Christian Sanchez is back for more with his second Place Presents and the # 2 video in the Speedster series. This one is still set in Texas and it has a lot of good stuff for you to watch. I.E. Full parts by Connor Crist, Eric Gilley & Christian himself. We ended up asking C.S. to present you with a few words to help you enjoy the video even more!

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Text & Video by Christian Sanchez.

How is it going Place?

While working on the first Speedster video I lived in Austin, TX, and filmed throughout San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. I titled the video Speedster because of the quick cuts and fast lines we were filming at the time. Soon after the video was finished I made the move to Dallas where I started working on a new project “Speedster # 2” and had help from my dear friend Colton, who filmed almost all of the VX stuff. We were creating and fixing a ton of new spots which was refreshing because skating the same old spots can get old and difficult to think of new tricks to try. I wanted to create a video with spots nobody has seen and flows from start to finish so that you can watch it more than once!

Thank you Place Magazine!

-Cheers, Christian