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So, a little earlier this month Nike hosted a day where the Skatehalle Berlin was opened up to the public and as you have come to expect from us we were there to show you, the public, what went down. A video recap is something we do quite often but because this was a special event we chose a different route, we chose you, the skaters, to document the event for us.

What was so special about this event? Well, it was part of the new “Just Do It” campaign which focusses on getting skaters skating, skaters talking and mainly skaters just being active, together.

Besides that, two local skaters are part of the campaign, Melika & Mobina Nazari, two girls who came to Berlin from Afganistan and are now a strong fixture in the Berlin skate scene. They became a part of skating through workshops and now they took the role of giving them, a proud moment.

Furthermore, we also gathered to session the Bowl in the Skatehalle. A bowl that has been there for the longest and is worth celebrating but is also worth updating and with people like Fernando Bramsmark, Farid Ulrich & David Bachl it is easy to see why an update is needed to raise the stakes.

So in the end, a temporary extension was brought in and Nando rang the bell which signaled a new day for the transition part of the Skatehalle. Now press play and see people race, fly, skate, DJ but most of all enjoy themselves.

We are proud to introduce the Skate for More Session Skatehalle Berlin x Just Do It.

The session will take place this Sunday on November 10th, 2019 @Skatehalle Berlin and the entry will be free! There will be multiple activities throughout the day more information below:

Skate for More, you never just do it for yourself. Join the session with the SB Team and contribute to a new bowl at Skatehalle Berlin.

This is what’s coming up:
11 AM / 3 PM: Multiple open workshops provided by Skatehalle and the SB team
– 3 PM Open Session, all levels
4 PM Best Trick Session
5 PM Shelter Race
– 7 PM Bowl Extension Session

The entry is free all day. Here is where you can register for the event: https://www.nike.com/events-registration/event?id=129058

Learn more about ‚You never do it just for yourself’ featuring Shelter locals Mobina & Melika Nazari and Denny Pham at nike.com/justdoit

As you may have already heard, Berlin’s Denny Pham got himself a spot in the Flip Skateboards pro ranks and none other than Tom Penny himself took the honor to break the news to a clueless Denny. An overwhelming and honest joy was in the room and, besides a few technical difficulties, it was quite the perfect surprise.

Next to Tom Penny, Denny’s closest family & friends came to the Nike SB Shelter for some Pho, drinks and a piece of Denny. By the way – while Tom Penny was giving Denny his first two designs, the DJ was playing THIS song (Notorious BIG feat. Puff Daddy & Mase – Mo Money Mo Problems).

You guys think it has a deeper meaning to it? The video that introduced him to the pro life will be released tomorrow. All Photos by Julius Krappe.

Here is a LINK to a video of Denny’s Pro Party by Skatedeluxe.

Sami Harithi is one of the very few skateboarders from Germany that have made a lasting impact on an international level – we already told you last week. In the game since the early 90ies, Sami has seen a lot trends come and go, good times and crisis. The most important fact about this humble person is, that Sami is still around, skating every spot that passes his way – after all those years, his passion for skateboarding burns as hot as ever, he even filmed a new part in Berlins Shelter. See Sami amongst his friends Farid Ulrich, Lennie Burmeister, Denny Pham and Michi Mackrodt. Style is forever!

Filmed & edited by Mark Nickels

It’s a wrap – The Berlin Open at the Nike SB Shelter skatepark exceeded all expectations in the level of skateboarding and atmosphere. Urged on by an eager crowd all 40 riders who made the qualification cut shifted up a gear to take a slice of the 20,000 Euro prize purse.

Brazillian Carlos Ribeiro was incredible and a candidate for trick of the day with a switch kick-flip back tail down the hubba. Kevin Baekkel the winner of Barcelona AM is amazing to watch and stormed the park with his classic do or die attitude – wallrides, footplants and a huge 540 out of the quarter into the bank…

Aurelien Giraud was the top placed qualifier from semis and kept up the level right through to finals turning the judges heads every trick on his way. Consistent, technical, solid execution and the support of a strong French crew, Giraud was on a mission, highlighted by an insane kickflip from the vert ramp platform into the park to 360 Flip down the 7 in a line, pulled first try and only equalled by a hard flip down the same drop with a broken board… Giraud takes home the 1st place and a ticket to next week’s CPH Pro in Copenhagen, Denmark.

1. Aurelien Giraud
2. Kevin Baekkel
3. Carlos Ribeiro
4. Richard Tury
5. Maxim Habanec
6. Douwe Macare
7. Justin Sommer
8. Alex Mizurov
9. Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg
10. Roger Silva,






Keep your eyes open for the highlight clip coming the next days!

