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14 Fucking Awesome minutes and a whole lot of anticipation that has been met.

Also, it feels like this is a new step for FA since this is the first of their videos with actual music.

The Fucking Awesome/Hockey guys skating Baltimore and Washington DC.

Featuring: Aidan Mackey, Elijah Berle, Diego Todd, John Fitzgerald, Ben Kadow, Anthony Van Engelen, Caleb Barnett & Sean Pablo.

Finally, something we have been waiting on for a long time: the first full-length video presentation from Alex Olson’s Call Me 917. Now we are not going to give you a full video description but we will give you at least a few of our highlights.

First off, Alex Olson skates to a Rap Song by Nakel Smith, Secondly, the video consists of the team and their friends and last but not least, the soundtrack feels like a cross between an Anti-Hero video and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2’s score.

Honestly, go watch the video. It is not what we expected, it is better:


Jason Dill is looking fit again and Sean Pablo is having a little break from the toilet he was sitting on. Growing up watching Deca’s “Second To None” video there was always something special about a skating in a warehouse.

Since the introduction and explosion of social media, every skater has turned into his or her own marketing machine with a great outlet for creativity.

Obviously, some are better than other some even turn into filmers, editors or designers later on in life. We feel this video By Cyrus shows promise, it has some noticeably strong minutes (especially in the beginning). But with anything in life don’t take our word make up your own mind.

Featuring: Cyrus Bennett, Aidan Mackey, Vincent Touzery, Logan Lara, Johnny Wilson, Max Palmer, Jesse Alba, Hjalte Halberg, Chris Milic, Paul Grund, Genesis Evans and more.

Genesis Evans just put out this video of some of his well-known Supreme friends skating and Dorking around the city of Angels in short L.A.

Featuring: Alex Olson, Aidan Mackey, Chris Milic, Rowan Zorrila, Nik Stain, Logan Lara, Hugo Boserup, Cyrus Bennet and much more.

Cyrus Bennett, Ishod Wair, Sage Elsesser, Roman Gonzales, Alex Olson & more in John Wilson’s new video “Sup World”- so many reasons to watch this!

“Skate New York With the City’s Coolest Crew for Vogue”

Is the official title of this video and it is enough to divide people into different camps. The skating is obviously great and the music isn’t bad at all maybe it is the name Vogue that bothers people, we don’t know!
To us, the real shock is that more and more girls seem to openly show love for nerdy activities! I don’t know about you guys but when we were growing up playing Pokemon, kicking a hackeysack around or even skateboarding did not exactly seem to be that cool to the girls we were hanging out with. In recent times the script has been flipped and the beauty in that is what Alex Olson probably wants us to see.

We haven’t seen a Johnny Wilson video in some time and that is slightly unusual for the most productive crew in NY, sure Johnny has been in Paris working on Supreme stuff but in the end that is Bill’s thing. So it is good to see Johnny and company back on our computers screens with the 21st installment of his HD series. Enjoy!


Was motiviert mehr als ein Blockbuster in 4K mit Special Effekten und einem enormen Feuerwerk? Wahrscheinlich das komplette Gegenteil: Handycam, Die Homies und ein Spot der als solcher eigentlich gar nicht bezeichnet werden müsste. Aidan Mackey, Sean Pablo, Sage Elsesser, Jerry Hsu und Logan Lara sind vielleicht auch Gründe wieso man den Clip gesehen haben sollte.

William Strobeck veröffentlicht ein neues Video für Supreme starring Aidan Mackey, Sean Pablo, Anthony Van Engelen, Alex Olson, Sage Elsesser, Jason Dill, Tyshawn Jones, Kevin Bradley und Na-kel Smith.

Eine Session mit deinen Lieblingsskatern am bekannten Lockwood Schulhof Skatespot in L.A. Jerry Hsu, Alex Olson, Spanky, Aidan Mackey, Andrew Allen und Sean Pablo zeigen wie es geht.

Aidan Mackey

Aidan Mackey ist der rothaarige Junge aus Supreme cherry. Neben einigen auffälligen, äußerlichen Erscheinungsmerkmalen besitzt Aidan das Talent, Tricks gut aussehen zu lassen. Über zwei Minuten Lo-fi Aktion aus den Vereinigten Staaten.