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Recently, Team Titus visited Germany’s new and probably smoothest indoor skate park in Stuttgart for a private session. The park looks so nice you even want to skate it in the summertime! That’s what Yannick Schall, Patrick Rogalski, Vladik Scholz, Markus Blessing and Jost Arens might have thought, too.

After the Team Titus Istanbul- and Abu Dhabi-trip, it seems that the guys have been mesmerized by the east. As a result, they went on a long trip to Vietnam. The brand new AM, Markus Blessing, was welcomed to the team by Patrick Rogalski, Farid Ulrich, Jeremy Reinhard, Vladik Scholz, Jost Arens, and team manager Yannick Schall. Check out the stunning edit:

A dark grey sky is looming overhead, and a mixture between rain and snow has been pouring down all day. Surprisingly, Patrick arrives on his cruiser board despite this total mess; what’s more, he’s smiling and seems to be in a very good mood. But then again, that’s just how he is, smiling and laughing all the time. Plus, what probably helps him stay positive even on a horrid day like this is the fact that he just returned from Bangkok, from a four-week trip that saw him skating with friends like Farid, Joscha, and Burny every single day.

Still in high spirits after this month-long Asian adventure, Patrick is something I’d like to call a “the sun made me do it” kind of guy. Prior to meeting him I even thought he was a hippie child, but he’s actually not. He grew up in a small town called Goslar, where he was able to choose between two indoor skateparks. That’s also where he learned everything about backside noseblunt slides.


I’m a little bit surprised to find out that you’re actually not a hippie child, attending Waldorf school and growing up with laughing adults dancing around a campfire, singing songs and being just happy.
I grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of immigrants, and everyone had a different cultural background. I liked it because most of the time the people were open-minded and they didn’t judge you. Everybody had to find some way to make things work, to find an arrangement. I have always been on my own track and sometimes I got a “What’s this for a German kid?” thrown after me. Though actually I’m half Polish, but I was born in Germany. A lot of them didn’t really like my style but we used to hang out together anyway. They were more the Nike Shox and leather jacket types, and I was wearing baggy pants and skate shoes. It was okay.

How much would another company have to pay for you to join their team?
To me, it’s not about a price, it’s about that you get along with everybody in a good way, that you’re able to do lots of tours and that you can be in touch at any time. This is very important to me when it comes to riding for a company. At Titus, we’re all super down, that’s great. If another company made an offer, it’s not about the money. It’s rather the whole thing, the whole picture, you know?

There’s a football player named Patrick Rogalski and his current market value is 25.000 Euros. Would you change teams for 25K?
Ha-ha… no idea! But, for example, Louis Taubert got an offer by (German TV station) Pro 7 for a long-term documentary on him. He said that he’d never sell his soul for such crap, although they were willing to pay him a lot of money. That really impressed me and this is way more real than doing stupid shit for a few bucks.

SW Kickflip

You changed your profile picture on Facebook four days ago and got 230 likes since then. How does that feel?
Feels fucking awesome, ha-ha… seems like 230 people like my photo. It’s just a confirmation that I did it right, don’t you think?

So it’s more about the right photo – and not because of your looks?
Dwag shot a good photo I guess! It’s just for the homies.

20.000 views on your last video part on YouTube. Are you satisfied?
Could always be better. But it’s better than having less that 20.000, isn’t it?

Someone in the comments section asked why you always seem to be so out of it. Are you?
How can anyone judge based on a video part?

What has changed since you turned pro for Titus?
Not much, just more hustle. I don’t work at the Titus Zoopreme store anymore so I have to make my money from skating. Or else I’d have to find another job.

So how much is it worth to be a pro then?
Personally it means a lot to me, it’s like a dream come true! When I was a kid I could never understand why all the pros where skating so good, so I always wanted to have my own board one day. I thought it would be cool. Ten years later it happened, I got my own board and I’m really happy about it! But of course it’s a known fact that you can’t buy a Ferrari when you turn pro so I am not kidding myself. I turned pro but I have to do something else on top to make it work. Like studying, which my mum has been forcing me to do a lot lately.

