It is no secret that at its core Place is a Berlin-based skate magazine. In fact, we have been stationed both in the east and in the west at different times. Being that we are located in the German capital we think it is important to show the cream of the crop amongst its active skaters. Supporting your city is important and the love it gives back is at the core of what drives us to be who we are. The scene is big but when it comes to initiatives and supporting each other at events we all pull together. That being said, today we present you with a part by self-professed Urberliner Olly Reinicke. Berlin, stand up and support because this one is “For Us By Us”.

All photos by the lovely Dennis Scholz.

Intro & Interview by Roland Hoogwater.

Video by Nico Kasterke.

Filmed by Julius Krappe, Jon Wolf & Dennis Ludwig.

Hey Ollie how are you?

I am good, my health was a bit down to stress and partying but I have rebounded.

I thought people that were born in Berlin didn’t fall into the party trap.

I managed to stay out of it for my whole life but last winter I fell into a rhythm of no skating, partying, and working on my master’s degree in engineering. In the end, it got to me. But now that is all gone and I am doing great.

Congrats on your degree, did you manage to find a job in your field?

Yes, I am working as a scientist, in a scientific institution, running models, 80 hours a month.

Seems like you truly have found your groove back.

Yeah, I can live comfortably and I am doing something I love, unfortunately, the job is connected to my time studying so they have to throw me out in a couple of months.

With a degree in engineering, I am sure you will find something else to do. Now on to your part, what took longer to finish? The part, or your master?

(laughs) I started filming for the part when I turned 18 and I am 25 now. Fun fact, filming was done 2 years ago. Nobody really knew what to do with it, but in the end, I convinced Nico Kasterke to edit it for me.

Actually, two years in, I was filming loads with Jon Wolf, I was really in a flow state getting loads done, but I got injured and that set me back. It was one of those ankle tweaks that just takes so long to get back from.

The obvious question is, why did you leave it lying around for 2 years, it isn’t like you had whack footage?

It is because I was always thinking, I need this, I need that. It just felt like I was missing things. But now I felt like we should just put it out, I am not getting any younger (laughs). Those winters took their toll and for a while there I added one too many kilos (laughs).

I noticed that a lot of Berliner skaters like to stay in their hood, for this part you actually ventured out. But do you prefer to stay on the Eastside of the (former) wall, like for instance, Paul Röhrs does?

When we did the KMA video project, we noticed we didn’t manage to leave our hood, that in the end, ended up being the concept for the project. But now I like to try new things, different types of obstacles not just stairs. Fun fact, I used to be scared of ledge skating (laughs).

It was one of the wilded things I ever did, just to get a photo.

Ollie about this Kickflip at the old Tempelhof airfield.

You did manage to venture into the westside for that bump to bar kickflip in Tempelhof.

The homey found that spot, and it led to multiple things, Kai Hillebrand did a crooked grind on it for instance. I was out there with “schlacks” and we filmed an ollie as a phone thing. So a little while later Dennis Scholz called me and told me “Yo, Justin (Sommer) and myself are skating the bump to bar, come by, and let’s shoot a photo!”. So, I left my home office and jumped on my moped, drove to the spot like a maniac, warmed up skating on an old board and some old shoes that I dug up because I had nothing fresh (laughs). All while Justin was trying …… (just so you know Justin, Ollie wanted to leak the trick :P), Anyway, I normally need fresh gear to jump over stuff but, I think the stress made me forget and I ended up landing it. It was one of the wilded things I ever did, just to get a photo.

Would you say that you have become a bit more chill over the years?

100% I don’t want to stress and flip out as I used to (laughs). I also don’t want to just jump down the Polendenkmal stairs anymore. That being said, the Nollie Hardflip in my part is one of my favorites in the video. Jon Wolf, really wanted me to do it. I actually didn’t want to do it because I felt like I wasn’t good at them. But Jon kept pushing and on one try it stayed under me and I rolled away. It was a super strange feeling, spontaneity has worked well for me during the making of this part.

Actually, the Switch Frontside Flip (ender) was the same. I Hardflipped it back in the day, and we were there with Yannick Schall and Justin Sommer and Justin was killing it. It motivated me to get up and try my own, and that trick you can just throw and catch. It felt so good, that little ollie after was a jump for joy type of moment.

Did you go back for tricks a lot?

Not for this part but during the filming for the KMA video I wanted to do this trick at the ledges at Polendenkmal, I went there at least 7-times and never got one that worked (Ollie we want you to do it so we won’t spoil the trick). I am happy I skate there a lot, because, if it would just be a “go there and do it” type of thing, I can’t imagine trying it that many times.

It is kinda a cliché question but which skater in Berlin motivates you?

Yannick Schall, we skate together a lot, he never says no to a “Polen” game of skate. I like how he does his own things, he is a teacher, a former Red Dragon, he skates and goes to the gym as well and pumps it up (laughs).

it is funny though, when you watch his parts it is like he is running down a schedule. Ok Yannick, show me the Zoo, line (laughs). He doesn’t even plan that stuff it just happens like that.

Alright, Ollie, I think that is it, happy you chose Place to be the home for your part. And you got lucky that in that 7-year time span nobody did any of the tricks you did (laughs).

I am thankful it has a home, but to be honest, I don’t care if other people do the same shit I did (laughs). I am just happy it is out now!

Dennis Scholz had to dig deep in his hard drives to find this 2017 gem.

Finally a Molly part! Very stoked to see him put something out! All while being a humble guy who’s not expecting too much from the whole skate thing. Lovely guy, lovely part, lotta fun!

Dennis Scholz.