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Stefan Vogtländer recently released his new and very nicely put-together video “Operation: Interbau”. It’s the sequel to his last project “the KMA” and it features parts by Tim Karbe, Nico Kasterke, Sascha Scharf, Shane Kotte, Lorenz Knuth, Markus Schlensog Finn Dejoks, and Franz Zechlin. Always good to see a video out of Berlin. Enjoy!

A new video from the streets of Berlin with the title KMA which is short for Karl-Marx-Allee, a 3km long vibrant street with a lot of history. This video really gives you a good feeling of how it is to skate our lovely hometown. A big thank you to Stefan Vogtlaender for showing us the video beforehand and to everyone involved.

Featuring: Yannick Schall, Oliver Reinicke, Franz Zechlin, Christoph Weiss, Tim Karbe, Finn Dejoks, Markus Schlensog, Diskotoni, Ipek Cakir, Nico Kasterke, Michel Funke & Stefan himself.

We first saw this new edit during the SKTWK video night, and afterwards, the owner came up to us and thanked us. He had read our “reviews” of their other projects Street Patrol and Jockey Club and wanted us to know how he felt about things.

We gladly accepted his kind words and stayed a bit longer for a beer and a chat and another beer, at the end of night one thing had been decided “Tripping” should be released on our platform. All (slightly tipsy) parties were very happy with this result, we shook on it and the end result is this post.

Daniel Ledermann, doing what he does best.
Daniel Ledermann, doing what he does best.

Now finally let’s talk a bit about the video itself, first off, it starts with another back to back situation (Favorite™ ). Michel Funke and Daniel Ledermann hit you over the head with some big stair manoeuvres while a new face plays a BGP type of role. Keep that young face in the back of your mind because that is the person closing of the video with his “welcome part”.

Getting a welcome part means you are the “new kid” and being the new kid is not always an easy role. Many of these “kids” need a moment to adjust, all of a sudden you are not with your local crew, you are with a new group of people that all know each other and have been skating together for a while, what is your place in this group?

Ike Fromme - Backside Smith Grind.
Ike Fromme – Backside Smith Grind.

On the other end of the spectrum, what does the team think of you? What do you bring to the table that wasn’t there before? Well, hopefully, Ike brings with him a youthful energy, a type of energy that pulls the whole team up by their bootstraps and keeps them on their course.

Mr Fromme also brings a cool and at times very original bag of tricks with him, he also knows how to put together things so that they flow well. Add to that the air of confidence of a young rapper and you basically have what Ike is bringing to the table.

Now enough talk, now press play and watch the new and improved Favorite Skateboard team in “Tripping” enjoy!


Text by Roland Hoogwater.
Photos by Michael Heindl.


Last week during the Bright they showed their newest video project to a crowd of thirsty skate rats. And if you follow our channels which you do if you are reading this post then you know that we are of the opinion that the Favorite team has some great skaters on it.

Text Roland Hoogwater.
Photos by Leo Preisinger.

Joscha Aicher - 50-50
Joscha Aicher – 50-50.

And after watching the whole video we noticed a couple of things. First off, the whole team has the same pair of ski style sunglasses. Secondly, Daniel Ledermann stepped up and produced some of his best work to date! High-speed lines, in XL clothing and no-nonsense pretty diverse bangers.

The aforementioned ski-style sunglasses.
The aforementioned ski-style sunglasses.

We also noticed that the team likes and supported each other in more ways than one during the making of this video. When Nico Kasterke was not there to document things, it seems that they handed the VX1000 down and took matters into their own hands. We often see this “family of friends” vibe used for marketing purposes but if it is not authentic you see right through it.

Hanging out.
Hanging out.

Another point worth noting is Mario Ungerers Flip nose wheelie on the famous Pappalardo ledge in Madrid which in our opinion would have been nice if he only did the straight part but he takes it all the way to make it one of our highlights in the video.

Daniel Ledermann - Backside Kickflip.
Daniel Ledermann – Backside Kickflip.

Ok enough talk, if you are still not convinced simply press play and let the skating do the talking, you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, Dan Schulz’s Berlin based independent skate film Oh Snap is going to be premiered on December 3rd. Here is the official trailer, which provides a good foretaste of what is to come! Oh Snap!

Featuring Pascal Reif, Justin Sommer, Joscha Aicher, André Gerlich, Tim Bornemeier, Quirin Staudt, Valentin Ott, Patrick Rogalski, Ilja Judizki, Michel Funke, Philipp Oehmige, Farid Ulrich, Danny Goodman, Roland Hirsch and Daniel Ledermann.

Today Favorite Skateboards Co. proudly present their very first full length video “Daggers”, which will be available as a whole for the next 11 days. It was a very huge project for such a fairly young company and I know each and every one of the guys put a lot of effort into it. Fortunately, the hard work paid off and the video delivers both skateboarding on a very high level and a clean cut by Nico Kasterke. It is quite foreseeable that we will hear and see a lot more of Valentin Ott, Daniel Ledermann, Mario Ungerer, Michel Funke and the whole Favorite fellowship in the very near future.

