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Pass Port can’t do no wrong. All you need to know about their latest collaboration video with “Low Life”:

“Visceral with banale urgency, staccatic in rhythm, dead & burning on the water of the disparate 00’s Sydney punk scene. Constantly showing neither a desire to arrive nor leave, but never looking to stay. Like a rabid dog at an obituary, low life have more or less been the soundtrack of a decade of decay in this city. But like an eel in the Cooks River, their dogged sound continues to move against the current, through the mud and beneath the surface, & the light that does find its way through the water reflects from their skin; unnerving, uninviting & unwelcome, but brilliantly present as a dull & constant luster.”

VANS & Pass~port just designed some colorways together, to celebrate the success they asked their team riders, Callum Paul & Nik Stipanovic to go out and film some solid moves. It does seem like the people over at Pass~port called the shots when it came to the editing. The music and the seemingly nostalgic style of the animations have been speaking to us for some time now, even though there are some other companies working with nostalgic elements Pass~port has carved out their own lane withing the wave of nostalgia.

If there’s an obstacle in the way, he’ll overcome it. When a shirt needs to be printed, he’ll screen it. The day the code needs to be cracked, he’ll crack it. And God dammit, when a spot needs to be skated, he’ll destroy it. He’s Josh Pall!” — Dylan Rieder.
Das mit dem “obstacle in the way” kann man sich in seinem Pass Port Welcome Clip genauer anschauen. Unterstützt wird er dabei von Chima Ferguson, Sammy Winter und einigen anderen australischen Rippern. Ein Augenschmaus!