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Last week we provided you with the photo recap and today it is time for the video recap.
Featuring guys like Giorgi Armani, Farid Ulrich, Justin Sommer, Patrick Rogalski, Kai Hillebrand, Philipp Oehmige and many others.

So press play and enjoy the video that Jon Wolf and Mark Nickels made for us all.

The 21st of June is a special day. It’s not just the official beginning of summer and thus the longest day of the year (speaking from the northern hemisphere point of view), it’s also the date we skateboarders celebrate our passion, culture, and community – the International Go Skateboarding Day. Since we happen to live in a major city like Berlin, we are lucky enough to annually have a well-organized event by Nike SB.

This year again, the event was well-attended, the weather bright, the atmosphere good and just like every other time, I could not believe that another full year had already gone by. We bottle flipped at Pappelplatz, did some cash for tricks, up, on and over a picknick table, we raced around the Project DSS course and we tried to break speed records by doing flip tricks as fast as we could. In the end, Justin Sommer did a 35 km/h varial kickflip which is probably the fastest varial flip ever done on flat ground, an amazing way to end Go Skateboarding Day 2017!

Special thanks to everybody who came by, Nike SB, Yamato Living Ramps, Civilist Berlin and Titus Berlin! Until next year!




























One of skateboarding’s most exciting days is almost upon us, not only locally but all across the world, skateboarders from all walks of life are set to gather on Go Skateboarding Day 2017. This year Nike SB and PLACE are asking you! Not only all skateboarders but everybody to come and join us in Berlin on Wednesday, June 21st. Together we will take on our city’s streets to skate, celebrate and essentially do the things we love most.

We invite you to meet up with us at Civilist store and/or Titus Berlin
in Mitte where you can pick up your highly limited GSD SURVIVAL PACK before we all head out to the Pappelplatz skatepark to witness and compete in the first ever BOTTLE FLIPPING SKATE CHALLENGE presented by Civilist.

At Pappelplatz we will also announce the (top secret) location of our next staple event: the CASH FOR TRICKS SECRET SESSION. A session presented by Titus Berlin in which you will be directly rewarded for your heavy-hitting tricks with cold hard currency.

As the sun will slowly start to set, we will still be sweating through our shirts trying to crown the winner of the PROJECT DSS GRAND PRIX open race event. For those of you that are not looking to break speed records, you are welcome to enjoy some very cold drinks and some very hot BBQ food together with the people of Yamato Living Ramps and the 1. Berliner Skateboard e.V – anything goes on Go Skateboarding Day Berlin 2017!

To summarize

12 – 2 PM | Civilist / Titus Berlin Mitte
Meet & grab your GSD Survival Pack.
ATTENTION: highly limited availability, register here to safe yours: http://gonike.me/goskateboardingday

2.30 – 4.00 PM | Pappelplatz
Bottle Flipping Skate Challenge

4.30 – 6.00 PM | Secret Spot
Cash for Tricks Secret Session

6.30 – 9.00 PM | Project DSS
The Project DSS Grand Prix & BBQ

Go to our Facebook event by clicking here.

Yesterday everybody gathered at the #ProjectDSS skate park to create, show and discuss their designs. Brains were being stormed and ideas got put to Jan Kliewer who also offered up his own views.

During the open session, locals and visitors skated the park together, while the crowd seemed to constantly switch between watching the session, the BBQ and “the bar” creating a relaxed atmosphere.

For those who were there go check if you made it into our photo recap and if you didn’t check the photos out anyway because there is some funny cool in there.



































Special thank you goes out to Nike SB, Yamato Living Ramps, Titus Berlin and 1. Berliner Skateboard e.V.for making this event happen.


