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This is what you want, this is what you get. We are sure you are going to have a good time watching Sour’s all new video by Gustav Tønnesen – world’s best skateboarding video editor.

If you haven’t been to one of those you really missed out. Maybe there will be another chance in 2021? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Featuring: Alex & Steve Olson, Matlock Bennett-Jones, Santiago Sasson, Ville Wester, Karsten Kleppan & many more.

Skating Guatemala is almost some Patrick Wallner type of mission but the Sour dudes managed to get out there and actually get some good tricks in.

Besides that, they managed to do their version of Herby Hancock’s – Watermelon Man, a song that is best known for being in Guy’s part in Mouse, chapeaux guys!

A video by Gustav Tønnesen for Sour Skateboards.

Featuring Oscar Candon, Koffe Hallgren, Daniel Spängs, Erik Pettersson, Barney Page, Gustav Tønnesen, Josef Scott Jatta, Vincent Huhta, Martin Sandberg, Albert Nyberg, Nisse Ingemarsson & Simon Isaksson.

While the skateboarding is as amazing as always, the edit of this new Sour Skateboards clip differs quite a bit from the ones before, which is a nice variety. Traditionally, you will find some faces of the Skate Mafia guys as well.

Featuring Nisse Ingemarsson, Josef Scott Jatta, Barney Page, Albert Nyberg, Gustav Tonnesen, Erik J. Pettersson, Koffe Halgren, Daniel Spängs, Martin Sandberg, Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey, Jamie Palmore and Alexis Ramirez.

Scandinavians living the life in Barcelona is basically the vibe we get watching this new video by Sour Skateboards. As you probably expected from our northern neighbors there is a lot of tech stuff mixed with creativity in this edit. Enjoy!

Featuring: Josef Scott Jatta, Nisse Ingemarsson, Barney Page, Evan Smith and many more.

Seemingly the Sour Skateboards’ crew spent several days and nights at the Weining Lu Plaza in Shanghai, which is no surprise at such a dream spot!

Featuring Gustav Tonnesen, Josef Scott Jatta, Daniel Spängs, Jonas Skröder, Koffe Halgren, Erik J. Pettersson, Barney Page and Nisse Ingemarsson.

Since the “Stee” video in 2013, it is a common fact that there is a strong connection between both gangs Sk8Mafia and Sour. Recently, they once again came together to set off on an epic road trip from Barcelona, over Zaragoza and the Basque Country up to Bordeaux, France.

Featuring Erik J. Pettersson, Gustav Tonnesen, Josef Scott Jatta, Larelle Gray, Simon Isaksson, Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey and more.

Sour Skateboard’s Nisse Ingemarsson recently stayed a week in his lovely hometown Stockholm and in the good company of his friends he produced this nice edit that really makes you want to go skate and, moreover, probably to consider Stockholm as your next travel destination. Featuring Martin Sandberg, Micael Ericson, Victor Larsson Ble, Simon Karlsson, Erik Nylander, Nisse INgemarsson, Albert Nyberg and more.

I personally am a fan of such raw edits because they always remind me of the feeling when your crew and you come home from a session and watch the complete tapes of the day together while capturing the best of it. Here is episode number 12 brought to you by Sour Skateboard’s finest: Daniel Spängs, Erik J. Pettersson, Gustav Tonnesen, Jonathan Lomar, Josef Scott Jatta, Nisse Ingemarsson and Simon Isaksson.

Some people might argue that Barcelona is dead for skateboarding because the Spanish metropolis has been overrun by skateboarders over the last two or three decades and its spots might have seen every possible trick. Well, the guys from Sour Skateboards disabuse every unbeliever and with finesse and expertise they show once again that there are no limits when it comes to skateboarding and NBD’s.

I have always been a big fan of Josef Scott’s way of skating. Some people just have this style that looks so chilled like they do not give a damn about anything. It is that kind of style when someone even can land a trick sketchy and still the trick was “perfect”. Certainly, Josef Scott rolls away clean most of the time, but whenever the trick gets a little sketchy you will know exactly what I am talking about. However, this is a very solid part!