Photos by Leo Preisinger

Valentin_Ott_-_HardflipVallentin Ott – Hardflip

Favorite Skateboard Comany presents DAGGERS_Daniel Ledermann_Kickflip to fakieDaniel Ledermann – Kickflip to Fakie

Favorite Skateboard Comany presents DAGGERS_Mario Ungerer_Sw Bs SmithgrindMario Ungerer – Sw Bs Smith Grind 

Favorite Skateboard Comany presents DAGGERS_Daniel Trautwein_Sw No ComplyDaniel Trautwein – Sw 180 No Comply



Tomorrow the first full length of the Favorite Skateboard Company premieres in Munich. Honestly, I really cannot remember if there has ever been a German full length that got me into such a mood of excitement. Reason enough for me to invite my old friend and editor of the video, Nico Kasterke, to our office in Berlin and have a little chat about the process of making “Daggers”.

IMG_6577-2How important was it to produce a full-length that is going to be released as a whole and is not split into single online parts?

Well, that is really important for me that the video will be presented as a whole. I grew up with full-length videos. You know, today single online parts became the usual because it is much easier to produce them. But to my mind, a full length generates a much stronger impact. Therefore, we tried to find a possibility to properly show the whole thing but still without thrusting DVD’s into everybody’s hands. For that reason, we found a smart solution having a website that is designed only for the video, which is much better than just having a Youtube link and that is it. Having an own artwork and stuff gives the thing a whole different character already.

How did the collaboration with Favorite and yourself as the editor of the video came about?

I know Thomas (founder of Favorite) for quite some time now. One day he called me and asked if I would know someone who could do the edit of the Favorite video. He knew that editing a project like this would actually not be possible for me temporally. But right in the first second as he asked me this question I knew for myself that I wanted to do it so bad that I said to him that I would be willing to do this.

IMG_6567You already had experiences with both editing and filming a full length. What was different this time?

That is right! Actually the whole process was very similar to the Chinchilla Video I did years ago. Back then I was not living in Berlin and I could only go out filming with the crew when I was in town. For the Daggers video it was even harder because I am having a full time job now and most of the team riders live far away. So I knew right from the beginning that there would be only a few sessions where I might be able to realize some of my ideas while filming.

So one could say it is more a video that was edited by you but the footage came from various hands?

Yes, although my filming amount increased a lot towards the end of the project, which I have not noticed at first. But as I was working on the trailer I figured out that still a lot shots are my own.

IMG_6566How long have you been working on the video?

The first tour was Paris in May 2014, which is not too long ago actually. Thus, we were working on it for quite accurate two years.

If one watches the trailer it seems to be quite obvious that a special focus is drawn on Daniel Ledermann. Does he have the last part, too?

Probably! (Laughs) In any case Daniel put in a lot of effort and delivered some of the heaviest skateboarding that has ever been seen from a German. It is just unreal that he did the Bigspin that double set in Athens only because I wanted to have it for the trailer and three tries later it was done.

IMG_6573If you think about all the trips you went on with the team, what experiences come to your mind at first?

Oh man, it is definitely the team vibe for sure! It is so great to see how everybody supports everyone! That was really amazing! Besides that, what also comes to my mind is that one night in Thessaloniki. We were drinking and suddenly everybody wanted to get a gang tattoo and via some curios connections we got the address of a guy who was living more outside the center of the city. As we arrived we first of all ordered twelve gyros pitas and then one after the other got inked a dagger in the backroom of the odd apartment before we went on to party the night away, everyone having plastic wraps around various body locations. On the next day we had to get our flight back home and Mario was still so drunk that he tried to get through the security zone with a couple of canned beers and two knifes in his backpack, which of course got him the fullest devotion of the security agents. Now you got an idea why the video is called “Daggers”. (Laughs)


Interview by Paul Roehrs 

Dan Schulz kündigt sein neues Independent-Video “Oh Snap” an. Mit dabei sind Pascal Reif, Joscha Aicher, Tim Bornemeier, Quirin Staudt, Patrick Rogalski, Ilja Judizki, Michel Funke, Farid Ulrich, Danny Goodman und Valentin Ott – also eine ziemlich bunte Truppe, die bekannt ist für richtig gutes Streetskating. Das Ganze im Look der guten, alten VX Kamera lässt bei uns schon richtig Vorfreude auf das anstehende Video aufkommen. Aber wofür steht eigentlich “Oh Snap”? Wir haben bei Dan nachgefragt:

Die Bedeutung ist für mich einfach, denn Oh Snap kann einfach alles sein! “Ohhh Snap 10.000 Euro gefunden…”, “Ohhh Snap Kickflip 30 Stufen…”, “Ohhh Snap Finger gebrochen…”, OH SNAP einfach alles…


Mittlerweile ist Valentin Ott alles andere als unbekannt in der deutschen Skateszene und wer ihn schon einmal dabei beobachten konnte, wie er einen simplen Kickflip aussehen lässt, hat ihn sowieso voll auf dem Schirm. Er hat den besonderen Flick gemischt mit dem nötigen Pop und lässt liebend gerne sein Skateboarding für sich sprechen. Für den folgenden Part via Red Bull hat Valle sich nicht öfter als zehnmal mit Sebi Vellrath zum Filmen verabreden müssen, um diesen 2-minütigen Part auf die Beine zu stellen. Mit dabei sind außerdem die Freunde Michel Funke und Farid Ulrich.

