The holiday season is upon us and the mood in the Place Magazine offices is pretty merry. The sun is out and combined with the cold it has made the landscape ever so slightly more beautiful compared to just a few weeks ago. Nowadays, in skating, many of you know these last weeks of the year as the SOTY race weeks. But this “push” does not only apply to the superstar skaters of this world. All the other skateboard media platforms like Free, Solo, Grey, Vague, Pocket, and us feel that push. Why? Because people want to finish their videos, they don’t want their footage to “get old” and lastly “the weather is shit” so the joy of filming tricks has lessened compared to let’s say August or September. Comparably, it is nice and warm behind your screen. What this means tho, is that during these 2 months we “the media” are working as diligently as Saint Nic and his elf army, so we can bring you fun presents (pun intended) like this video from Leipzig (with a sprinkle of Cologne) by Hannes Drißner.

Before we get to Hannes and ask him about this Christmas gift, we need to acknowledge that this Place Presents came to be with help from Louis Marschall. Who, in his own right, has made a couple of videos worth watching. Anyway, this is what Hannes had to say about this project.

This video is the second, stand-alone video in a series of videos that I started after I bought a camera and moved to Leipzig. This series started around the changing of 2020 into 2021 and “hane hane” was preceded by “icky icky” which dropped in March this year.

It is important to note that all the spots are in Leipzig and my ambition was to show a different side of the city away from the dusty “Coney Island Crust” and show instead of a second coming of Paris an innercity with some interesting spots.

Lastly, the name “hane hane” might only ring a bell to some, it is one of Noah’s yu-gi-oh playing cards that has “underrated legend” status. Okay, that is it, I am saying goodbye and I hope that you will enjoy the video.