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Our friends from Free Magazine have just released a new edit by Jan Maarten Sneep featuring all of your favorite skaters from the Netherlands such as Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Rob Maatman, Tim Zom, Pascal Moelaert, Robbin de Wit & Nassim Guammaz.

Fun fact: New York was once New Amsterdam, founded by the Dutch before the British took it over and further shaped the city that we now know NYC to be. Traveling through the Big Apple you can still see street names, landmarks and whole areas named after places in Holland.

One of those places is Harlem, which derives its name from a city in the Netherlands called Haarlem and that is where this video was shot.

Bastiaan and his crew put together this video to show us all that it is still “Haarlem baby that’s wassup!”

When we talk about people deserving things we can often be lead by our emotions. His last part was crazy, he has been going viral on Instagram, he is so sick he should be pro, this guy is super stylish why doesn’t he have a pro model shoe?

But what constitutes being worthy to receive a pro shoe? Many legends have one like AVE or Steve Cab, SOTY Kyle Walker has one and Gilbert Crockett has one with very creative 1940’s sport-fashion inspired colors. It is not really that defined why or when one is ready to ascend but in our humble opinion Rowan has done more than enough to get his signature style.

To celebrate the occasion Vans said, “Build it and they will come!” so Opperclaes did as commanded. And as was said, they did come and shredded R.O.W.A.N. for a day.

Rachid Addou is simply the best candidate to skate the R.
The man himself Sneep or as some call him Jan.
Bert Roeterdink is also known by his IG handle called @bertOOOOOOllie!
If you turn the W around you get the letter M and M stands for Marc Haan with this nose tap.
Sebastiaan Vijverberg has the letter A in his name a bunch so this makes sense.
N stands for Robi.N de Wit with a backside N.oseblunt

All in all, a really cool idea done really well. The atmosphere was great, the music was alive and the session was eventful! Now press play and let R.O.W.A.N. show you what he’s got.


Marc Haan
Robbin de Wit
Bert Roeterdink
Tim Zom
Arthur Bultynck
Remco Stolze
Pablo de la Place
Tor van Eysendeyk
Finn Mostert
Sebastiaan Vijverberg
Tjerk Oosting
Peter Buikema

Special thanks to Jan Maarten Sneep for the video, Ziggy Schaap for the photos & Vans Off The Wall for the support.

The fourth and second to last part of the “Creating Lines” project is a fucking trip… down memory lane. A visit back to Europe’s and especially The Netherland’s most iconic and fun skate spots, “The Yard”. For those that know this edit holds many gems, including Wieger, P-rod, Paterno, Tommy van Berkel, and Louisa Menke 2004 footage. We wish we could run into this time traveling German streaker so we could re-live those times through our own eyes.

Alwin van Wemmehoven a.k.a. Valwin van Slammenhove a.k.a. Bundel mid trick.
Alwin van Wemmenhoven a.k.a. Valwin van Slammenhove mid trick.

Intro by Roland Hoogwater
Text, Film & Edit by Edward Cook
Photography by Reinier van Oorsouw

What has changed the most in skating for me? “The Yard” is the perfect example. In the past it was a skate spot where you had all the space you wanted with a street type of feeling; there was no one there except your friends and some junkies. Now in 2018, “The Yard” is back but it has been transformed into a skatepark “The Yard 2.0”, a place with rules and lots of guests that are “hanging out” but who really have no function at a skatepark. I a way it is a bit like all the other parks now.

*Note: After being skate-able for about 6 months, the city of Utrecht closed down The Yard 2.0 on November 16th, after continued vandalism and other trouble caused by local (non-skate) youth.

Alwin Wemmenhove, Kaspar van Lierop, Jos Theissens, Tommy Willets, Thomas Knegtel, Tommy van Berkel, Paul Verbraak, Ricardo Paterno, Geoffrey van Hove, Louisa Menke, Yannick Kalaydijan, Addie Knispel, Pieter ‘Parra’ Jansen, Vincent Vos, Tim Zom, Sebastian van der Elsken, Dave Mackey, Wieger van Wageningen, Paul Rodriguez & Bas Jansen

Last September we organized ‘Creating Lines’, a three-day event that took place in Rotterdam. We highlighted and discussed notable changes and differences between the older Dutch and more specific Rotterdam styles of skateboarding. We did this in an attempt to bring skateboarders of all different generations, sorts and areas closer together.

A big part of the Creating Lines project was an exhibition about Rotterdam’s skate history, a premiere of our full-length skate video ‘Momentum’ and various panel discussions about the history and future of skateboarding in the Netherlands.

‘Momentum’ consists of five main video parts, made by various talented Dutch filmmakers. They were given 6 weeks to make a short video, in which they had to incorporate the theme ‘change’. Besides having a part in the video, Jan Maarten Sneep also managed to glue together the entire thing. He spent many hours watching and editing classic Rotterdam skateboard footage to create several Memory Screen montages for the video. These videos showcase the changes in skateboarding throughout our history. All the main parts of the video will be shown right here on Place Skateboard Culture the coming weeks and the full project can be found via our socials.

