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Element Brand invited 13 skaters from 10 different countries to join their pro team at Seek Skate camp in Oregon. Westgate’s Ollie itself makes this one a must watch.

Featuring Jaakko Ojanen, Brandon Westgate, Vitoria Mendonca, Donny Barley & more.

Element Brand’s brand new video just got released and it is the debut of one of our first Unsigned Hype candidates, as well as the official welcome for Leon Charo-Tite as one of the new amateurs on Element. No question that we are proud of him, but we also knew that he would find his way.

Click HERE to read all the interviews with the main people from the video.

Featuring Leon Charo-Tite, Greyson Beal, Donny Barley, Mark Appleyard, Vitoria Mendonça, Jaakko Ojanen, Gabriel Fortunato, Eetu Toropainen, Funa Nakayama, Kanya Spani, Yukito Aoki, Ryo Sejiri, Madars Apse, Victor Cascarigny, Ethan Loy, Vinicius Costa & Nick Garcia.

Special thank you to Element for the trust in us to host the official premiere in Berlin.

Dan Wolfe just did skateboarding a huge favor, he uploaded all of the parts in EE3 (1996) in 60p. Back in the day this video put a spotlight on the east coast and changed the way people skated. Eastern Exposure might even be the reason why Bill Strobeck edited big chunks of Cherry in black and white. And to this day EE3 is a classic with some truly great skating in it.

Element Skateboards haben Evan Smith zum professionellen Skateboarder gekürt und zur Gehaltserhöhung auch gleich eine Party geschmissen, bei der er unter anderem für die Musik gesorgt hat. Am Donnerstag kommt dann Evans erster Pro Part raus und am Wochenende wird man ihn auf dem Tampa Pro Contest fahren sehen können.

Der Ritterschlag auf der Bühne.

Julian Davidson, Nick Garcia und Boo Johnson feiern Evans Pro Debüt.

Nicht nur die Young Guns waren am start, Donny Barley und ein fröhlicher Evan.

Evan Smith an der Gitarre..

..und hier auf dem Skateboard, im Trailer zu seinem bald erscheinenden Part.

(Photos via Element Skateboards)