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This summer the GLOBE skate team blazed through five European countries and multiple cities for their EU Trippin Tour. Seems like Mark Appleyard, David Gonzalez, Rodney Mullen, Louie Barletta, Ryan Decenzo, Chris Haslam, Paul Hart, Anton Myhrvold, Fries Taillieu, Charles Collet, and Phillip Schuster had a good time – check out their video recap below:

Supra just released a 5 minute clip, schowing the best of Spencer Hamilton. Here’s what we thought while watching this journey all around the globe…

– Spencer smokes while doing huge SW BS Kickflips – 1:03
– Spencer has a faible for coloured wheels – 1:12
– Spencer is real ghetto… See 1:54
– Was that Jaws at 3:57?
– Where’s the play again button?


From August 21st, Vans presents a special exhibtion in the Sneakermuseum Cologne in cooperation with the local sneaker shop The Good Will Out and the Skateboardmuseum Berlin. The installation will be themed and titled “This is the Sk8-Hi – Style #38” according to the Vans iconic model. Go there and dive into history, the exhibition is free entry!

Sneakermuseum Köln
Jülicher Strasse 14
50674 Köln

August 21st – September 30th 2025

Erik Ellington is a person with a lot of interests. This fact became even more apparent while I was doing some research for this interview. Professional skateboarding can consume someone’s life, as can running a business and raising a family. Meanwhile, Erik is not afraid to take risks and trade stability for possibilities. He is definitely a role model for a lot people, including myself. He was one of the skateboarders to watch when I was growing up and still is one worth following – time for a conversation:

Hey Erik, thanks for doing this interview…
Of course! 
How are you? Can you tell us a bit about why you’re out in Europe? We hear you’ve got a few demos happening as well as filming for an upcoming project about the people and places that have shaped the London and Paris skate scenes?
I’m good, thanks! We’re out here promoting Lizard’s and my new [pro] shoes [on Supra], skating and just enjoying the scene. Yeah, the idea for the video project is pretty rad! It focuses on the people that influenced skating in their area more than just us doing a demo or whatever. It’s been fun to be a part of it. 


With you being born in Alaska, and then moving around to Arizona, and later California, do you feel like the place where you grow up has had a big influence on you as a skater?
Yes, definitely. I was recently back in Alaska and I was looking at some spots I grew up skating, and noticing how much that shaped the type of skateboarder and person I grew into. After Alaska I moved to Arizona and met all the friends I have to this day. My local spots and the crew that I hung out with had such an impact on me. Then moving to California I feel molded the way I handled myself as a professional skateboarder and taught me about business in general. I think your surroundings totally impact every aspect of life. 

On past tours, Supra seemed to focus more on the 15-minute tour clip rather than a full length video. Do you feel there’s a difference between the tour clip and saving footage for a part or a full length video?
Both serve a purpose. I personally like the idea of working hard and putting together one project that means a lot. With the Internet, I feel it has given way to saving less [footage] and getting everything out there as it happens. On one hand, it’s cool because it immediately gets noticed and I really like the edits we create. But I definitely prefer placing a value on quality footage and saving it. 

Late Shuvit

You have said in the past that getting drunk has often giving you creative ideas, how has this changed since you went sober?
What I didn’t realize at that time was that I can be just as creative sober. Most importantly, I now have the discipline to act on the ideas rather than to just talk about them. 
When talking about creative ideas, we would have to mention your pro model shoes. Almost all of them had a distinct look that differs from a lot of what’s out there. What are the things you look for in a shoe, and how do you balance making something that looks different but is still commercial?
Thank you. I just try and design what I like and stay true to what I find feels and looks good. You never really know what’s gonna do well. I think the most important thing is not to chase what you think is going to sell or be commercial. 

Erik Ellington Vulc

Can you tell us about your latest pro signature model, the Ellington Vulc? What’s new and what’s the inspiration behind it?
It’s inspiration comes from the Ellington cup sole and me skating in vulcanized shoes the last year or so. We basically slimmed down my original shoe and put a vulc sole on it. It gave it a totally different look and feel, and I was hyped right away when I saw the first sample. 

Did your design approach change when you moved from Emerica to Supra?
Not too much, I’ve always been very hands-on with anything that I have put my name on. I worked a bit harder behind the scenes when we started Supra. 

It seems like you’ve never been afraid to take risks when it comes to business and sponsorship, going from a steady home at Emerica to a new position at Supra as part owner, and then again with leaving Baker to start Deathwish and Bakerboys Distribution. Can you speak about what attracts you to start new businesses together with friends?
I like the idea of new things, it’s exciting and I think it creates a special kind of energy. There’s nothing better than being in business with people you respect and creating things that you like and that other people are attracted to. To me it’s very fulfilling. 

