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Skate parts always amaze when you are getting surprised by the things you see. Well, I know Tim Bornemeier and Danny Goodman for quite some years now. And altough I’m quite aware of their capability on a skateboard, this part got me mind-blown for sure! They both put in 120% of what they got and I really want them to take a well-deserved bow! Props to you my friends!


Since I wanted to write this article as authentic as possible, I decided to travel to the town of Essen in order to get to know every single one of the guys behind Europe Co. and also get an idea of their everyday lives. Essen is part of the so-called Ruhr Valley, a region situated in the west of Germany that consists of several larger cities located really close to one another; including towns such as Dortmund, Bochum, Duisburg and more. Thanks to their close proximity, you can easily switch between the cities in a minimal amount of time via train, which in turn unlocks an almost unlimited abundance of spots. The urban areas all have this rather modern architectural character with high-rise buildings, strict geometrical forms, and lots of concrete, steel, and glass. The cityscape tends to change at every street corner from snug to rough, from rich to poor, from vibrant green to gloomy gray. As I learned on my visit, this is exactly the environment the Europe Co. is rooted in.





The Creator

The main man behind Europe Co. is Niels Reimann. He designs all the graphics for the clothes, films and edits all the clips, and takes care of the daily business. During my three-day visit, I stayed with him and Deo Katunga. The two share an apartment in Rüttenscheid, a really pleasant district of Essen with smaller houses, parks, cafes, and restaurants. What really struck me was the fact that Niels has been doing all the Europe Co. stuff and all the filming for only a mere one-and-a-half years at this point. Before that, he was producing beats and also released a cassette on a French label called Cindys Tapes. As we were sitting in Niels’ room watching some snippets of the upcoming Europe Co. video called autobahn – and Niels also showing me some of the music he made years ago – I understood that he has a certain intuition to know what fits well together and what doesn’t. This is actually reflected in all of his creative work.





The Clique

What I really enjoyed about the Europe Co. guys is that they all seem to be one big family that I also quickly felt belonging to in a way. Most of the guys have been friends and skating together for many years already. It was also great to see how a motivated group of ten to 15 people would go out skating every day trying to get some clips. I personally have not filmed anything for almost three years now and suddenly got super hyped to try a guest line for their video as well. Unfortunately, I did not manage to roll away but still they brought back a feeling, which I thought I had lost some time ago – the joy of going out there and producing something. Which, of course, can be the most fun you can have with the right people around you. Speaking of people, almost everybody in the Europe gang goes by one or sometimes several nicknames, which made it really hard for me to learn all their names and sometimes almost impossible to follow their conversations. Luckily, Niels helped me out with this cheat sheet:

The G (Georg Anders), P Body (Philipp Bieronski), Pablo (André De Matos), Kicki (Yannick Skornik), Kaio (Kai Hillebrand), Pichl/Krishna/Skkinz (Matthias Pichl), Milky (Deo Katunga), The Coach (Timo Meiselbach), Bifi (Stefan Granitza), Kuyt (Florian Nass), Biber (Marius Paradies), Vman/Vitzke (Kevin Vietzke), Zyllek (Marcel Zylka), and Ching Chong (David Czichon).

Philipp Bieronski – Crooked



Don’t Fuck With The G!

On the day I arrived in Essen, Niels and Kuyt picked me up at the central station and we took the train to Dortmund – only half an hour in the same direction I came from – to meet with the rest of the gang. Nothing unusual really happened, until a character known as The G appeared at the spot. Without greeting anyone he went straight over to some guy and snapped his board, which resulted in a short verbal fight with heavy insults while everyone else was just watching the show. A few seconds later, The G introduced himself to me with a big friendly smile as if nothing of what just transpired had really happened. It turned out that the other guy had cheated him out of a serious amount of money, wrecked the door of his car, and did several other uncool things. Since then, The G snaps his board whenever he sees him at a spot. A little later, the other guy came back with his gang trying to raise a quarrel. But in the end, nothing happened because nobody really wants to have a fistfight with The G, I guess…


