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Daylight Skateboards out of New Zealand did a tour through their country and came back with this nice video putting light on all the different cities and their spots. The nature looks very beautiful and the skate spots look like a lot of fun. Perfect for a trip. Enjoy!

Besides the horrible news coverage, you don’t hear much from New Zealand, but this week we did get surprised with a lovely DM and in it was a link to this full-length video.

Truth be told “eighth wonder” is a rather nice video, it has highs and lows but most of all it is soothing and that is a rare feeling when watching a skate video.

So press play and enjoy.

World power Nike SB has a strong team apperently in almost each and every country around the globe. And, of course, Australia and New Zealand are no exception.

Featuring: Nicholas Andrewes, Alex Campbell, Casey Foley, Charles Robertson, Jason Rainbird, Caeylen Norris, Dean Johnston, Max Couling, Harry Clark, Geoff Campbell and Nick Boserio.

Levi’s has a strong tradition in workwear as such it is not surprising that they support skate scene by building DIY spots. In this mini docu the Levi’s team traveled to Christchurch in New Zealand. in 2011 the town was hit by an earthquake that destroyed large parts of the city and its skate spots in the process.

New Zealand’s leading skateboarding and snowboarding magazine Manual presents this very lively edit by Geoff Campbell. The whole clip is filmed on New Zealand’s South Island and features next to Geoff Campbell himself also Hootie Andrewes, Digby Luxton, Matt Beck, Logan Moodie, Andrew Pope, Jon Fitzgerald, Jarrad Carlin, Cade Wilson-Russ, Edwin Massold, Jack Fagan, Jack Byrne, Jordan McStay, Jack Dargan, Roscoe Moore, Tu Grace, Pj Wybrow and Nick Knisel.