Schublade EPISCH einsortieren können. Danke fürs Kommen, es war uns eine Freude und statt tot oder reich sind wir heute immer noch ein bißchen tot und arm. Aber es hat sich gelohnt – hier die ungeschönte Wahrheit aus unseren Quicksnaps:









































Am Ende ist der auch der letzte Film gerissen…

Mehr Snapshot Recaps

Bill Strobeck im Interview mit unseren asiatischen Kollegen vom VHSMag über die Enstehungengeschichte von “Cherry” und seine vorherigen Projekte. Abgehalten wurde das Ganze während der Weltpremieren Tour des Supreme Videos in Japan.

Die Spekulationen um Dylan Rieders neuen Board Sponsor scheinen ein Ende zu nehmen. In der neusten Ausgabe des Skateboard Mags (Dylan Rieder Cover, FS Flip NYC) gibt es dazu folgendes Statement aus seinem Interview:

“..I’ll be going over to the Fucking Awesome Camp. Dill and AVE are my brothers. I like what those dudes do, and they asked me to come over and ride for them, and it seems like the right move.”

Damit verstärkt er Kevin Terpening und die beiden Initiatoren Dill und AVE.

Dylans Part aus Alien Workshops Mindfield:

Der Clip zur HUF x Monster Children Australien Tour ist online. Das gesamte HUF Team um Dylan Rieder, Austyn Gillette, Kevin Terpening, Joey Pepper, Peter Ramondetta und Josh Matthews ist vertreten und bekommt Unterstützung von Cliché Teamfahrer Sammy Winter. Das Video findet ihr exklusiv für 24 Stunden auf der Monster Children Website – ein Besuch lohnt sich!

Während Olson, Rieder, Dill, William Strobeck persönlich & Co. ihre Premierentour in Japan fortsetzen, wird das Video am laufenden Band illegal geleakt. Dabei müsste man sich nur noch zwei Tage gedulden, bis Supremes Cherry bei iTunes erhältlich ist. Um eure Vorfreude in schwindelerregende Höhen zu treiben, haben wir bereits alle Songs gesucht, gefunden und zum Anklicken vorbereitet. Neben dem eigentlichen Bild ist der Sound eines Films das wohl wichtigste Werkzeug, um Bilder zu verdeutlichen und/oder zu beschreiben. Von Cypress Hill bishin zu The Cure ist der Soundtrack, der Supreme Truppe entsprechend, ziemlich bunt, und eigentlich ist fast alles dabei.

Cypress Hill – I Wanna Get High : Montage Nr.1 (Intro)

Jane’s Addiction – Stop : Montage Nr.2

The Cure – Cold : Montage Nr.3

Chief Keef – I Dont Know Them : Montage Nr.4

Gang Gang Dance – Vacuum : Montage Nr.5

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart : Dylan Rieder & Alex Olson

Chef Raekwon – Glaciers of Ice : Montage Nr.6

Group Home – Baby Pa : Montage Nr.7

Salem – Fuck Shit 666 : Credits

Oder: 27 Stunden in Englands Haupstadt, bewaffnet mit zwei Einwegkameras in Erwartung des vielbesprochenen Supreme Videos “Cherry”.

London ist Horror. Die Straßen sind überfüllt mit zu vielen Menschen und in die falsche Richtung fahrenden Autos und mehr als einmal wären beinahe unsere beiden PLACE Redakteure von einem roten Doppeldeckerbus oder einem schwarzen Taxi “mitgenommen” worden. Look left, look right – darauf sollte man sich in den Straßen rund um Covent Garden gefälligst halten. Nach links und rechts wurde eh viel geschaut, denn es gab viel zu sehen: Jason Dill in weißer Jeans und Timberlands vor dem Prince Charles Cinema zum Beispiel. Dort stand er nach der Videopremiere von “Cherry” rauchend, während er sich der Anhängerschaft präsentierte – im Rumstehen stylisch sein muss man auch erstmal drauf haben. Kaum weniger ansehnlich zeigten sich Dylan Rieder, Alex Olson, William Strobeck, Earl Sweatshirt und Co., die extra für die Europapremiere nach London gekommen waren. Mit einer Packung Kirschen im Gepäck folgten Daniel Pannemann und Benni Markstein der Einladung in eine Londoner Nacht mit vielen Schlangen, Gin Tonics und einem besonderen Video.