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The stripes showing us their newest offering just before Christmas time. Let’s be honest though any new Gustav footage is definitely a “Christmas came early” type of situation.

A very nice video featuring a very surprisingly fun line by a SOTY that doesn’t always get the credit he deserves. We also have lot of Paul Shier footage but no tricks!?

Anyway, some great work by the people over at Monster Children.


Alec Majerus, Silas Baxter Neal, Dan Mancina, Diego Najera, Dennis Durrant, Jake Donnelly, Frankie Spears, Brad Saunders, Shin Sanbongi and Kento Yoshioka.


adidas Skateboarding’s latest film introduces the team’s latest talent, Diego Najera. Directly inspired by “bloom of the Sakura;” the tones and hues of the film come courtesy of a special heat-sensing camera.

Feat.: Alec Majerus, Dennis Busenitz, Jack Fardell, Lucas Puig, Magnus Bordewick, Mark Suciu, Miles Silvas, Nestor Judkins, Nora Vasconcellos, Rodrigo Teixeira, Silas Baxter-Neal, Jake Donnelly, Chewy Cannon, Dennis Durrant, Gustav Tonnesen, Daewon Song, Klaus Bohms, Pete Eldridge, Tom Snape, Hiroki Muraoka, Brandon Nguyen, Shin Sanbongi and as mentioned above Diego Najera.



Every year Thrasher traditionally send their current SOTY on a trip. Thus, this time Kyle Walker is the one to whom the honor is due, and so together with his not less well-known friends he traveled to always sunny Australia. You may expect high-class skateboarding.

Featuring Kyle Walker, Ishod Wair, Daan van der Linden, Zion Wright, Nakel Smith, Chima Ferguson, Louie Lopez, Jake Donnelly, Reese Salken, Peter Ramondetta, Matt Bennett and more.

A new adidas video just dropped a minute ago. This one is having a good percentage of the whole squad skating the world’s most famous concrete jungle. Tyshawn Jones is the future!


Tyshawn Jones, Silas Baxter-Neal, Rodrigo Teixeira, Mark Suciu, Nestor Judkins, Jake Donnelly, Daewon Song, Marc Johnson, Jack Fardell, Mark Gonzales, Kevin Lowry, Dennis Busenitz, Lem Villemin, Pete Eldridge & introducing Frankie Spears and Nora Vasconcellos.


We have been waiting! Not for the Hardies promo but for somebody to use that Jay Z song and to be honest, it couldn’t be used in a better context. Besides that, legendary DJ Troi “Star” Torain once said that hip hop is “A business where extremely confident black men are able to flourish and prosper.” and for us that is what Hardies brings to the table with the like of Tyshawn Jones, Nakel Smith, Kevin Bradley, Sage Elsesser and many more. Enjoy!

The time has come! Today Adidas Skateboarding’s biggest project Away Days has its online premiere and is available for the next 24 hours before you can buy it on itunes tomorrow. No more words needed. Enjoy!

While currently the premiers of Away Days are taken place all over the world the Far & Away episodes further on provide us with interesting insights. This time we can see how Dennis destroys his own backyard, Donnelly shows tremendous pop, and Nak runs the dice game.

The fourth behind the scenes episode is about the mental and physical struggles the Adidas team riders had to face while filming a full part but it also shows some very nice appetizers for the Away Days video, as well.

The third installment leading up to the release of the new Adidas tomorrow in LA. This one is mostly about the international vibe of the team but since we already spoke on that lets just say that it is about Chewy Cannon. Chewy is one of the best! Why? Because he can do an ollie on flat ground in a line and still have it look better than your nollie tre flip, in addition to that he skates fast and on the nicest terrain. So yeah Chewy’s part is probably going to be one of the best in the video.

The second installment of the Far and Away series is here and it features one of life’s most important lessons, share your wealth and share your opportunities with other people so you can grow together.

If you by any chance missed the first episode click here to see it.

Adidas presents us with episode 1 of the Far & Away series. This series provides us with some small previews of what we can expect from the video, at the same time we still don’t fully know what to expect from the Adidas crew. All in all this episode is a good little teaser to get you excited to see the video.

Adidas Skateboarding presents the official trailer for their first full length film, which will premiere in the month of May 2016 and features only top-class skateboarders like Dennis Busenitz, Salias Baxter-Neal, Lucas Puig, Mark Gonzales, Mark Suciu, Nestor Judkins, Benny Fairfax, Rodrigo TX, Lem Villemin, Pete Eldrige, Jack Fardell, Jake Donnelly, Miles Silvas, Alec Majerus, Na-Kel Smith and Tyshawn Jones. As that already sounds almost too good to be true, the trailer is also insane!