On that note, I can imagine these new ventures have opened up opportunities both on the business side and the creative side of things, so how has your day to day changed?
For a while I felt that it was overwhelming and it was hard to balance. Since I have stopped drinking, it’s opened up so much more time for me. I feel like everything in my life helps balance the others out. My skating, business, kids, friends, and traveling all lend to one another. 

What are some of the achievements you are most proud of?  
To be a part of skateboarding still and be working with my friends, making a living and traveling the world. Twenty years ago that was just a dream. 

Erik_Ellington_fs Flip_web:print_Jeremy_Adams
FS Kickflip

In the last couple of years, skating seemingly has become more international then before, with brands like Polar, Magenta, and Palace, pros are able to stay in Europe more and more instead of having to move to the States. Baker Boys has been doing US distribution for Palace for almost a year now, how did this collaboration happen?
Andrew and I have always been fans of the PWBC stuff. I got Lev’s email years ago and we started talking back and forth. Originally, I was going to ask him to help us edit the Deathwish video but we never got around to it. A few years later I was on tour with Lucien Clarke and we started talking about distribution. He mentioned it to Lev and Gareth and we figured it out shortly after that. I’m hyped to be a part of it, I feel like they fit with Bakerboys. 

In your opinion, how has the rise of new and social media affected the skate industry, and do these changes influence you as a skater and business owner?
I think it has sped things up to an unhealthy level and I feel like it has to balance itself out at some point soon. 

Moving away from the skateboarding side for a moment, how important is it for you to do things outside of skating?
For me it’s very important. Like I said earlier, there’s a balance. To have other creative outlets and interests motivates and inspires new ways of looking at things. 

SW FS Kickflip

In another interview you spoke about your interest in architecture. You even said that you considered going back to school and becoming an architect. Is this still something that you think about?
I think about it from time to time because I’ve always been passionate about architecture. I don’t plan on being an architect at this point so it seems like a business class or public speaking may be more of what I need. My son wants to be an architect so I’ll just live vicariously through him.  

At the same time, it seems that you have been posting pictures on Instagram where we see you building a tree house. Is this the realization of that dream? 
Ha, yeah sort of. That’s mostly just my interest in building something with my hands. I enjoy making things to use around the house. 

Thanks for the interview Erik, it’s been great catching up with you!

by Roland Hoogwater
Photos: Supra Footwear

Für DC Shoes war 2014 ziemlich erfolgreich, wie uns dieser Zusammenschnitt der Highlights des vergangen Jahres beweist. Nyjah dominierte die Street League und hat den Tampa Pro Contest gewonnen, Wes Kremer wurde verdientermaßen zum SOTY gewählt und Felipe Gustavo machte Run & Gun klar. Erfolge, die zeigen wie on point das Team ist – aber auch abseits der großen Contests und Bühnen war einiges los:

Freunde der etwas härteren Gangart dürfen sich über den neuen Full Part von David Gravette für C1RCA Footwear freuen, denn es gibt feinstes Handrail und Transition Skating in Höchstgeschwindigkeit zu sehen. Anlass für diesen Part ist der Realese des neuen Gravette Pro Models “Goliath”, welches ihr euch unter schonmal en Detail anschauen könnt:





In diesem Jahr rückt adidas den Klassiker Superstar wieder stärker in den Fokus – klar, dass auch der langjährige Teamfahrer und Künstler Mark Gonzales da Hand anlegen durfte. Wir zeigen euch den Superstar 80s by Gonz, der komplett in Weiss gehalten ist: Ein Schuh als Leinwand – jede Spur zählt. Schöne Details sind das Heeltap, die geprägte Gonz Signatur auf der Zunge und an den Seiten des Schuhs. Hier seht ihr das passende Video zum Release:








Nike SB bringt mit dem Free SB ein neues Modell auf den Markt, das vor Technologie nur so strotzt. Die Company aus Portland hat ihre zwei Teamfahrer Sean Malto und Shane O’Neill gebeten, den Schuh mit ein paar Tricks vorzustellen. Das Ganze findet in komplett weißer Umgebung statt, so dass der Fokus in diesem interaktiven Video auch wirklich auf dem Schuh liegt:

Pontus Alvs Polar Skate Co. schlägt neue Wege ein und hat zum ersten Mal in der Firmengeschichte mit einem anderem Brand zusammengearbeitet. Wer in den letzten Tagen in den sozialen Netzwerken unterwegs war weiß, dass es sich bei diesem Brand um Converse handelt. Liegt nahe, denn Pontus ist seit Jahren Ambassador bei Cons. Die Kollektion umfasst insgesamt sieben Teile – allesamt im skandinavisch minimalistischen Stil gehalten. Schuhe und Apparel sind in Deutschland ab dem 26. September erhältlich, wie es sich für eine anständige Collabo gehört natürlich in limitierter Auflage und nur in ausgewählten Shops: Welche das sein werden, erfahrt ihr hier in den nächsten Tagen.