All photos by Danny Sommerfeld

Every year with the beginning of summer on June 21st (the longest day), skateboarders all around the globe meet up to celebrate the international Go Skateboarding Day. For this reason, Nike SB once again organized a whole event in Berlin. This year was different because of the Project DSS connection, the day started at a classic spot and ended at what will probably be one of Berlin’s new hotspots for the next years to come! On this day, Polendenkmal was host to the first best line contest and, people definitely went off! Some NBD lines were made with considerable ease and style. After that, we cruised down to eat and skate the DSS. Watch the video and see exactly what the atmosphere was like, who did what and who rolled away with the prize money.

Today the DSS will be officially opened at 7PM so if you want to join us for a little sesh click this link


Every year with the beginning of summer on June 21st, skateboarders all around the globe meet up to celebrate the international Go Skateboarding Day. For this reason, Nike SB once again organized a whole event in Berlin.

After everybody had the chance to pick up a little “GSD goodie bag” at certain skate shops, Berlin’s world famous “Polendenkmal” was the next spot to meet. When the spot was fully crowded everybody was invited to an open session down the stair sets. As Berlin has plenty of very talented riders, one could of course expect an exciting show. But what went down was far more insane than any exaggerated prophecy. The level of skateboarding I witnessed yesterday was just unbelievable. NBD lines were done within minutes and with every trick down the eight and nine stair set the steps seem to shrink more and more.
As the session was finished, everybody set course for the Dog Shit Spot at Warschauer Straße where then food and drinks were served, the results of the votes of the project DSS events were revealed, and another best line contest was about to go down. Moreover, one could have a view on the site of the new skate park and the construction plans got introduced by the man Lennie Burmeister himself.
All in all, it was an outstanding Go Skateboarding Day that seeks its equal.

Photos by Danny Sommerfeld

It’s almost that time of year again, time for Go Skateboarding Day – Day In Day Out! This year we have changed things up a bit, we have taken a new turn, a turn for the best! You can start by registering so you have access to a great but limited GSD 2016 Goodie bag that will give you access to some free drinks and the BBQ. The GSD Goodie bag can be picked up after registration at one of these four locations, so try to register as soon as possible so you don’t miss out:


Pick your GSD goodie bag up at one of these skate shops:

Civilist Store, Brunnenstraße 13, Berlin-Mitte, from 12am

Titus Berlin, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, Berlin-Mitte, from 10am

Titus Zoopreme, Meinekestr. 2, Berlin-Charlottenburg from 10am

Nike Berlin Store, Tauentzienstr. 9, Berlin-Charlottenburg, from 10am


You have up until 3PM on the 21st of June to pick up your goodie bag because, at 4PM , we will start the day of at one of Berlin’s most famous street spots the stair sets at the Polendenkmal. There we will be hosting an open best line session where the best lines will be rewarded with 1000 Euros in total! After the mood has been set we will then find our way to the Dog Shit Spot / D.S.S. to unveil a final draft of the design that came out of all of your voting efforts. Come down or roll down the hill with us and see what your vote will result in!
Then we will start the second open best trick session at the newly revamped ledges in which you again can compete in to win another 1000 Euros! So if you participated in the Project D.S.S. events, voted on one or more obstacles, are a Berlin city local or a just person that wants to participate in the day’s events, come down to skate, hang out and celebrate with us at the 2016 Go Skateboarding Day!


Yesterday everybody gathered at the Titus Berlin Bowl for the second Project DSS event. Locals and visitors skated the bowl together during the open session, the crowd seemed to constantly switch between the session, the BBQ, the bar and not least to participate in the second vote -it was a hard one because basically everything looked great-.

The bowl got shredded both with flow and aggressive moves by people like Joscha Aicher, Farid Ulrich and Patrick Rogalski. In the end, Thomas Schielke flew the highest and took home the 500€ MVP voucher.

For more information about the project, the voting and upcoming events click here.





It is time for the second event in the Project DSS sessions, join us in celebrating the #PROJECTDSS and get involved in the expansion of Berlin’s most famous DIY spot.

The event will take place on the 24th of May and the session starts at 6pm at the Titus Berlin indoor bowl.
Look forward to an open session with prizes for the best tricks – but most importantly a ballot box where YOU will be able to ultimately decide about the construction of a brand new DSS feature. This time it’ll be about the centerpiece. Use your chance: Get involved in changing YOUR city’s main DIY-spot.


