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This clip shows Kummer brothers and their crew don’t land everything first try, sometimes they might not land it at all but, they don’t half-step! Giorgi might be the closest thing Europe has to Sammy Baca, from 27 times to 2000 tries the dedication is real and the respect is earned!

Footwear is probably the most important part of a skateboarders life, every time you go to buy a pair of shoes you ask yourself a lot of questions. How do they fit, what kind of material do I want, is this the right colorway, durability or board feel, Cupsole or Vulcanized, What kind of shoe does my favorite pro wear and why? All these factors and many more are a part of the process when deciding on a skate shoe.

When adidas Skateboarding asked us if we wanted to host a weartest at our favorite skatepark. The first thing we wanted to do was invite our friends that skate for /// and some of the MBU locals we skate with. We all know “It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have some.” So not only did everyone get shoes but dinner at the local tapas place was included as well, we truly managed to take care of everybody for a day.

When the sun set, the weather, the skating, the shoes and the food and drinks all came together to make it a fun day to remember and if you don’t know what happened? It is on the internet for all to see for the rest of eternity.

Text by Roland Hoogwater
Photos by Danny Sommerfeld




























Let’s call it a day! Go Skateboarding Day 2015 in Berlin was a blast. The crowd met at Civilist store in Mitte to get their goodie bags while Nike SB donated money towards a new local Skate-Spot-Project for every kilometer that was pushed on a skateboard through the streets. The route took us to the “Bänke”, the famous street spot at Warschauerstr. where another issue of Battle At The Bänke was about to go down.

This 5th issue of BATB went to the history books as Alex Mizurov and Denny Pham did so many lines, they could have filmed a whole Bänke-part on one day. It was just stunning! Also the homies like Louis Taubert, Patrick Rogalski, Sylvain Tognelli (and many more) did their best to show amazing skateboarding at a fully crowded spot. Thanks to everyone who came along to join this epic Go Skateboarding Day!

Here’s our photo recap, shot by Burny.


Kids loving goodies.




Sebi MC

Sylvain did one of the best lines of the day. Unfortunately he disappeared during the final.

Always a pleasure to watch Sami Harithi skating.

To give you an idea of this still image – Louis` fs bluntlside was fast as hell.

Joscha, Mario & Farid

Probably Denny couldn’t believe how many lines he filmed in one day.

Patrick was on point, flippin’ into fs crooks.

Bänke-legend Jan Kliewer hanging with Topdog Danny Sommerfeld.


Alex, Michi, Vladik and Patrik checking the news.

Michel Funky, Andre and friend.

Alex Mizurov filmed 13 lines – just in the final!

Justin, Denny, Colin, Sami

Best Trick winner Louis going for the long way.

Kerem Elver likes this a lot.

Free stuff!

In total 3850 Euro got donated for the realization of the new skatepark project. Cheers Bo!

Happy winners with cash – Denny got 2nd, Alex 1st and Louis 3rd, he also won the Best Trick.

Watch out for the final video dropping this week!

Francisco Saco mit seiner Interpretation der Absolut Graffiti Session an der Sic Semper Skulptur von Roberto Cuellar. Mit dabei sind Mauro Caruso, Kai Hillebrand, Hardy, Colin Mclean und Daniel Pannemann. Satisfaction kills desire.

Am vergangenen Wochenende fand im Märkischen Viertel an Berlins Stadtrand die Eröffnung des neuen Anker-Plazas statt. In dessen Zuge gab es den ersten Contest im Spring Team Battle Format zu dem sich eine Menge bekannter Skateboarder der Hauptstadt eingefunden haben. Dennis Scholz hat den Event für uns mit seiner Kamera eingefangen, hier ein paar Impressionen aus dem Block.

Colin McLean – BS Smithgrind

Justin Sommer – Treflip

Michel Funke – Hardflip

Hirschi – FS Feeble

Hirschi – Ollie aus´m Park


Locals 2

Denny Pham – Switch FS Bigspin

Farid Ulrich – FS Transfer

Stevie und Lukas

Pascal Reif – Switch Heelflip

Sami Harithi – FS 180 Transfer

Yannick Schall – Switch BS 360

Tjark Thielker – FS Bluntslide

Best Line – Hirschi

Best Trick – Nepomuk Herok

Best Team – Saltyboys feat. Yannick Schall, Denny Pham und Diskotoni

Das kann ja nur geil sein, wenn sich die Berliner Radio Boys mit den Hamburger Clepto Aalen zusammentun und eine Tour, im kompletten Low-Budget-Gipsy-Style, nach Skandinavien machen. Wer is mit am Start? Alle, also von Nino Ullman, Colin McLean, Maxim Rosenbauer, Valle, Lennie Burmeister, Teampapa Arne Krüger bis hin zu Cäptn Clepto und und und…Ein geiler Flick. Reinziehen. Jetzt sofort, du Aal.