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It is rare to do a sort of Place Presents style post for a video that we are actually not...

2020 won’t be the year of a lot of tour videos and as we have watched Enjoi’s just released team tour trip video to the Canary Islands, we have been feeling very nostalgic about the life before COVID.

Featuring Nestor Judkins, Eniz Fazliov, Thaynan Costa, Didrik “Deedz” Galasso, Jackson Pilz, Zack Wallin, Louie Barletta, Ryan Alvero & Jose “Sixsas” Vivero. Filmed by Dani Millan and edited by Jeff Davis.

In recent years the US skateboard industry has been letting in copious amounts of European skateboarders. Dwindle has been on the forefront of this from getting Willow on Almost to getting Ben Reamers who seemingly came out of nowhere on Enjoi.

Anyway, 2017 seems to have been the year of the Norwegians from Magnus Bordewick, Heitor Da Silva, Hermann Stene and now Didrik Galasso the Scandinavian country has been churning out some major talent this year. That must be why Deedz gets this first episode of Panda Patrol dedicated to him. Enjoi!

Skateboarding is about many things, mostly it is about the skateboarder and his skateboard interacting together. This interaction begins with you learning to stand on the board, pushing, ollieing, shoving the board, nollie, fakie, switch or normal stance. Some learn faster, some slower, but the objective is the same; “Stay on the board.” This article is not about that, this is about getting off the board (and getting back on afterwards), walking or running with or without, maybe even away from the board.
Today we offer you a step by step analysis (lmao) of some of the most influential skaters who got off the board.

A Different Route.

Right off the bat, we start with two of the most classic walks caught on tape! At the same time, both Jason Dill and Louie Barletta use walking to get somewhere or to walk over something they could not get to by staying on the board. Louie’s might be a little more eccentric because not many people skate terraces like he did, but still, both these guys made a lot of people get off the board.

John Motta uses the same principle but instead of picking his board up and taking it with him, he chooses to leave it and jump on the next one. A technique, mostly used by filmers, while filming long lines, with a lot of ups and downs like stairs. Normally I’d go for the pickup but doing it John’s way creates a little more suspense about what is about to come next.


Jason Dill – Photosynthesis, Alien Workshop (2000).


Louie Barletta – Bag of Suck, Enjoi (2006).


john motta
John Motta – A Happy Medium (2008).


Cruising To The Spot.

I am not totally sure if Mike V just got back from an injury here or if he just has that much pent up punk rock Aggression, but Mr. Vallely does deserve his props for this ‘powerful cruise through the city’ style line! He manages to push skateboarding by keeping it true to his style of skating, whilst at the same time doing tricks that every skater would like to do, while going from one to another spot.

Vincent, on the other hand, seems like he just came from the corner store where he bought a soda, and on his way back, he noticed he could flip his board in there. Probably the most relaxed walk of the bunch, which contrasts quite nicely with Mr. V’s spurt.


Mike Vallely – Label Kills, Black Label (2001).


Vincent Touzery – Trunki, Les Blobys (2017).

The Bail To Pick up a.k.a. The Never Give Up.

This is a more recent phenomenon, ever since iPhone filming became an everyday thing, skaters started to worry less about wasting tape and thus happy accidents made it into our collective memory. The reason why we like this style of walking is because it makes everything seem so much more spontaneous, it reminds us of skating around with the homies, instead of the sometimes tedious process of perfecting things in front of the lens.


Amandus Mortensen – Sondre & Amandus (2015).


Chris “Mango” Milic – Life Is Goodie (2015).


The Hop Off, Hop On.

The Hop off and Hop On is a method perfected by one of today’s most influential skaters: Mr. Kevin Rodrigues. He has a knack for wall riding, no comply flipping or throwing down his board (to hippy jump) and moving into the next trick. The great thing about this combination is that everybody can join in, just remember: the most important thing is the rhythm of your walk! Hesitation can sneak in and ruin an otherwise great line.

Kevin Rodrigues – I Like It Here Inside My Mind Don’t Wake Me This Time, Polar Skate Co (2016).


Jan Hoffmann – hellafaded2k15 (2015).


Noah Bunink – Le remix, Pop Trading Company (2017).


ryan thompson
Ryan Thompson – TULIP (2016).

The Mid Trick Walk Along.

To be honest, a lot of these moves seem to come straight from a Louie Barletta, who should be on everybody’s favorite skater list by now. Go watch his parts and you will notice that the only difference is that these tricks are done in a serious manner, instead of with a weird hat and a Rod Stewart track. Anyway, you have to find the right trick and spot (a long slide) to do this but if you do the possibilities are endless.


dustin henry
Dustin Henry – Curb Kruise (2013).


mango 2
Chris “Mango” Milic – Dr. Scarecrow (2016).


Walk The Line.

This one doesn’t really need any explaining, does it?


john cardiel
John Cardiel – Sight Unseen, Transworld (2001).


Walking as a mode of skating.

A fancy way to say that walking can be the actual main dish instead of a side order that only add’s to the meal. Case and point CK1’s stroll on these metal arm rests, imagine him replacing that walk with a series of hippy jumps, it wouldn’t be the same right?


Cory Kennedy – CROCODILE DONE DEAL, Fourstar (2014).


The Stop Walk And Roll.

This is the only section that doesn’t involve the board moving before hand, it is the simple idea of placing your board somewhere (very high in this case) and jumping on it. Most skaters use this to test out spots but very few use it as a means to an end, which it can be in the right hands. In our opinion, this is the little brother of the caveman nosegrind that Andrew Allen popularized a while back. We say little because everybody can try this one at almost every spot.