Deo Katunga – BS 360


Kevin Vietzke – Crooked

The First-Try Guy

The Europe Co. definitely, has a strong crew that truly never goes home unless somebody gets a serious trick. I was really surprised by how much footage they produced within the few days I stayed with them. But still, one guy stuck out the most during the time I have been with them: Deo Katunga. I don’t want to waste your time with all the empty phrases that could be doled out at this point. But just believe me, this kid definitely has something special going on. Whatever spot we went to, he was like: “Yo, first try!” And even if he never really got a trick first try, he still made almost every trick within the first five or six tries. So after he piqued my interest, I soon began to like this weirdo and we naturally started talking about his roots, life, and dreams. Which is, at least to my mind, reason enough to bring a little conversation I had with him into this article more on that later today.





Text by Paul Röhrs
Photos by Laura Kaczmarek

Finally, Dan Schulz’s Berlin based independent skate film Oh Snap is going to be premiered on December 3rd. Here is the official trailer, which provides a good foretaste of what is to come! Oh Snap!

Featuring Pascal Reif, Justin Sommer, Joscha Aicher, André Gerlich, Tim Bornemeier, Quirin Staudt, Valentin Ott, Patrick Rogalski, Ilja Judizki, Michel Funke, Philipp Oehmige, Farid Ulrich, Danny Goodman, Roland Hirsch and Daniel Ledermann.

“Ruhrpott” is in the building! The Europe Co. just released their brandnew and highly anticipated full length called autobahn, which is absolutely one of the top videos this year. Niels Reimann’s creative mind did a great job and the soundtrack choices are on point as well. So be ready to get sparked!

Featuring Kevin Vietzke, Timo Meiselbach, Max Matthias, Matthias Pichl, Kai Hillebrand, Florian Nass, André De Matos, Philipp Bieronski, David Czichon, Georg Anders, Stefan Granitza, Marcel Zylka, Deo Katunga, Tim Thomas, Sasha Gro, Dennis Laaß, Filip Labovic and Danny Goodman.

Sami Harithi, Roland Hirsch, Steve Forstner, Dallas Rockvam, Jan Kliewer, Sylvain Tognelli, Manuel Bogner, Nino Ullmann, Danny Goodman, Greg Cuadrado, Harrisson Hafner, Nahuel Kirchhof, Daniel Haber, Juro Lehmann, Lars Noll, Hannes Schilling and Nils Brauer in Jonathan Peter’s “Propeller Island” friends section:

Ulrich Sperl kommt aus Wien, ist Fotograf und hat Mark Sucius BS TS geschossen. Bis zu diesem Hingucker hatten wir von dem Österreicher noch nicht besonders viel gesehen, doch bei Betrachten seines tumblrs fällt etwas sofort auf: Ulrich versteht seine Kamera zu bedienen. Manchmal zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort, oftmals mit gutem Auge und interessanter Perspektive. Einige unserer persönlichen Highlights stellen wir an dieser Stelle vor.

Opener: Mark Suciu – BS TS, Wien

Danny Goodman – FS Crooks, Berlin

Jan Federer – Kickflip, Wien

Markus Schwaninger – BS Flip, Wien


Robert Sartori – BS 180 fakie Nosegrind, Wien

Street Selfportrait, Milano

Biemer, Berlin

Sebastian Dorfer – FS Lipslide, Wien

Mehr Fotos: www.ulrichsperl.tumblr.com

Draussen ist es jetzt schon arschkalt, aber dank unseres fleissigen Berliner Filmemachers Dan Schulz kommen noch einmal wärmere Temperaturen zu euch ins Haus – zumindest im Clip. Die mittlerweile dritte VX Montage bietet mal wieder feinstes Skateboarding aus der Hauptstadt u.a mit Danny Goodman, Conrad Bauer, Valentin Ott, Glenn Michelfelder, Yannick Schall, Pascal Reif und weiteren Berliner Jungs.