Photos: Maksim Kalanep

Heute gibt es gleich zwei News vom SHRN Skateshop in München zu verkünden: Mario Ungerer ist vor kurzem offiziell ins Team aufgenommen worden – Gründe dafür liefert der Gute in seinem Welcome Clip gleich zuhauf:

Kaum im Team, ging es für Mario auch gleich mit seinen neuen Teamkollegen Joscha Aicher, Marlon Lange, Paul Zenner und Alexander Pfeffer nach Berlin um einen Tag im Shelter abzuliefern – habt ihr gut gemacht, Jungs! Wir sagen nur: Big Section…

Foto: Leo Preisinger

Die mittlerweile siebte Mondays Montage aus dem Nike SB Shelter fasst in knappen zwei Minuten zusammen, welche Tricks in den vergangenen zwei Monaten in der Halle gefallen sind. Dieses Mal mit von der Partie: Denny Pham, Farid Ulrich, Sylvain Tognelli und Nepomuk Herok, der den bislang wohl längsten BS Lipslide in der Halle eintüten konnte…

SK8DLX und Nike SB rufen zu den Denny Pham Challenges auf: In der Zeit vom 16. März bis zum 14. April gibt es wöchentlich eine Challenge von und mit Denny. In den Bereichen Flatground, Ledge/Rail, Manuals, Transition und Classics wird jeweils der härteste und kreativste Trick gesucht.

Egal ob Anfänger oder Pro, alle sind eingeladen an den Challenges teilzunehmen. Jeder Teilnehmer hat die Chance auf Nike SB Shelter Tickets, limitierte Denny Pham Stuff-Pakete oder einen exklusiven Trip nach Berlin. Um mitzumachen ladet einfach eure Tricks über die Nike SB App hoch – alle Infos zur Challenge findet ihr hier. Viel Spaß!

Los geht’s mit der ersten Denny Challenge:

Und hier die nächsten Challenges:

24.03. – 28.03. Ledge/Rail
31.03. – 05.04. Manuals
07.04. – 12.04. Transition und Classics

In einer neuen Folge #Mondays feuern Farid Ulrich, Denny Pham, Danny Sommerfeld, Giorgi Balkhamishvili und viele weitere Akteure durch den Nike SB Shelter. Besonders freut uns der Auftritt von Alex Siegfried, der sicherlich einer der most underrated Skater in der Republik ist. Auch Martin Gregor aka Monkey gibt ordentlich Gas, wie sollte es auch anders sein. Clip ab.

Das Mantis Skateshop Team aus Hamburg wurde von Nike SB eingeladen, sich eine Nacht im Berliner Shelter auszutoben. Richie Löffler, Kenny Hopf, Michi von Fintel und Jonas Wilken machten sich also auf den Weg und bedanken sich mit diesem Video für die Einladung – Gute Gastnehmer eben.

Eine neue Folge Shelter Mondays aus Berlin: In den letzten Monaten war einiges los in der Berliner Skatehalle – im heutigen Edit sind neben Denny Pham, Juan Carlos Aliste und Klaus Bohms auch wieder ein paar Locals aus Berlin dabei. Checkt Giorgi Balkhamishvili, Eric Ehrhardt, Patrick Rogalski und viele mehr im Mondays #5 Video:

In einer neuen Folge “Team Day” war das Team des Doodah Shops aus Zürich zu Gast im Nike SB Shelter. Mit dabei sind Jan Hofer, Severin von Ow, Timmey Cavelti, Christoph Rediger und Samuel Nigg, welche ihre besonders technisch ausgeprägten Skill nach Berlin gebracht haben.

Timmey Cavelti - Fs Wallride
Timmey Cavelti – FS Wallride, Foto: Speck

Man nehme einige der talentiertesten Skater der Welt, eine der besten Hallen Europes und heraus kommen die Nike SB Berlin Open im Shelter. Insgesamt kamen Skater aus über 20 Ländern zum Contest und wir haben hier und jetzt das Highlight Video für euch. Bitte anschnallen – bei Namen wie Kilian Zehnder, Fernando Bramsmark, Justin Sommer, Luan Oliveira und Trevor Colden mehr als verständlich! Am Ende war’s wie im Fußball, nur Switch – ein Brasilianer gewinnt in der deutschen Hauptstadt. Checkt den Clip!

Die Results des Finals:

1: Luan Oliveira, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 23
2: Simon Deprez, Zwevegem, Belgium, 19
3: Maxim Habanec, Prague, Czech Republic, 22
4: Gustav Tonnesen, Stavanger, Norway, 22
5: Trevor Colden, Virginia Beach, USA, 20
6: Phil Zwijsen, Antwerp, Belgium, 27
7: Justin Sommer, Berlin, Germany, 15
8: Richard Tury, Kosaca, Slovakia, 21
9: Juan Carlos Aliste, Santiago, Chile, 21
10: Igor Golubev, St. Peterburg, Russia, 21
11: Fernando Bramsmark, Malmo, Sweden, 21
12: Mark Frölich, Wuppertal, Germany, 28