Adidas has joined the rubber toe cap bandwagon but somehow they managed to do it in their own inimitable way. The team is skating the shoe a lot, Puig’s insta feed has been full of clips of him skating this shoe and it is our opinion that if the team is skating a shoe it means that the shoe is good.


adidas Skateboarding just released their Superstar ADV model – an updated take on the classic design now with modern performance enhancements devised specifically for skateboarding. Take a look at this instant classic – the brandnew video lookbook features adidas teamriders Tyshawn Jones, Chewy Cannon, Benny Fairfax, Jake Donnelly, Dennis Busenitz, Raul Navarro, Nak-el Smith and Miles Silvas skating New York City as well as Miami:





Since the early 90s, the adidas Superstar was the shoe of choice for street skaters. Recently honored skate legends Kareem Campbell, Joey Bast, Drake Jones and Richard Angelides were some of the first to skate in the iconic shoe that contributed to a trend that would last for nearly two decades.

While maintaining most of its outer aesthetic, the all new Superstar ADV was completely re-engineered for skateboarding. A closer look of the Superstar ADV reveals major performance upgrades beginning with a significant reduction of weight and bulk throughout the shoe’s leather upper. adidas also streamlined the traditional three stripes to lie flush along the shoe’s lateral and medial panels.

The Superstar ADV also features a combined sockliner and midsole into one ADIPRENE® drop-in piece for targeted impact protection in the heel and true board feel in the toe. The iconic rubber ShellToe protects and provides superior abrasion resistance, while the Vector Traction outsole lends durable grip for exceptional board control.







The Superstar ADV will be available only through specialty retailers in the U.S. and the adidas Skateboarding website with an initial selection of classic color combinations starting September 1, 2015 and another set of collegiate color combinations on November 1, 2015.

Während Jake Donnelly dieser Tage zum filmen in Berlin verweilt, ist gerade sein “Buffalo’s Finest” Part online gegangen. Für seine Sponsoren adidas und Real Skateboards lässt Jake es kanppe vier Minuten richtig knallen und hat sich ordentlich ins Zeug gelegt, man kann die Einschläge quasi spüren: Low Impact Skating sieht definitv anders aus, besonders der Ender hat es in sich. Hut ab Mr. Donnelly!

Auch in diesem Jahr gab es nach der Wahl zu Thrasher Magazines Skater Of The Year eine ausgiebige Tour, um Ishod Wairs Sieg auch würdig feiern zu können. Koston, Cory Kennedy, Grant Taylor uvm. haben den Weg nach Florida gefunden und zeigen im ersten Teil, was der sonnige Staat so zu bieten hat.

Ist denn heute schon Weihnachten? Sorry. Aus dem Hause adidas Skateboarding kommt dieser neue Edit mit feinstem Streetskating aus Vancouver, Seattle und Portland. Mit dabei sind Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, Marc Suciu, Nestor Judkins, Rodrigo TX, Jake Donnelly, Lem Villemin, Benny Fairfax, Kevin Lowrey und der neuste Teamzugang Alec Majerus. Wow.

Für die Mittwoch Madness und wahrscheinlich auch nur extra dafür, wurde David Clark mit altertümlichen Kameras verfolgt, Daewon Song ins Wasser geschickt, Cory Kennedy durch die Hintertür begleitet und die Bombaklats wurden ins Schnittstudio befohlen. Naja, dann ist da noch King Of The Road Teil 1 mit Anti Hero, die den Freifahrtschein ins Nirvana gebucht haben. Ankunft noch unbekannt.
Den Anfang Macht David Clark, der sich Texas genauer anschauen konnte und dabei begleitet wurde von Jake Donnelly und Reese Forbes.

Ins Wasser gefallen ist er des öfteren in den vergangenen Jahren, eingetütet wurde trotzdem. Hier ein paar ‘Behind The Scene’ Clips mit Daewon Song und seiner Auswahl an ungewohnten Spots.

Cory Kennedy hat einen anderen Weg gewählt um an das Ziel zukommen, angekommen ist er trotzdem..irgendwie.

Unser momentane Coverboy Tim Zom und seine Jungs von Bombaklats haben einen Trailer für euch, direkt aus Rotterdam ins Wohnzimmer.

King Of The Road
2012 startet mit den Jungs von Anti Hero und schließt as heutige Clip-Update ab.