What are you interested in?
I think when you study it’s not about your interests. I finished economic high school so I know what I don’t want to do. I think I’m more drawn to something in the social sector, but let’s see. I don’t have a bigger goal, at the moment I’m simply working on short-term schedules.

BS Nosebluntslide

Did you know before traveling to Thailand that you were going to do the backnoseblunt?
I guess so. We went straight to the hubba the first day we arrived. I shot a photo of the spot and looked at it for days. The spot is very crowded with pedestrians so it’s definitely not easy to skate. I saved one board for the last day.

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised that you did it.
Because it’s my signature move?

Yes, you kind of destroyed this trick already before. I have seen you doing it so many times; I know how comfortable you feel with this trick. Of course, it’s a big spot but I guess it was only a question of guts and the day’s form, wasn’t it?
It’s definitely a serious hubba, and to be honest I almost shat my pants. But I had to do it. It was the day before I was going to fly home, and I needed the best possible ender. So I could enjoy a nice Gin & Tonic on the plane and be very happy after a successful trip.

You buried this trick forever.
Ha-ha, everybody should do whatever they want!

Do you think the backnoseblunt is the king of the tricks?
For me, personally and emotionally, I would say yes. It took me a long time to learn it and now every time I do it, it just feels amazing. To do it in a proper way you really need to put everything you have into it. But okay, if it’s dead now, I will stop doing that trick, ha-ha. I don’t know where to do it anymore anyway.

by Benni Markstein
Photos: Burny

Das Beste kommt zum Schluss und so liefern Vladik Scholz und Jost Arens den Ender der Team Titus Triologie des Desert Trips nach Abu Dhabi. Beibt zu sagen, dass die Jungs allesamt extrem gutes Skateboarding in die Wüste exportiert haben und diese Tour sicherlich in Sachen Produktivität einen großen Erfolg darstellt.

Foto: Daniel Wagner

Im neuesten Videofeature aus dem Nike SB Shelter zeigt Yannick Schall eindrucksvoll, wie man mit einem Skateboard so eine Halle buchstäblich zerlegen kann. In mehreren Nachtschichten hat sich der Team Titus TM und Profahrer emsig um die Hubbaledges gekümmert, fleissig die Rails geputzt und egal ob regular, switch, nollie, fakie, Flip rein oder Flip raus – für solche Parts wurde der Begriff Rasur in Skateboarding etabliert.

Vladik Scholz ist der neueste Zugang im Red Bull Skateboarding Team – und wie sich das gehört, wird sein Einstand mit einem ordentlichen Welcome Clip gefeiert, den wir euch nicht vorenthalten möchten. Der Team Titus Pro hat für seinen neuen Sponsor unter anderem Mallorca und Zypern bereist und ordentlich Footage mit nach Hause gebracht. So soll das sein – wir gratulieren!

Jeremy Reinhard bringt an seinem 30. Geburtstag seinen brandneuen “Tightass” Part für Titus heraus. In diesem beweist der dienstälteste Profi im Kader des Team Titus, dass er noch lange nicht zum alten Eisen gehört, sondern voller Energie steckt und seine schnittigen Tricks noch locker aus der Hüfte kommen. Zudem feiert Jerry zenhjähriges Jubiläum als Teamfahrer für die Traditionscompany aus Münster. Es darf also gefeiert werden!


Der Filmemacher Sebastian Linda meldet sich mit einem Großprojekt zurück. Nachdem Dresden bereits abgegrast und filmisch in die verschiedensten Bilder verpackt wurde, geht es nun auf eine große Reise. Mit tatkfäftiger Unterstützung von Titus wird sich die Crew, bestehend aus u.a. Tom Kleinschmidt, Erik Groß und Octavio Trindade, in ein fernöstliches Land aufmachen. Auch aus dem Team Titus soll bereits ein Fahrer die Koffer gepackt haben.