Intro text by Martijn van Hemmen.

Filmed,edited & text by Jan Maarten Sneep.


Tim Zom, Frontside Bluntslide, Photo Bastiaan van Zadelhoff.
Tim Zom, Frontside Bluntslide, Photo Bastiaan van Zadelhoff.

Part 1:






With change being the topic, I focussed on the change in video cameras over the years. After having filmed for a number of years with various HD cameras, I went back in time for this project, back to the VX-1000 from 1995, and the Canon Super Zoom Automatic 1014 from 1973. I didn’t use these cameras in the traditional way instead I utilized the technical possibilities of 2018 and combined them. For example, I recorded the VX images on an SD card instead of tapes, and I used my phone to film through the viewfinder of the Canon 1014.

I had purchased this old Super 8 camera some years ago, during the making of The Bombaklats video to be exact. But after I received a number of bad cassettes, I did not have that much confidence in using it anymore. Partly because when filming with the VX-1000, we regularly film the tricks with our phones through the viewfinder so we can watch a clip back without overusing the camera. Via that technique, I came up with a new idea. I attached a phone case to the super 8 camera so that I could film through the viewfinder and it worked! Meanwhile, we are on Duct tape prototype number 4, and the images are sharper than ever.

The Super Zoom Camera in action.
The Super Zoom Camera in action.

This spot, right next to Rotterdam Centraal, is inspired by Dirk Middelkoop in the Boombap video. He does a line there in which he comes from behind the pillars and does a big Fs Blunt on the curb. I always thought that looked so sick, Robbin de Wit agreed.

The first time we went to this spot together, while Robbin was checking out the spot, it started to rain a little bit – no worries the spot has a roof over it-  but not even fifteen minutes later it turned into a huge storm, the hailstones poured past us, and the streets filled with water in no time. We were dry, happily covered, but skating was no longer a possibility. It turned out to be quite the storm, later on, we heard that this storm caused a lot of damage to the city of Rotterdam.

A couple of days later we went there again but now with a larger group. I, myself would never think of trying a back noseblunt on something like this but you can always ask Robbin to do one. It took him a while to figure out what he wanted to do at the beginning of the line but once he did it did not take that him long to make the line. Ziggy (Schaap) was there and made this lovely picture! The spot, the trick, and everyone in the background.

Robbin De Wit, Backside Noseblunt, Photo Ziggy Schaap.
Robbin De Wit, Backside Noseblunt, Photo Ziggy Schaap.

Combining art and skateboarding can be very tricky and a lot of projects often slide into the trap of making artistic versions of skate obstacles.
Opperclaes created multiple public installations based on certain keywords that they saw connected to skateboarding and skateboarders.

“The project ‘Character Type’ was an intervention in the city of Rotterdam in September 2018 and bridged the gap between public art and skateboarding. The words are a homage to a skateboarding state of mind.”

Together with furniture designer Jeroen van Sluis the project came out quite nicely, to say the least.

Our favourite thing besides the skating is the fact that they first turned words into images and then images into sculptures that were then used to make this video (images) again.

But as always, don’t let us influence you to much see for yourself.

Shortly before Marc Bolhuis’ new full length BOOMBAP is going to be premiered on March 9th at Rotown Rotterdam he just released another 4:32 min appetizer.

Featuring Wouter de Jong, Yannick Witvoet, Dirk Middelkoop, Marc Bolhuis, Remco Stolze, Maikel Jas, Nassim Guammaz, Faries Prins, Tim Zom, Jan Maarten Sneep, Alexander Belhadj, Rob Maatman, Sebastiaan Vijverberg, and Robbin de Wit.

Marc Bolhuis, out of Rotterdam, is working on a full-length called “BOOMBAP“. He’s already released four minutes of footage as a promo. Featuring Wouter de Jong, Yannick Witvoet, Donny Janssen, Alexander Belhadj, Remco Stolzen, Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Robert Joosten, Dirk Middelkoop, Jan Maarten Sneep, Wouter Molenaar, Tim Zom and Nassim Guammaz.

Oder: 24 Stunden in Frankreichs Haupstadt, bewaffnet mit zwei Einwegkameras in Erwartung des neuen Nike SB Videos Chronicles 2 zu Pianoklängen und viel Champagner.

Zur Demo und zum Signing waren der frisch gekürte Skater Of The Year Ishod Wair und sein Teamkollege Justin Brock extra nach Paris gereist. Zusammen mit ihren europäischen Kollegen Tim Zom, Kyron Davis ud Maxime Geronzi bewiesen die Helden der Leinwand ebenfalls live vor Ort ihre Skills auf dem extra angefertigten Parcours. Dieser war tagsüber für die Kids geöffnet, die es sich nicht nehmen ließen, über die Rampen wie ein wild gewordener Ameisenhaufen her zu fallen. Es folgt ein Einweg-Recap in chronologischer Reihenfolge der PLACE Redakteure Daniel Pannemann und Benni Markstein.

