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Christian Hemmer came into the MBU scene around 2013/2014 if I’m not mistaken and the first few times we had seen him we didn’t know his name, where he came from, and who he is usually rolling with.

Christian is a very calm, kind and careful person when you first meet him but his Skateboarding and the way he is using the whole park and his whole body speaks volumes.

We gave him the nickname “The Janitor” because he was always at the park (MBU) and he constantly fixed things up and brought new obstacles or ideas to the park. Christian Hemmer is the reason skateboarding keeps on being diverse and he is a big inspiration to us and a lot of other people.

Watching this video got us excited and we immediately gave it another watch.

June the 21st has many names “Midsummer Night”, the longest day of the year or “Go Skateboarding day 2019”.

This year Berlin was the city, MBU the location and Vans & Radio skateboards the supporting brands but most importantly Valentin Cafuk was the MVP!

Valle told us the day before, “Either I am going home with a lot of cash or I am going home hurt but either way, I am putting it on the line!” and he did just that. The next day though, he spent it all on art supplies…

So now since GSD is over and the sun on the longest day has set. It is all downhill from here but at least we can relive the moment with this video!

We would like to thank both Vans & Radio Skateboards for their support and we will see you all next year. Let’s hope that these obstacles will stay at MBU until then!

“Nochmal” translates to: Again or Another One. Niclas probably choose that title in regards to the many Maybachufer videos that came out in the last years, but we thought you might like to watch anyway.

Filmed by Niclas Rickes featuring, Peter Buikema, Carlo Metzger, Kalle Wiehn, Moritz Alte, Luis Richter, and Johannes Schirrmeister. Enjoy!

Every skater has a happy place, a place where the tricks feel the best, the obstacles interest you and the vibe feel great.

Most of these happy places are skateparks, some are made by companies others by friends – TBS in Malmö comes to mind – for a lot of locals in Berlin MBU is that place.

Julian saw that, became a part of that scene and decided to document what was happening. Primarily for himself but also for us all to see, so that other people might get inspired to show “their” MBU.


Last week during Bright Tradeshow, we hosted a little slappy contest at our local park/second office, MBU, supported by Junkyard. Here’s a recap.

Featuring: Jun Kummer, Moritz Alte, Julian Ruhe, Deo Katunga, Conny Mirbach, Johannes Schirmeister, Kai hillebrand, Benny Urban and many more…

Footwear is probably the most important part of a skateboarders life, every time you go to buy a pair of shoes you ask yourself a lot of questions. How do they fit, what kind of material do I want, is this the right colorway, durability or board feel, Cupsole or Vulcanized, What kind of shoe does my favorite pro wear and why? All these factors and many more are a part of the process when deciding on a skate shoe.

When adidas Skateboarding asked us if we wanted to host a weartest at our favorite skatepark. The first thing we wanted to do was invite our friends that skate for /// and some of the MBU locals we skate with. We all know “It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have some.” So not only did everyone get shoes but dinner at the local tapas place was included as well, we truly managed to take care of everybody for a day.

When the sun set, the weather, the skating, the shoes and the food and drinks all came together to make it a fun day to remember and if you don’t know what happened? It is on the internet for all to see for the rest of eternity.

Text by Roland Hoogwater
Photos by Danny Sommerfeld




























Two weeks ago I got two DM’s, one from Sarah Meurle and a little later one from Josie Millard “I am coming to Berlin with (insert the others name.), want to hang out?”. I did want to hang out, it would be cool seeing them again after our days in Paris at the end of the summer. So I texted the people from the Nike SB Shelter and asked them if I could join the “Girls Night” session, “Of course you can.” they told me. “Would you guys be down to feature it on the site?” “Why not, we want to know more about the girls’ side of the Berlin skate scene.”
Finally, last week I stepped into the skatepark and spent some time with my friends Sarah and Josie but I also found some time to talk to two of the skaters present at the event. They had a lot to say and thus this little feature turned into a full inter

Pictures by Kyra Sophie.
Text and Interview by Roland Hoogwater.

Let’s start off with both of your names:

Pernilla Stadler, like Adler (German for eagle) with the st in front (laughs) and I am Lea Isabell Uhle

Meet Pernilla, wearing glasses and Lea Isabell, stunting the polar hat.
Meet Pernilla, wearing glasses and Lea Isabell, holding a signed RIPNDIP board.


Can you tell me why you came to this “Girls Night” tonight?

I have been actively skating for about 4 years now, Skating has been the most important thing in my life for a while now. Two months ago I moved out to Berlin and I wanted to find other Girls in Berlin that skate. So, when I saw the Facebook event I directly went to apply, I really appreciate that they are organizing an event like this.

I was planning to come here after I finished my day at the University and my boyfriend sent me the Place Mag Instagram story.
He told me, Josie and Sarah, we’re going to be there! He knows how much I like their skating, so I went.

How did you get into them?

I love their skating, I got into it via the Poetic Collective Instagram and it took me a while before I figured out that Sarah skates for them. After that, I liked the brand, even more, cool product, lifestyle, skating and on top of that a girl on the team! I think the fact that they support girl skateboarding is great. Sarah really inspired me.

As far as Josie goes, in England, there are so many girls ripping it is crazy! I fell in love with their style of skating and that is how I found out about Josie. Can I tell you a story? One time at night, my phone lit up on the nightstand and I looked at it and it said @josielorie liked your post! I couldn’t sleep after that, my heart was beating so hard! For me, they are role models.





What about you Pernilla, are they your role models too?

I know a lot of female pro skaters mostly from the USA though but I did not know these two.

Who are the skaters that you look up to then?

I really like Leticia Bufoni and Lizzie Armanto. Female pro skaters have a real influence on the girl skate scene.

Four years ago when you (Pernilla) started those role models were not a prevalent as they are today though.

A lot of girls saw footage of other girls skating through Instagram and I think it showed them that skating is not only for guys. They can get out there and do it the way they want to do it. I also believe that the attention that some brands put towards female skating inspires a lot of young girls.

It is really motivating to see other girls skating!




So is this event bringing girls together or are there already some crews out here? Are girls skating amongst themselves or are the crews mixed?

I am from Wuppertal in the Ruhrpott and there I used to skate with the heckmecks (an all-girl crew) and when you skate with girls only you start to see skating in a different way. When you are out with the guys and you see them jumping down 12 stairs it feels like you don’t know where to start. But when you are out with the girls you have more opportunity to learn and support one another.

Yes! There are some crews in Germany, Facebook and Whatsapp groups do exist. But I am still getting to know the Berlin scene, it does seem a bit underground.

What do you think about the fact that Nike SB put out a shoe especially for Women?

I think it is great! Even before that I really like the fact that they put out things in unisex sizes. I really like their shoes and I haven’t seen other brands put out shoes specifically for women yet.

How important is the fact that they did not use any typical “feminine colors”?

Me personally, I am not that into those type of stereotypical colors, a lot of girls that skate don’t wear girly clothes when skating. I don’t want to be boxed in like that.

I do really like wearing pink and lilac (laughs).


What about the media, are we as a whole covering what is going on in the female skate scene?

It is coming but in my opinion, it is still not enough. We see female skaters in magazines but it isn’t at the point it could be at.
Also at contests like the German COS Cup (*editors note other contests as well), you see the difference in prize money. Of course, you could argue that at the moment maybe the girls are not bringing in the amount of interest that the guys are but as that changes those things should change too.

I feel the same, you do notice a change though.

Stefani Nurding is featured in our current “Funbox” issue.

I really like her, she skates in some cool outfits! Of course, I like to wear some baggy dickies from time tot time but Stefani shows that you don’t have to give up your feminine side, you can skate in all different sorts of looks.

Do you agree with that Pernilla?

I do really like baggier clothes, I only buy unisex stuff.






Of course, you don’t have to lose your feminine side by wearing baggy clothes. Is there such a thing as your skate clothes?

I wear what I wear, I don’t really tend to change my style. This is how I look all the time.

My closet is split in half (laughs). Sometimes I like to wear my skate clothes but sometimes I like to put on something else…… But because I try to skate every day I end up wearing my skate clothes almost every day (laughs).



Both of you are not originally from Berlin Lea Isabell you are from the Ruhrpott area and Pernilla you are from?

I am from Sachsen.

Do you notice a difference between the girl scene there and here?

I come from a small city where I was the only girl skating. So I always skated with guys. In Sachsen, there wasn’t really a scene for girls like here in Berlin.

In the Rurhpott the scene was bigger, I had my squad of girls. The heckmecks where there, at the same time girls from all over the different Ruhrpott cities would meet up and skate together.
In Berlin it feels like the girls are more dispersed, they skate alone or with a group of guys, a real group of girls that skate together is not something I have seen here. But I haven’t been here for that long, so maybe it is not what it seems, I hope that events like these will change that.

Alright! Thank you so much for talking with us. Enjoy your session.


During the tradeshow days we hosted a couple of events: The first one was to celebrate the launch of our latest issue 53. But we also wanted to organize a skate contest. We thought about where to host the contest and ended up choosing our local skatepark at the Maybachufer, which is home to one of the coolest, but hard to skate obstacles: The volcano.

We teamed up with Vans, Electric and Becks Beer and put down some price money. There even was free chili con carne – everything set for a nice evening!

We expected about 200 people to show up but when it started to rain about an hour before the contest we where getting a tad bit nervous, but the sun came in and saved our day, drying up the the skatepark in just a few minutes. Luckily the people were not impressed by the weather and when the contest was about to start, 400 to 500 people were around. What an impressive setting!

With both the Bright and the Nike SB Open taking place last week, there were lots of people in town. Skaters like Ville Wester, who I had never heard of, but he and his crew turned out to be the surprise of the evening. Combining technical and creative tricks Ville took home some cash.

We also planned a surprise and asked Vulcanos the fire breather to perform his fire show to make the jam a bit more hot and spicy! Needless to say this created a special atmosphere: Louis Taubert who was ripping hard the entire time captured this atmosphere perfectly by popping a huge kickflip over the entire vulcano just moments after Vulcanos spit an enormous fire ball from the top of the vulcano! Guess who was crowned as the king of Volcano that evening? Right! Congratulations Louis – that was one for the books!

Enjoy the edit by Julius Krabbe and some pictures by Danny Sommerfeld and below:

PLACE_vulcano-jam-2 Kopie














Special thanks to Vans & Electric for making this happen!

Dear friends,

for the first time we’re crowning the King Of Volcano during The Hot & Spicy Jam presented by Electric and Vans at the world famous MBU skatepark in Berlin Neukölln. Expect hot tricks, hot tunes, hot drinks, hot food and hot eruptions! Take your chance to win 500€ cash and watch some spectacular skateboarding that will happen over Berlin’s most active volcano. Looking forward to see you at the BRIGHT Tradeshow Electric booth from 5 – 7pm before we all go together to MBU, starting the action on 7.30pm. Hell yeah!



King Of Volcano – The Hot & Spicy Jam presented by Electric & Vans
July 9th / 7.30PM
MBU Skatepark / Weichselstraße 34

Nils Brauer ist nicht nur unter dem Hashtag #workwearnils bekannt, sondern auch der “King vom Vulkan” am MBU (Maybachufer Skatepark am Weichselplatz), welchen er fahren kann wie kein anderer. Wir haben Nils auf ein Schokocroissant getroffen, um mit ihm über seine vielversprechende Zukunft zu plaudern. Desweiteren ist Nils jetzt offiziell im deutschen Team von 5BORO untergekommen, nachdem sich der Deal mit Alien Workshop von alleine aufgelöst hat. Oder wie war das genau?

Was machst du eigentlich neben dem Skateboard fahren?
Ich studiere Screen Based Media (BA) im 5. Semester. Um das Ganze zu vereinfachen sage ich öfter, ich studiere Film und Fotografie. In den vergangenen Semestern habe ich, zusammen mit einer Kommilitonin, ein Drehbuch zu einem fiktionalen Film über Liebe und spätes Erwachsenwerden geschrieben. Im Februar haben wir gedreht und ich war für die Bildgestaltung zuständig. Das ist auch so ziemlich das, was ich sonst so mache.

Wird es für dich später in die Selbstständigkeit gehen?
Das wird wohl alles in die Richtung gehen. Umso mehr sollte ich es jetzt noch genießen „frei“ zu sein, oder?

Wie wichtig ist dir das Leben in Berlin? Könntest du dir zurzeit vorstellen, woanders zu wohnen?
Zu Berlin habe ich ein ambivalentes Verhältnis. Aus einer Kleinstadt kommend, fühle ich mich immer ein bisschen verloren hier. Es ist nicht nur die Größe, sondern auch die ständige Reizüberflutung, die mich oft müde macht. Auf der anderen Seite lebe ich hier schon seit ca. 4 Jahren, habe hier meine Basis und hinzukommt, dass meine Freundin Anfang des Jahres nach Berlin gezogen ist. Ich besitze viele Erinnerungen, die mich an diese Stadt binden. Skateboarding und Berlin passen auch sehr gut zusammen. Derjenige, der das Gefühl davon am besten vermitteln kann ist Jo Peters mit seinen Videos. Ich kenne sonst keinen, der mit so viel Herzblut und Liebe zum Detail an seine Projekte geht. Um ihn herum hat sich eine Gruppe gebildet, die ich nicht mehr missen möchte und die mich immer wieder motiviert loszuziehen, um etwas Neues zu entdecken.

Nils Brauer

Was für einen Deal hast du bei HUF zurzeit?
Ich weiß es oft selber nicht. Auf jeden Fall unterstützt mich HUF sehr gut und das Team ist super. Ich freue mich schon auf die kommende HUF Tour in ein paar Wochen.

Wie lange hast du ungefähr für deinen Welcome Clip filmen müssen und was war deine Motivation?
Das Material ist aus dem letzten Jahr. Anfangs fuhr ich für Alien Workshop und die Idee war, einen kleinen Clip für die Company zu filmen. Als ich irgendwann keine Boards mehr bekommen sollte, habe ich mich nach neuen umgesehen und bin nun bei 5BORO gelandet, da ich mich mit der Company gut identifizieren kann und weil das ganze über die MOSAIC Distribution läuft, die mich auch schon vorher mit HUF unterstützt hat. Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn. Jo und ich zogen weiterhin los, um den Clip fertig zu stellen.

Du fährst also jetzt für 5Boro aber warst noch nie in New York, wird sich das jetzt ändern?
Das mit 5BORO ist ja noch einigermaßen frisch. Mal sehen, was so kommt. New York steht sowieso noch auf meiner Agenda.

Wenn man eine Sache am MBU verändern könnte, was würdest du ändern wollen?
MBU ist MBU. Ich hoffe doch, es wird immer so bleiben, wie’s ist. Ah, aber vielleicht werde ich demnächst mal die Fugen um den Vulkan ausbessern.

Nächster Trick über den Vulkan?
Nollie Flip. Ansage für 2015, haha.

Meinst du, dass es eine Altersgrenze im Skateboarding gibt?
Eine Altersgrenze hat da nichts zu suchen. Man muss Skateboarding für sich selbst immer wieder neu definieren, dann kann schon das bloße Stehen auf einem Skateboard das beste Gefühl sein.

FS 50/50 durch den Kink und ohne Anlauf by Friedjof Feye

Mehr Smalltalks findest du HIER.

Zusammen mit einigen Berliner Locals und Freunden des Hauses haben wir Tjark Thielker mit seinem neuen Cover unserer Ausgabe 47 überrascht. Am MBU Skatepark präsentierten wir TJ das Resultat seines Ausflugs nach Kirgisistan, auf dem der BS Tailslide entstanden ist. Mit dabei sind Nils Brauer, Valeri Rosomako, Daniel Pannemann, Louis Taubert, Patrick Rogalski und eine Kiste Astra.

Film und Edit: Julius Krappe
Foto Gallery

tjark thielker

Unter dem Vorwand, dass neue Static IV Video im Gepäck zu haben ging es gestern Abend um 19:00 Uhr zu Tjark Thielkers Lieblings-Abhängspot, dem Weichselplatz Skatepark, den meisten wahrscheinlich besser bekannt als MBU. Verwundert über den großen Andrang an diesem Dienstag war Smutje sogar kurz davor wieder umzudrehen, da er eigentlich nur ein paar entspannte Runden drehen wollte. Doch bei Gästen wie Malte Spitz, Sylvain Tognelli, seinem Mitbewohner Nils Brauer, Dallas, Hirschi, Valeri, Jonathan Peters, Steve Forstner, Louis Taubert, Rogge der gesamten PLACE Crew und Kameramann Julius Krappe war es ihm natürlich nicht möglich, einen Abgang zu machen. Also musste schnell gehandelt werden und die Katze wurde aus dem Sack gelassen: Coverboy der neuen Ausgabe 47 und das zugleich zum Aufklappen! Das bewirkte natürlich Motivation für eine gemeinsame Feier unter Freunden am MBU mit dem obligatorischen Kasten Bier, gespickt mit einem breiten Dauergrinsen. Da hat sich die weite Reise nach Kirgisistan doch gelohnt!











PLACE 47 erscheint am 04.07. offiziell im Handel.

Fotos: Markstein

Was einst als Rollo T-Shirt Company begann, ist mittlerweile als R.T.CO auf den Nasen stilbewusster Jungerwachsener zu finden. Verantwortlich für die erfolgreiche Methamorphose hin zu einer angesagten Sonnebrillencompany (abseits der gewöhnlichen Herangehensweise ambitionierter Streetwear Labels) ist ein Mann aus Kassel, der besonders viel Wert auf Qualität legt. So fährt er nach Italien, um einen Blick auf die Produktion der R.T.CO Brillen zu werfen, jedoch nicht ohne mit den Produzenten zu Abend zu essen und ein paar Gläser Wein zu trinken. Er hat eben Anstand und ist zudem ein geselliger und äußerst angenehmer Zeitgenosse, weswegen wir ihm ein paar kurze Frage gestellt haben.

Wie heisst du?
Tobias Bergmann

Wie alt bist du?

Woher kommst du und wo lebst du?
Kassel-Berlin. Hamburg zwischendurch.

Was ist deine große Leidenschaft?

Wer sind deine Vorbilder?
Stephan Stahl – aber nur für seinen Musikgeschmack.

Welche sind deine drei Lieblingscompanies “Skate”?
Toy Machine
Frank Skateboards
Jonathon The Dog

Welche sind deine drei Lieblinscompanies “Non Skate”?
American Spirit
Berliner Kindl

Top 3 Skatevideos of all time?
Blind – Video Days
Pig Wood – Slaughterhouse
Anti Hero – Tent City

Top 3 Skateschuhe of all time?
Vans – AVE
Vans – Old School
Emerica – Marc Johnson

Top 3 Musikalben of all time?

Rolling Stones – Some Girls
The Cure – The Head on the Door
Ramones – Ramones

Top 3 Songs of all time?
Zu schwer, deswegen hier 3 aktuelle:
Hey Friend – Jeff the Brotherhood
Get Found – Bass Drum of Death
Tidal Wave – Thee Oh Sees

Wovon müsstest du dich mal trennen?

Wie sieht dein Traumjob aus?
Den hab ich. Aber ein Job ist es trotzdem.

Was ist das Schönste am Designen von Brillen?
Farben bestaunen. Ich mag sie alle.

Was ist das Schlimmste an deinem Job?
Marketing, verkaufen. Beides nicht mein Ding. Aber wenn man dabei bleibt, ergeben sich die Dinge von alleine.

Dein aktuelles Lieblings Internetvideo:

Social Media finde ich…

… weil:
man mal eben Nachrichten verschicken kann.

Shoutouts an:
Team Krust, MBU Crew, Flora Dead Boys, Bernie von SheMonster, Pinkhaus, Mr.Wilson!