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A new summer vacation edit by Redd Sarson featuring Raphael Langslow, Riley Pavey, Rowan Davis, Noah Nayef, Ben Lawrie, Reef Condon, Sam Sutton Jake Dempsey & Shaun Paul.

We had the pleasure to meet Majick here in Berlin and we got to spend some good times with him :). Since he’s back home, we’ve heard rumors that he’s been working on a video with some of his friends in Melbourne, Australia. Turns out it wasn’t only a rumor and now the whole thing is online for you to watch. Good job Majick!

Daylight Skateboards out of New Zealand did a tour through their country and came back with this nice video putting light on all the different cities and their spots. The nature looks very beautiful and the skate spots look like a lot of fun. Perfect for a trip. Enjoy!

What if god said that video is what you needed? Bronze56k is back with another amazing video celebrating their newest collaboration with DC Shoes. They revived the OG DC Shoes Clocker 2 from back in the days to once again make the chunky-shoe-lovers happy.

As usual, Peter Sidlauskas did a great job editing this one.

Soon the borders to the Down Under will open up again! With “croons theatre.” by ORION STEFANIDIS we get a glimpse of what they were cooking up in Sydney, Australia. This one is dedicated to Wade Thompson.

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