Selbstbewusst kündigt Sebastian eine bildgewaltige, mehrteilige Skateboarddokumentation an, die man per Crowdfunding unterstützen darf. Und man bekommt auch noch etwas für den Support, z.B. Originalabzüge von Erik, Skateworkshops oder ein Journey of the Beast Skateboard. Man darf also gespannt sein.

Süddeutschland ist schön und so hat sich das Team Titus in diesem Sommer auf den Weg nach Nürnberg, Regensburg, München, Augsburg und Passau gemacht. Bei gutem Essen, Stimmung und neuen Spots fielen auch diverse sehenswerte Tricks. Taugt.

Wie der Titel der in Kürze anstehenden Tour des Team Titus bereits verrät, geht es für Yannick Schall, Vladik Scholz, Wilko Grüning, Jeremy Reinhard, Farid Ulrich und Patrick Rogalski ab nach Bayern plus einem Stopp in Innsbruck. Alle wichtigen Infos finden sich auf dem Tourplakat oder auf www.titus.de/miasanteamtitus. Viel Spaß und O´zapft is!

Die Jagd nach den begehrten Wildcards für “Red Bull Bomb The Line” am 03.07. in Berlin ging am vergangenen Wochenende in die zweite Runde. In Solingen hat Team Titus regiert und so qualifizierten sich Yannick Schall, Jost Arens und Wilko Grüning für das Finale. Die dritte und letzte “DC Wildcard Session” findet am 22.Juni in Gerlingen bei Stuttgart statt. Hier geht´s zur Anmeldung.

Jost Arens, Yannick Schall und Wilko Grüning

Yannick – Flip FS Boardslide

Jost Arens – FS Feeble

Istanbul ist aktuell ein ziemlich heißer Spot in Europa und so reiste das Team Titus in voller Besetzung mit Farid Ulrich, Jeremy Reinhard, Wilko Grüning, Jost Arens, Vladik Scholz, Patrick Rogalski und Yannick Schall an den Bosporus. Den Artikel dazu gibt es außerdem in unserer aktuellen Ausgabe 40.

Farid Ulrich, Nr. 1 deutschlandweit, Skateboarder des Todes. Wie Tony Hawk damals in Amerika macht der Junge gerade Welle. So ihr wisst alle bescheid , er wird alles zerstören, er macht alles kaputt dieses Jahr. Farid Ulrich, checkt den Junge aus, alter! Bang! – Hier ist der zweite Part des Team Titus “Tightass Videos”, ab nächster Woche gibt es außerdem sein Interview in unseren neuen Ausgabe 038.

Das Team Titus hat ihr neues Videoprojekt namentlich “Tightass Video” in der Mache. Den Anfang macht Yannick Schall mit seinem Full Part, der am 13.10. auf www.titus.de/tightass online gehen wird, bevor Farid Ulrich, Jost Arens, Wilko Grüning, Vladik Scholz und Jeremy Reinhard in naher Zukunft nachlegen werden. Außerdem könnt ihr den Jungs auf Instagram unter dem Hashtag #tightassvideo live auf dem Weg zum Videopart folgen. Es lohnt sich, denn die ein oder andere Mission hat Yannick für die nächsten Tage bereits geplant. Hier der Trailer.

Patrick Rogalski, seines Zeichen neuer Amateur bei Titus, war vor einigen Tagen in Berlin. Doch statt Streetfooty zu sammeln, sind wir mal wieder am Pappelplatz hängengeblieben. Aber das beudetet nicht, dass keine Banger gefallen sind, denn Rogge ist ein Garant für stylishes Skating. Deshalb bekommt er den ersten Clip unser neuen Rubrik “1 Dude, 3 Lines”. Und was für Lines.

Film & Edit by Sebi Vellrath