Neues Material aus dem Hause Adidas Skateboarding – Silas Baxter Neal bekommt einen neuen Pro Schuh – den Silas SLR. Und wer könnte den Schuh besser vorstellen als Silas himself. Ort des Geschehens – Die Trainingsfacility “The Grotto” in Portland, Oregon. Gefilmt wurde mit neuester Videotechnologie, was diesen Hallenclip zu etwas ganz Besonderem macht:

“The Movi cam is something straight out of a sci-fi movie and filming with it was such a crazy process. There was a guy operating the direction of the camera with a remote control that resembled a really fancy RC car controller. There was another dude controlling the focus from another controller, and a third guy who directed the camera using a rope and pulleys. Amongst all that weirdness and in half darkness, I had to try to concentrate on landing a trick – it was a crazy experience for sure.” – Silas Baxter-Neal