It is rare to do a sort of Place Presents style post for a video that we are actually not presenting. But Jourdynn Sherman hit us up in such a nice and respectful way, asking for support for his new video, he actually showed his work and the project ticked all the boxes. But instead of just posting we felt it would be nice for Jourdynn himself to tell you something about the project. So here we go, enjoy ATLWINGS!

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.
Text by Jourdynn Sherman.

My friends and I started Worldformation towards the end of 2018. It originally started because Hearn wanted someone in our friend group to get a camera so everyone would be able to get clips. Christmas was coming up, and I had no idea what I wanted that year so I got a Panasonic HVX. that lead me to start filming everyone, and we all got the idea of making something cool out of Atlanta featuring all of us. Throughout the years we’ve been fortunate enough to meet some more really great homies, and that’s why you’ll see new faces throughout our newer videos, as well as a lot of the original people.

The filming for this video started back around spring/summer of 2020 right as some homies and I were moving into a house in Atlanta. The place was very close to a family-owned run-down wing restaurant right off of Candler Road called ATL Wings. Our house was always filled with all of us, and we’d always go to ATL Wings during the time of filming and editing this project. Compared to our past videos which are usually montage-based, I wanted to edit this video more section-based, as I felt everyone was ready to have their own thing. So, that emphasis on everyone as individual skaters was the biggest thing about ATL Wings (the video).

Our plans for the future are to stay consistent by putting montages until another full length is ready. We also want to continue to drop clothes and etc. I (Jourdynn Sherman) am the main filmer and the only editor for World, and at times it can be really difficult getting clips of my own and being consistent with filming/editing for everyone, but with the help of other filmers like Cooper Vosburg out of Detroit, I manage. It’s also helped to have really great, supportive people like Mike Sinclair, Jimmy Astleford, Chad TimTim, Jeff Davis, Louie Barletta, and the homies at Utmost along the way. I’m super hyped for everyone to enjoy the video as much as I’ve enjoyed the process of making it, and I’m excited for the future of Worldformation.