“We are stoked to work with Converse CONS on our first collaborative collection. We’ve wanted to create a super-clean Chuck Taylor Pro in suede right from the beginning of working together. They skate really well, they look great and they last.”
– Pontus Alv








“It’s about Berlin. It’s about Civilist. It’s about partying.” – So oder so ähnlich kann man die neue Kollabo von Vans Syndicate und Civilist passend beschreiben. Gemeinsam hat man ein Pack entworfen, das aus insgesamt drei Schuhen besteht. Der Era Pro “S” ist optimal für den Dancefloor und eine lange Nacht, der Slip On “S” perfekt für den Kater am nächsten Morgen – einfach reinschlüpfen und hoffen, dass der Tag bald rumgeht. Sobald man dann wieder auf der Höhe ist und beim Skaten den Restalkohol ausschwitzen gehen möchte, kommt der Sk8-Mid Notchback “S” ins Spiel. Das ist doch mal eine schöne Geschichte, die ihren Weg auf das Upper der Schuhe geschafft hat. Wir zeigen euch hier die drei Schuhe im Detail und haben auch noch ein paar Bilder vom Release von letzter Woche:









Die Schuhe stehen ab sofort und exklusiv im Civilist, bis sie dann am 26. Juli auch in den europäischen Shops landen, der Release in den USA ist für den 16. August angesetzt.

Rip Zinger ist Skater, Fotograf, Künstler, Japaner und hat nun für das Vice Magazin seine eigene Webshow gestartet. In einer neuen Folge Skatality besucht er Scott Johnston in Los Angeles und begleitet ihn während seiner Arbeit bei Lakai Footwear. Scott, der früher selbst einer der angesagtesten Pros für Chocolate gewesen ist, gibt Einblicke in das Design eines Skateschuhs und welchen Stellenwert er heutzutage seinem eigenen Skating einräumt.



Nach dem Untergang von Alien Workshop fragt man sich zurecht, wie es um die Tochterfirma Habitat Skateboards & Footwear steht. Joe Castrucci ist Hauptverantwortlicher und äußert sich wie folgt:

“Times are weird, that’s for sure. I can’t really speak for AWS but I know myself and the [Habitat] skate team are still unified and we have good respectable options for the future. There are just legal and financial details we are working through at the moment with the I.P. (Investment partner). I’m feeling pretty stoked for Habitat’s future though. I’m sure things will look much different but I love change, so I’m not that mad at it. I’ll keep you posted as things progress! Thanks, Joe” — Joe Castrucci, Habitat Skateboards.

Wir dürfen somit vorerst aufatmen und hoffen auf baldige Entschleunigung aller Turbulenzen. Bei einem Team mit Leuten wie: Stefan Janoski, Silas Baxter-Neal, Mark Suciu und Brian Delatorre sollte man meinen, dass sich einiges wieder gerade biegen wird.

Neue Footage von Mark Appleyard – so kann der Tag ja nur gut losgehen. Grund für diesen einminütigen Clip ist der Release vom “Mahalo Mid” – dem Pro Model von Mark auf Globe Shoes. Der Schuh ist eine Weiterentwicklung der Low Top Version und verbindet Style und Funktion: Die Suede und Canvasvarianten sind clean und ohne viel Schnickschnack, das Globe PU “Shockbed” absorbiert die Einschläge. Hawaii tested, Mark Appleyard approved. Jetzt erstmal auf die Minute Footage freuen und danach den Schuh genauer unter die Lupe nehmen:


Für die Summer 2014 Collection schickt man bei HUF einige neue Colorways ins Rennen. Ein großes Thema bei den insgesamt elf Modellen sind Muster: Von “Jade Crystal Wash” über “Duck Camo” bis hin zu “Elephant” und “Black Skull” Prints ist alles dabei. Hier zeigen wir euch die komplette Range und dann heißt es: Favoriten aussuchen und ab in den Skateshop! Für Fans von Online Shopping: – hier entlang bitte.

huf genuine

huf arena

huf sutter

huf choice

huf ramondetta pro
Ramondetta Pro

huf pepper pro
Pepper Pro

huf southern

huf noble

huf hupper

huf galaxy

huf mercer

Der Frühling ist endlich da und passenderweise geben die Vans Pros Ray Barbee und Daniel Lutheran ihren liebsten Vans Pro Styles einen neuen Anstrich. Ray Barbee mixt seinen relaxten Style und persönlichen Geschmack mit Komfort – herausgekommen ist ein Old Skool ’92 Pro in klassischen Grautönen und der Era 46 Pro im OG Black Colorway. Im Sommer kommt dann Daniel Lutherans farbenfrohes Modell hinzu: der Era Pro mit strahlend-bunten All-Over Print mit Blumen – ziemlich hippiesk und perfekt für den Übergang von Spring zu Summer!