Daniel Pannemann – Rick Moranis (2015).


The Walk Home.

For the older skaters amongst us, this is a pretty common thing. You need to wrap up the session because your significant other wants to home and the baby needs to be fed, time to go, leave the board and take a walk home.

josh kalis
Josh Kalis – Photosynthesis, Alien Workshop (2000).

When is the last time you watched a Pig Wheels clip? If you are old enough you might remember the Slaughterhouse video (We know that was Pig Wood but it is all Pig), the point being that you probably have not watched one in a long time. But maybe you should reconsider, this clip, for instance, has some truly great footage. Our second question would be, are we – the skateboard community – giving Louie the respect he deserves? Just take his casper stall on a bank to wall, or his fs boneless wallride, isn’t skating like Louie what most you skaters want to do? Still not convinced, just watch the clip and judge for yourself.

Like the growth of Chris Haslam’s beard the Globe team is not about to slow down! Louie Barletta is always on point and his finger flip alone definitely makes it worth the time it takes to watch the Globe summer 16 team edit also starring Mark Appleyard, Ryan Decenzo, David Gonzalez, Chris Haslam and Paul Hart.

This summer the GLOBE skate team blazed through five European countries and multiple cities for their EU Trippin Tour. Seems like Mark Appleyard, David Gonzalez, Rodney Mullen, Louie Barletta, Ryan Decenzo, Chris Haslam, Paul Hart, Anton Myhrvold, Fries Taillieu, Charles Collet, and Phillip Schuster had a good time – check out their video recap below:

Globe sends its team to Europe’s major cities this July for the #GLOBEEUTRIPPIN‬ Tour. Mark Appleyard, David Gonzalez, Rodney Mullen, Louie Barletta, Ryan Decenzo, Chris Haslam, Paul Hart, Anton Myhrvold, Philipp Schuster, Fries Taillieu and Charles Collet will join the trip – finest skateboarding guaranteed. Check out the Facebook Event for more information and the trailer as well:



Marc Bultmann hat seine Festplatten entstaubt und dabei direkt noch die Leftovers der vergangenen Jahre zusammgeschnitten, die aber allemal sehenswert sind. Mit dabei sind unter anderem Maxim Rosenbauer, Mark Frölich, Louie Barletta, Daniel Pannemann und Nils Brauer – gefilmt wurde in Deutschland, Holland, Portugal, Spanien und der Türkei. Danke dafür!

Der Montag und der Regen sind ein Dreamteam, sie wurden geschaffen um das fröhliche Wochenende, welches so gerade hinter einem liegt, schnell zu vergessen und eine leicht chronische Depression auszustrahlen.
Die Schwarzmalerei hat aber jetzt ein Ende, wir haben nämlich den Louie gefunden! Der kann Handstand mit toller Frisur und zack, die Laune sprintet in bisher ungeahnte Höhen.

Alec Majerus ist einer der neuen Flip Ams und hat Potenzial dies in Zukunft zu ändern, den Status versteht sich.

Willy Wagner aus Berlin macht 10 Tricks am 3 flat 3 Set im Wintergarten der Redaktion für Mongo Bongo Berlin.

Willy Akers hat besonderes Glück bei seinen Kugellagern und einem Nosebonk der etwas anderen Art. Der Welcome Part für Lucky Bearings.

From Dawn Til Dusk zeigt die Deathwish Jungs, um Jim Greco und Erik Ellington in ihrem Skate und Create Video für Transworld Skateboarding.

Den Start macht ein gutgelaunter Louie Barletta, der einfach mal drei Tricks an der Bank zaubert für einen lustigen Start in den Tag.

Mikey Taylor hat auch noch für seinen Achsensponsor Thunder etwas Footage am Start. Und die kann sich sehen lassen.

Jamie Thomas, Windsor James, James Kirk und Konsorten lassen bei “Let the good times roll” in San Diegos Parks die Sau raus. Oink.

Darkstar begrüssen einen neuen Amateur namens John Hanlon via Nollie Bigspin Backlip am Rail. Guten Tag.

Eigentlich ist das Wetter ja viel zu schön, um vor dem Computer zu hängen, aber bei diesen Sahnestückchen schaut man doch gern mal rein. Das Supra Team war im neuen Skatepark in Austin, Texas und kamen mit soviel Footy zurück, dass sie direkt einen kleinen Clip davon basteln konnten. Neen Williams, Kevin Romar, Keelan Dadd und weitere killen den Spot.

Louie Barletta, der alte Spassvogel, macht eine Firing Line inklusive Old School Jumpramp Starter.

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Von Quartersnacks gibt es noch mehr Bro-Cam Footy vom Nike Shoot in China. Sehr stylish.

Viele Kids heutzutage können nichts mit dem Namen Matt Beach anfangen, aber lasst euch gesagt sein, dass er einer der “most underrated Ripper” des frühen Jahrtausends war. Irgendwie hat er es nie bis ganz an die Spitze geschafft, obwohl sein Part aus dem Jahr 2002 unglaublich gutes und vielseitiges Skateboarding zeigt. Wer diesen Part nicht kennt, hat was verpennt.

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Und wo wir gerade schon bei Legenden sind – Danny Wainwright ist immer noch aktiv auf seinem Brett. Deshalb gibt es jetzt einen neuen Clip von ihm zu sehen aus der DC Embassy. Man ist nie zu alt fürs Skaten.

Thortsen Ballhause hat beim Bergfest in Münster das 13er Rail mit einem 50-50 bezwungen. NBD, Bitch. Und Scheisse fressen kann er auch. Respekt.