On the 26th of May Austyn Gillette will be pushing through Berlin in memory of his friend Dylan Rieder. An event we feel has significance for the city, as it started a moment in time when Berlin, for a short moment only became a place you go to, to skate. It was an important moment in time for both Dylan and Austyn who chose this city as a place to be together and work on their new HUF projects. But mostly they had fun, they lived their lives in a way that was most likely very different from their California ones. It might be the skateboard equivalent of David Bowie and Iggy Pop moving to Berlin and making some of their best albums. Instead, it turned out that while being on top of his powers in Berlin it would be his final trip as the illness became more and more prevalent in his life after.

So for those of you that were wondering “Why Berlin?” that should pretty much answer that question the best way we can. That leaves us with a question about the date…Well, the 26th of May is Dylan’s birthday, and what better day to not only remember but also create new memories around a friend and a loved one? We take our hats off to Austyn for putting it all in place in a way that makes a lot of sense on more than one level.

So on the 26th, we will push… we will tread on the concrete, marble, and granite to not only remember and contribute to the legacy of Dylan Rieder but also to contribute to cancer awareness through the Dylan Rieder Foundation.

Dylan’s Legacy

Experiencing sickness and death, especially at such a young age, leaves us as part of the Western culture in shock. While we are used to associating serious illness with high age all while avoiding the confrontation with death and handling the loss of a good friend or family member privately. Dylan Rieder himself, but also his family and friends, keep giving us alternative views on how the world could and really does look when you keep actively remembering. 

Instead of mourning collectively about his death in 2016, we want to celebrate his short, but clearly influential and creative life. 

Our thoughts are with his family and friends, who created the Dylan Rieder Foundation to support the fight against cancer.”

Ryan Allan Presents: “Dylan Rieder”

With that being said, we will not only push on the 26th but Ryan Allan will be exhibiting his “Dylan Rieder” exhibition as well. Creating further context into their life in the formerly walled city.

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