Foto: Preisinger

Michel Funke ist schon längst kein unbekannter Name mehr in Deutschland. Der Berliner gehört zur Zeit zu den ambitioniertesten deutschen Skatern. Michel ist oft auf Tour und geht ehrgeizig auf Film- und Fotomissionen. Wenn er einen Trick oder eine Line im Kopf hat, dann prügelt er sie auch durch, bis er sie im Kasten hat. So etwas wie Aufgeben kennt er selten. Wenn er mit der Bongbande an den Spot kommt, ist immer für gute Stimmung und krasse Banger gesorgt. Mit Michel kann man auch außerhalb der Skateboardwelt gut abhängen, da er immer gut drauf und ausgeglichen ist und wenn du ihn antreffen willst, erwischst du ihn meistens am Polendenkmal oder im T-Park. Du erkennst ihn an mächtigem Nollie Pop und an seinen Nollie Inward Heels, die man schwer verwechseln kann. Wir präsentieren seinen neuen Full Part für seinen Boardsponsor Favorite Skateboards.

Text & Edit: Konrad Waldmann

Dan Schulz hat sich durch die Untiefen seiner Festplatten gewühlt und noch ein paar ungesehene Tricks aus Berlin gefunden, die er in einer kurzen Montage verwertet hat. Mit dabei sind: Patrick Rogalski, Reik Manig, Wilko Grüning, Marlon Schollmeier, Pascal Reif, Michel Funke, Farid Ulrich, Hirschi, Flex O Connor, Sami Harithi und Justin Sommer.

Vergangenen Samstag fand in mittlerweile vierter Edition und in Kooperation mit Nike SB der Contest “Battle At The Bänke” statt. Auch am diesjährigen Go Skateboarding Day kamen eine Menge Skateboarder und Zuschauer an den beliebten Spot direkt an der Warschauer Straße. Zu sehen gab es unzählige Lines in allen Variationen, so dass die Judges alle Hände voll zu tun hatten. Im Starterfeld fanden sich neben den Locals einige Gesichter der deutschen Szene und sogar aus Chile und Mexiko waren ein paar Jungs angereist. Aus all dem bunten Line-Allerlei stachen am Ende eine handvoll Starter besonders hervor und auch der Wolkenbruch samt Platzregen ließ sich bis zur Siegerehrung auf sich warten, so dass “Battle At The Bänke” am Ende wortwörtlich feuchtfröhlich zu Ende ging. Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten – es war uns ein Fest!


Louis Taubert
Louis Taubert, FS Crooks




Whitey, BS Tailslide


Farid Ulrich, fakie 5-0 Flip out


Christopher Schübel, Nollie BS Nosebluntslide

Juan Carlos Aliste aka Goma aus Chile, BS Flip fakie Nosegrind

Michel Funke
Michel Funke, FS Bluntslide




MC Sebi

Alex Ullmann
Alex Ullmann, SW FS Tailslide 270 Flip out


Best Trick:
Patrick Rogalski, FS Bluntslide Flip out

Patrick Rogalski


1. Christopher Schübel
2. Goma
3. Hugo, Louis Taubert & Farid Ulrich




Fotos: Burny

Am Samstag den 15.März fand der Backup Jam Amateur Contest supported by IRIEDAILY in der Skatehalle-Berlin statt. Das Who is Who der Berliner Nachwuchstalente hat sich in der Skatehalle-Berlin zusammengefunden, um ihr Können auf dem Nike SB Shelter Streetcourse unter Beweis zu stellen. Das durchgehend hohe Niveau der Teilnehmer hat den Judges die Entscheidungen nicht leicht gemacht und am Ende brachte die Consistence in den Final Runs die entscheidenen Punkte für die vordersten Plätze.

Michel Funke – FS Bluntslide

Nepomuk Herok – Hardflip

Justin Sommer – FS Feeble


Gruppe A:
1. Thorsten Ballhause
2. Justin Sommer
3. Max Obert

Gruppe B:

1. Phillip Oehmige
2. Gustavo Rann
3. Justin Schattmann

Video: Dirk Lamprecht
Fotos: Adam Sello

Der Sommer neigt sich dem Ende und der Herbst steht vor der Tür. Die Pullis werden dicker und die Jacken aus dem Schrank geholt. Bevor wir uns allerdings damit abgefunden haben, präsentieren wir die B-Roll Berlin 2013 Montage feat. Valentin Ott, Christopher Schübel, Davie Naen, Justin Sommer, Conrad Bauer, Max Beinhofer, Banden Björn, Michel Funke, Phillipp und Sami Harithi.

Film & Edit: Sebi Vellrath