Today is the day that Vans turns 50 years old. In that time the company has left a clear mark on our favorite pastime. I don’t think there is anybody reading this that did not have a pair or is not thinking about getting a pair. After all these years Vans’s classic silhouettes are amongst the most timeless when it comes to both the design and the performance part of todays skateboard shoes.
On March the 16th in the year 1966 the Van Doren Brother started the Van Doren Rubber Company which over time morphed into what we now know as Vans. The company has been a succes from the start and we believe it is not going anywhere soon! To celebrate that succes Vans is hosting an event today at the Titus store in Berlin. Prizes can be won and waffles will be both skated and eaten check the video for some further history lessons and check the flyer for more info on the celebration.