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At first when I started the Giddy series I wanted every one of them to have a different theme but in the end, I think they all end up looking almost similar to one another, same style of music same vibe.

Romain Batard is back with one of the most interesting video series in skateboarding. And ever since he delivered that quote in our interview with him he has been steadily delivering Giddy’s with a stronger sense of concept and individuality.

Steve Malet kills it in number 8! He is one of Paris’ most exciting skaters out there right now even though he is not even originally from France. But Steve is only one reason and this Giddy truly delivers from the skating, the editing, the song choice and the special effects. It is a good rounded out piece of work!

Gangs signs, checks, fist pumps, devil horns and much more in this amazing Giddy with a strong concept that managed to consistently surprise us!

What a time to be young, on a board and in Paris! To be honest, we did not know much about Elliot Bonnabel but starting now we are taking an interest!

After 15 years Trauma Skateboards from France suffers the same fate as Clichè recently did. But before pulling the plug the team and everybody behind the brand want to say “Au revoir” with this full length, which fittingly goes by the name of “NoWhere”.

Featuring Léo Cholet, Fred Plocque Santos, Alex Richard, Ben Delaboulaye, Julien Morin, Jeremy Garcia, Tim Débauché, Macéo Moreau and Elliott Auffray.

Color Fools ist eine 8-teilige Webserie von Parts, die sich die werten Kollegen von Live Skateboard Media ausgedacht haben. Das Konzept: Ein Skater filmt jeweils einen Part und fährt dabei nur Spots derselben Farbe – eine ziemliche Herausforderung. Wie viele orange Spots fallen dir auf Anhieb ein? Zur Halbzeit des Projekts, seht ihr hier die ersten vier Parts:

White Part – Marc LeBlanc:

Yellow Part – Stéphane Zanette:

Orange Part – Sylvain Bergasse:

Red Part – Julien Morin: