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Last year, Private Joy was responsible for some of the best music management in a skate clip. They used a very potent Hype Williams song for their Burst video which ended up really making a great impression in general.

Fun fact about the new video is that it starts at the exact same spot, with a very similarly impressive trick.

As a bonus in this post you get their last video included in this post because we missed it when it came out.

Silas Baxter Neal might be the most overlooked SOTY and that is such a shame! Watch the oceanic /// team skate through their homes.


Skateboarding in Australia is a big thing and it always brought up some crazy good skaters. Here are a few known and a lot of unknown guys from Down Under.

Feat.: Dennis Durrant, Tom Snape, Gabriel Summers, Ryan Wilson, Jae Overton, Kayle Lawson, Mitch Morrison, Adam Davies, Sean Parker, Keanu Peina, Louie Dodd, Phil Marshall, Morgan Campbell, Brad Saunders, Levi Jarvis, Billy Lukins, Reef Condon and LP Nuku.