Dan Schulz war mal wieder viel unterwegs auf den Strassen der Hauptstadt und hat genug frische Footage gesammelt, um euch die zweite VX Montage zu präsentieren. Wie immer nur das beste Skateboarding aus Berlin u.a mit Pascal Reif, Tim Bo, Ilja Judizki, Michel Funke, Farid Ulrich, Christoph Weiß, Danny Goodman, Sami Harithi, Jan Kliewer und vielen mehr. Genau das Richtige, um motiviert ins Wochenende zu starten.

Film & Edit by Dan Schulz

Tommy Fynn war schonmal bei uns im Heft mit einem Interview. Schon da konnte man den Style sehen. Jetzt gibt es einen Bewegtbildpart von ihm namens Mobbin´Deep. Anschauenswert das Teil. Also tu es.

Der Escapist Shop, für den auch Sean Malto fährt, hat eine Bonusmontage seines aktuellen Videos am Start. Sean Malto hat fast einen ganzen Part. Besser gucken!

Mighty Healthy ist eine coole Company aus NY, die natürlich nur coole Skater rekrutieren. So auch Edgar Barrera.

Oscar Meza fährt so schnell, dass er Autobahn Wheels braucht. Die bekommt er ab sofort auch.

Der Titus Stuttgart Shop eröffnet am 15.09 erneut seine Pforten. Dieser Clipteaser weist euch noch mal darauf hin.

Danny Goodman braucht nicht mehr träumen, denn er fährt jetzt für Dream Skateboards.

Der Berliner Filmer Dan Schulz hat uns seine erste Place Montage zukommen lassen und wir feiern den Clip ab wie Sau! Zum einem, weil Dan einfach ein Filmer ist, wie er im Buche steht, sprich: Immer motiviert, rund um die Uhr unterwegs und Filmen, ja, das kann er auch. Im ersten Clip gibt es Footage von Pascal Reif, Danny Goodman, Valentin Ott, Michel Funke, Adrian Neef, Ilja Judizki und weiteren Berlin Locals. Sit back and enjoy.

Film & Edit by Dan Schulz

Am “Go Skateboarding Day” war an den Warschauer Strasse Curbs die Hölle los. Denn Nike und Titus Berlin haben zum zweiten Battle At The Bänke geladen und zur Freude der Berliner Skateboardgemeinde gleich noch ein paar der Bänke mit neuen Metallkanten versehen. Auch wenn das Wetter zum Anfang des Tages eher schlecht aussah, hatte Petrus Erbarmen mit der Crowd und es fand eine Session der Extraklasse statt. Mit dabei waren u.a Jan Kliewer, Yannick Schall, Denny Pham, Ilja Judizki, Lennie Burmeister, Siggi Smallz, Danny Goodman, Nahuell Kirchhoff und weitere hundert Berlin Locals. Die Stimmung war bombastisch und alle hatten ihren Fun. Vielen Dank an alle, die diesen Event echt grossartig gemacht haben.

Film by Julius Krappe & Blechschmelze
Edit by Julius Krappe

Hier noch ein paar schöne Fotos von Jonas Wedelstädt.

Let the session begin.

Die Crowd war hyper hyper.

Danny Goodman Nosegrind Nollie Heelflip off.

Epische Stimmung trotz Nieselregens. So muss Skaten sein.

Ilja holt sich etwas Cash ab mit diesem Bs Noseblunt.

Und freut sich. Logisch.

Nahuell Kirchhoff mit seinem Lispslide 540° Shuv-It out.

Yannick macht einen auf kreativ. Flip Tail Hang Up, aber geschafft. Das zählt.

Die Zuschauer hatten ihren Spass. Voll war es.

Siggi – MVP des Tages. Und das Geld kann er gebrauchen. Hell Yeah.

Nob hatte es nicht einfach sich zu entscheiden. Harter Job.

Und zum Ende des Tages sind alle glücklich nach Hause gegangen. See you next Year.