Hotelzimmer gegenüber des berühmten Spots in Bercy: check.

Quicksnap-Romantik vor der anstehenden Madness

French Kids

One Shot

Der Mann, der für das Cliché Video “Bon Voyage” verantwortlich ist – Boris Proust

BS Smith Grind von Guillaume Caracioli, während Ishod seinen Kollegen Kyron für den zuvor gestandenen BS Nosepick highfived

Champagner aus der Flasche? Pas de problème.

Schnell noch ein Selfie…

Monkey war da!

Tim Zom – FS Feeble


Schwinghammer, Esel und Pires – Santé!

Wu Tang, Dr. Dre, Kanye auf dem Piano? Par excellence!

Yo, Akim Cherif war da!

Ishod “Skater Of The Year – I don’t care” Wair und Nike SB Frankreichs Fahrer JP Villa

Justin Brock, Eelco, Marcel Veldman, Björn, und Koen

Au revoir!

Skateboarding ist die Leidenschaft der Gegensätze. Mal ein Beispiel: Brad Staba und Shane O’Neill; diese beiden Kandidaten sind in einem Team, genauer gesagt Staba ist der Inhaber und hat Shane ins Boot geholt, fast unvorstellbar denn auf ein Bob Dylan Feature mit Britney Spears wird man wohl lange warten können, schade eigentlich.
Desweiteren haben wir einen besonderen Coversong und skatende Geschwister im heutigen Clip-Update.

Irgendwer ist schwanger, wer genau wird nicht verraten. Skate-Mental tritt Wahlplakate um und kotzt sich aus.

Martin Huppertz fährt zwei Stunden durch die Skatehalle Heerlen.

Gangsters Paradise läuft immer noch im Radio, ein paar Jungs vom Stoner Park haben den Song nun auf Skateboarding bezogen und das ist dabei enstanden.

Den Abschluß machen die Khachab Geschwister aus Bayern. Der eine rocking, der andere zu “Return Of The Mack”. 2 Videoparts für das Irregular Magazine.
Ali Khachab

Pacel Khachab

Für die Mittwoch Madness und wahrscheinlich auch nur extra dafür, wurde David Clark mit altertümlichen Kameras verfolgt, Daewon Song ins Wasser geschickt, Cory Kennedy durch die Hintertür begleitet und die Bombaklats wurden ins Schnittstudio befohlen. Naja, dann ist da noch King Of The Road Teil 1 mit Anti Hero, die den Freifahrtschein ins Nirvana gebucht haben. Ankunft noch unbekannt.
Den Anfang Macht David Clark, der sich Texas genauer anschauen konnte und dabei begleitet wurde von Jake Donnelly und Reese Forbes.

Ins Wasser gefallen ist er des öfteren in den vergangenen Jahren, eingetütet wurde trotzdem. Hier ein paar ‘Behind The Scene’ Clips mit Daewon Song und seiner Auswahl an ungewohnten Spots.

Cory Kennedy hat einen anderen Weg gewählt um an das Ziel zukommen, angekommen ist er trotzdem..irgendwie.

Unser momentane Coverboy Tim Zom und seine Jungs von Bombaklats haben einen Trailer für euch, direkt aus Rotterdam ins Wohnzimmer.

King Of The Road
2012 startet mit den Jungs von Anti Hero und schließt as heutige Clip-Update ab.

Wir präsentieren euch einen kleinen Vorgeschmack auf unser neues Heft 038, das ab sofort beim Dealer deines Vertrauens erhältlich ist. Featuring Yannick Schall, Giorgio Armani, Vallentin Ott, Michel Funke, Jürgen Horrwarth, Tjark Thielker, Daniel Pannemann, Hirschi und… Tim Zom.

Zum Eingewöhnen an hartes Skating, gibt es den Opening Clip vom neuen BaySixty6 Skatepark in London. Justin Brock, Wieger Van Wageningen, Theotis Beasley, Sean Malto, Fernando Bramsmark, Tim Zom, Korahn Gayle, Tom Harrison, Neil Smith und Chris Jones haben sich zu den Locals gesellt und die Scheisse gerippt. Anders kann man das nicht sagen.

Ryan Sheckler und Torey Pudwill sind mit Sheckler Sessions in Chicago unterwegs, wo es trotz Wind zu heftigen Bangern kommt. Zwei coole Vögel, die beiden.

Das Axion Team war mit Jeff Lenoce, Mike Maldonado, Kevin Taylor und Manny Santiago zu Besuch in Thrasher´s Double Rock. Und Action!

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Denny Pham macht eine Line an den Bänken. Yup, da ist er unschlagbar.