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What if god said that video is what you needed? Bronze56k is back with another amazing video celebrating their newest collaboration with DC Shoes. They revived the OG DC Shoes Clocker 2 from back in the days to once again make the chunky-shoe-lovers happy.

As usual, Peter Sidlauskas did a great job editing this one.

Watching this video you can’t help but get the feeling that the (once) big DC shoes are entering limbo. About two years ago they decided to scrap a plethora of big-name riders and started to focus more on a nostalgia led movement based on the east coast.

Some people from the Philly based Sabotage crew and NYC based John Shanahan got pushed to the forefront, while at the same time, Josh Kalis got elevated to ICON status. The rekindled interest in his older shoe designs is an authentic movement but let us not forget that DC also sponsor: Thaynan Costa, Evan Smith, Tristan Funkhouser and to some extent Wes and Tiago who somehow represent a bridge between the old and the “new” identity of the brand.

Still, DC seems to be somewhat torn between the multiple lanes it tries to occupy leading with “Street Sweeper” to a somewhat eclectic video that somehow manages to balance all these different facets of the “game”. But the question remains what is next and how will they keep reinventing themselves to stay relevant.

Maybe you “the viewer” can deduct an early answer from this video. Enjoy!

The very loveable Steve Forstner made a video about his summer 2017 and it is very honest, just like the man himself. Stefan Janoski, Wes Kremer, Remy Taveira, Konstantin Rutschmann, Valeri Rosomako & too many others to count are featured in this hi-end production from wherever Steve is at the moment.

While the skateboarding is as amazing as always, the edit of this new Sour Skateboards clip differs quite a bit from the ones before, which is a nice variety. Traditionally, you will find some faces of the Skate Mafia guys as well.

Featuring Nisse Ingemarsson, Josef Scott Jatta, Barney Page, Albert Nyberg, Gustav Tonnesen, Erik J. Pettersson, Koffe Halgren, Daniel Spängs, Martin Sandberg, Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey, Jamie Palmore and Alexis Ramirez.

Marius Syvanen was the name that drew us to this clip and Wes Kremer’s trick made it all more than worth it. All we can say is WEEDMAPS makes sense for such a big portion of the skate and skate related community out there that it is a wonder that nobody thought of it sooner. Also, Kudo’s for connecting skating, analog photography and smoking weed in the title.

Gloomy weather in England, but the DC Shoes crew including flagship Wes Kremer shines anyway!

Featuring: Wes Kremer, Thaynan Costa, Antony Lopez, Jorge Simoes, Sam Pulley, James Bush, Dave Snaddon, Dylan Hughes, Nikki Howells, Sam Murgatroyd, John Bell.

Since the “Stee” video in 2013, it is a common fact that there is a strong connection between both gangs Sk8Mafia and Sour. Recently, they once again came together to set off on an epic road trip from Barcelona, over Zaragoza and the Basque Country up to Bordeaux, France.

Featuring Erik J. Pettersson, Gustav Tonnesen, Josef Scott Jatta, Larelle Gray, Simon Isaksson, Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey and more.

Japan is having a moment right now! Everybody seems to want to travel to the land of the rising sun for the spots, the culture and the overall vibe. The people over at DC recognized this momentum and sent some heavy hitters over. Making this a must watch, you can’t really argue against Wes Kremer’s or Evan Smith’s skating can you?

photo by DC Shoes

Die Menschen lieben Selfies und wir ebenso! Besonders, wenn es einen Anlass dazu gibt sich von seiner besten Seite zu zeigen hat sich bisher noch jeder Street League Pro und jedes Monster Energy Girl gerne mit der PLACE Selfie Cam abgelichtet. Frei nach dem Motto: Selfie yourself as hard as you can präsentieren wir eine erlesene Auswahl der schönsten Selbstbildnisse aus Barcelona.

By Benni Markstein & Bmin Boje

Für DC Shoes war 2014 ziemlich erfolgreich, wie uns dieser Zusammenschnitt der Highlights des vergangen Jahres beweist. Nyjah dominierte die Street League und hat den Tampa Pro Contest gewonnen, Wes Kremer wurde verdientermaßen zum SOTY gewählt und Felipe Gustavo machte Run & Gun klar. Erfolge, die zeigen wie on point das Team ist – aber auch abseits der großen Contests und Bühnen war einiges los:

Gestern wurden im Rahmen der Agenda Tradeshow in Los Angeles die Transworld Skateboarding Awards verliehen, zum bereits 17ten Mal übrigens. Wir haben hier sind die Ergebnisse für euch. Wie sieht’s aus, seid ihr d’accord? Wie hättet ihr gewählt?

Aaron Herrington

Aaron Herrington

Wes Kremer




Josh Stewart – Static 4/5


Dylan Rieder – “cherry”


Sk8mafias Wes Kremer kommt mit einem neuen Full Part der Extraklasse. Technik trifft auf Kreativität und einen sehr ausgeprägten Riecher für interessante und ungewöhnliche Spots – Kremer’s got it all. Höre ich hier irgendwo SOTY? Hip Hop Hooooray!

X Games Real Street geht in eine neue Runde und ihr könnt zwischen 16 Teilnehmern einen Sieger wählen, welcher mit genügend Votes die Goldmedaille und 50.000$ erhält. Jeder der 16 Pros zeigt etwas mehr als eine Minute, gespickt mit den härtesten Manövern. Mit dabei sind: Mikey Taylor, Davis Torgerson, Evan Smith, James Hardy, Wes Kremer, Riley Hawk, Tyler Surrey, Clint Walker, Billy Marks, Forrest Edwards, Moos, Luis Tolentino, Rodrigo Petersen, David Reyes, Nick Dompierre und Dane Burman. Mehr dazu unter: ESPN.com. Unsere vier Lieblingsvideos:

Evan Smith:

Riley Hawk:

Wes Kremer:

Forest Edwards: