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Arrow & Beast teamed up with their friends from Grotesque to bring us this sick video featuring most of Benztown’s finest skateboarders and to accompany that, they also released a small run of clothing that you can check out HERE. S/O to Simon Gärtner for killing it as usual!

Filmed & edited by Yannick Stechmeyer-Emden.

Sometimes local videos are a special thing and good local videos are a joy to see. Because you get to watch mostly unknown people skate unknown terrain that you might like or even relate to in a big way. This video by Frederick Schneider has a lot of that above described magic. It has some known skaters like Tim Janke but a lot of lesser known people that put it down in their local city of Tübingen (TÜ TOWN). To introduce the project further we asked Frederick for some words on the project.

“We worked on this project for 2 years and we set a goal for ourselves that the video should only be filmed on spots in Tübingen. Another important fact is that we wanted it to be a combination of Southern-German & Tübinger locals together, actually not all the skaters knew each other which created a new crew vibe! A good vibe that allowed us to have a lot of fun while making this video.”

Thumbnail picture by Ken Werner.

I guess for a lot of people today is the day. Dominik Schneider pointed his camera on Angelo Kaiser, Niklas Schaible, Daniel Stephen, Deniz Yaprak, Niklas Speer von Cappeln, Yannick Bornemann, Erik Müller, Yannick Stechmeyer-Emden, Carl Altmann, Fynn Fix, Simon Gärtner, Michael Tan & Jesse Heighty.

A new video from Stuttgart by the “Grotesque” clique just came out. This one has a good balance of OG Stuttgart heads and new comers and an overall good feeling to it.

Featuring: Simon Gärtner, Marvin Sauer, Michael Tan, Erik Müller, Jesse Heighty, Sandro Trovato, Helen Storz, Phil Anderson, Torsten Frank, Tobias Kasemir, Roman Zolotarchuk, Rosa Altmann, Leo Mattasiat, Georg Staudenmaier & Daniel Trautwein.

Filmed and Edited by Bannsen & Yannick.