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All systems go for this new Element video by the wonderful Guillaume Perimony.

At first when I started the Giddy series I wanted every one of them to have a different theme but in the end, I think they all end up looking almost similar to one another, same style of music same vibe.

Romain Batard is back with one of the most interesting video series in skateboarding. And ever since he delivered that quote in our interview with him he has been steadily delivering Giddy’s with a stronger sense of concept and individuality.

Steve Malet kills it in number 8! He is one of Paris’ most exciting skaters out there right now even though he is not even originally from France. But Steve is only one reason and this Giddy truly delivers from the skating, the editing, the song choice and the special effects. It is a good rounded out piece of work!

DC Shoe’s Choppy D once again shows that their team is stacked and arguably has one of the best line-ups in skateboarding at the moment.

Feat.: Evan Smith, Jaakko Ojanen, Madars Apse, Matt Miller, Thaynan Costa, Tiago Lemos, Wes Kremer & many more. 

Have you guys seen the latest Free Mag Cover? It is showing Albert Nyberg doing a Casper Slide on a wall. That alone made us want to watch the video above. It also features a lot of his close ones and team mates from Sour Skateboards.

Zugegeben, eine schwimmende Minirampe gab es schonmal, allerdings nicht in solchen Ausmaßen, geschweigedenn mit einer integrierten Sauna. Der finnische Skater Roope Tonteri hatte (a) eine Rampe und (b) einen idyllischen See vor der Haustür. Diese beiden Fakten auf nicht ganz alltägliche Weise kombiniert, ergibt sich das folgende Setting – und wenn dann auch noch Jaakko Ojanen, Eero Ettala, Willis Kimbel und Farid Ulrich einfliegen, dann sieht das Ganze so aus: