Welcome to a very special Place Presents! Normally we don’t do “Happy Birthday” posts but this one is ever so slightly different. We met Elvis a while ago through his father Oli Merkelbach who some of you might know via his co-ownership of Arrow & Beast in Stuttgart and Paris.

Father-son duos are a real thing in a lot of sports and it should be more of a thing in skating. In Stuttgart, we got to meet 9-year-old Elvis and skated with him for a full day. Truth be told, the energy and excitement he had made our sometimes jaded hearts remember why we love skating! So thank you, Elvis!

Last but not least, this might be our first ever Place Presents by a person filmed before they reached double-digit age. That fact alone speaks volumes to where this all might lead. With him turning 10 today the future is something we look forward to!

So enjoy his first of presumably many epic parts filmed by Pasha, Torsten, Freddy, Paul &. Moritz.