Tag: Compilation

Once again somebody took the time to create a little Supreme style compilation clips. There is something to it though scrolling through Strobeck’s feed and collection little snippets here and there. You get Fat Bill’s style of filming with the music style of the creator (or not), but in the end something new is created. Remixing or collaging is, was and will remain one of todays most important movements in and out of skateboarding.

Making an Instagram remix is like making a mixtape for somebody you like. Whether you are sitting by your tape recorder or you are scrolling through the gram, it is a tedious process done with love for the subject. In the end the only difference is that with the IG compilation the result is on the net for everybody to enjoy.

Vincent Touzery has been killing it lately and Quartersnacks said it best “There are a handful of Bloby Instagram compilations out there, but this new one of Vincent Touzery is the best Bloby IG comp out there.”

Photo by Mike Heikkila