Register now for some free BBQ and cold drinks


Today is the day that Vans turns 50 years old. In that time the company has left a clear mark on our favorite pastime. I don’t think there is anybody reading this that did not have a pair or is not thinking about getting a pair. After all these years Vans’s classic silhouettes are amongst the most timeless when it comes to both the design and the performance part of todays skateboard shoes.
On March the 16th in the year 1966 the Van Doren Brother started the Van Doren Rubber Company which over time morphed into what we now know as Vans. The company has been a succes from the start and we believe it is not going anywhere soon! To celebrate that succes Vans is hosting an event today at the Titus store in Berlin. Prizes can be won and waffles will be both skated and eaten check the video for some further history lessons and check the flyer for more info on the celebration.


Am “Go Skateboarding Day” war an den Warschauer Strasse Curbs die Hölle los. Denn Nike und Titus Berlin haben zum zweiten Battle At The Bänke geladen und zur Freude der Berliner Skateboardgemeinde gleich noch ein paar der Bänke mit neuen Metallkanten versehen. Auch wenn das Wetter zum Anfang des Tages eher schlecht aussah, hatte Petrus Erbarmen mit der Crowd und es fand eine Session der Extraklasse statt. Mit dabei waren u.a Jan Kliewer, Yannick Schall, Denny Pham, Ilja Judizki, Lennie Burmeister, Siggi Smallz, Danny Goodman, Nahuell Kirchhoff und weitere hundert Berlin Locals. Die Stimmung war bombastisch und alle hatten ihren Fun. Vielen Dank an alle, die diesen Event echt grossartig gemacht haben.

Film by Julius Krappe & Blechschmelze
Edit by Julius Krappe

Hier noch ein paar schöne Fotos von Jonas Wedelstädt.

Let the session begin.

Die Crowd war hyper hyper.

Danny Goodman Nosegrind Nollie Heelflip off.

Epische Stimmung trotz Nieselregens. So muss Skaten sein.

Ilja holt sich etwas Cash ab mit diesem Bs Noseblunt.

Und freut sich. Logisch.

Nahuell Kirchhoff mit seinem Lispslide 540° Shuv-It out.

Yannick macht einen auf kreativ. Flip Tail Hang Up, aber geschafft. Das zählt.

Die Zuschauer hatten ihren Spass. Voll war es.

Siggi – MVP des Tages. Und das Geld kann er gebrauchen. Hell Yeah.

Nob hatte es nicht einfach sich zu entscheiden. Harter Job.

Und zum Ende des Tages sind alle glücklich nach Hause gegangen. See you next Year.

Wir präsentieren zusammen mit Nike und dem Titus Shop Berlin “Battle at the Bänke”. Am kommenden Donnerstag ist nicht nur Sommeranfang, sondern auch “Go Skateboarding Day” – der offizielle Feiertag der Skateboarder. Am beliebtesten Curbspot der Stadt geht es um die besten Lines und insgesamt 1000 Euro Cash, außerdem gibt es ein Aftershow BBQ im Cassiopeia an der Skatehalle Berlin. Kommt vorbei, habt einen guten Tag und see you at the Bänke!

Hier geht´s außerdem zum Event bei Facebook

Wie? Noch mehr? Die Antwort ist Ja, denn wenn Daewon Song einen Battle Commander filmt, muss das noch schnell raus.

Das Team vom Titus Berlin haben dem berühmten Schwimmbad in der Hauptstadt einen letzten Besuch abgestattet, bevor die Bagger das Ding dem Erdboden gleich machen. Pascal Reif, Ilja Judizki, Reik Manig und weitere liessen sich diese Session nicht entgehen.

Lange keine Fs Nollie Heelers mehr gemacht? Dann mach Gehirnjogging mit Paul Röhrs, der uns gerne zeigt, wie man den Trick sauber ausführt.