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You have heard it before, we are hosting this Saturday’s Snipes – SQUAD UP event in Berlin / Märkisches Viertel. The best thing about it –  everyone can join the contest, as long you find a crew of three people and a name. Easy, right? We have more than 10 crews invited from all over Germany including:

Skywalker: Marcel Weber, Tim Hachen, Max Pack
Dshild: Modo Matinda, Marvin Rausch, Vincent van Essen
030 Gaunerz: Justin Sommer, Phillipp Oehmige, Max Obert
Saltyboys: Yannick Schall, Denny Pham, Patrick Rogalski
Bong Bande: Michel Funke, Valentin Ott, Farid Ulrich
Marijuth: Joscha Aicher, Daniel Ledermann, Mario Ungerer
Seoul Air: Hyun Kummer, Jan Hoffmann, Julian Ruhe
Roncalli Kids: Robert Gray, Yannick Zhou, Malte Schüttensack
Downright: Tom Kleinschmidt, Christopher Schübel, Quirin Staudt
Europe: Kai Hillebrand, Timo Meiselbach, Kevin Vietzke
VierSwei: Sascha Scharf, Niklas Stube, Oliver Reinicke
Stanley WE: Benny Vogel, Christoph Friedmann, David Neier
OWN Skateboards: Andi Welther, Glenn Michelfelder, Robin Wulf

This is Dshild:


This is VierZwei:

This is Own Skateboards:

All the INFORMATION you need.

September the 2nd we would like to invite everyone to a special event in our hometown Berlin. Together with SNIPES, we will host a open crew competition with different skate crews from all over Germany. This is your chance to sign up with your friends and compete for 10.000€ prize money, against crews like Seoul2K, Europe, Marijuth, Stanley WE and many more. The contest is open and you can sign-up for free! Next to the contest, we will have live DJ’s playing and there will be an after-show party of course. Sounds like fun to us, we will see you all there!  All necessary information summarized:

SNIPES SQUAD UP | open crew skate contest, free entry

MV skate park, Senftenberg Ring, 13439 Berlin

Saturday, September 2nd 2017
11 am | pre-qualification
01 pm | qualification
04 pm | finals

Beats by?
Trap or Die, Berlin
SKRT, Cologne

In 2017 SNIPES is uniting two street cultures that are simply meant to roll together – skateboarding and rap music. Both movements have evolved into global phenomena with avid followers around the world and both can trace their roots back in the streets – and this is where SQUAD UP takes place, the streets of Berlin, Milano, Madrid, Eindhoven. Learn more at snipes.com/squadup


Am vergangenen Wochenende fand im Märkischen Viertel an Berlins Stadtrand die Eröffnung des neuen Anker-Plazas statt. In dessen Zuge gab es den ersten Contest im Spring Team Battle Format zu dem sich eine Menge bekannter Skateboarder der Hauptstadt eingefunden haben. Dennis Scholz hat den Event für uns mit seiner Kamera eingefangen, hier ein paar Impressionen aus dem Block.

Colin McLean – BS Smithgrind

Justin Sommer – Treflip

Michel Funke – Hardflip

Hirschi – FS Feeble

Hirschi – Ollie aus´m Park


Locals 2

Denny Pham – Switch FS Bigspin

Farid Ulrich – FS Transfer

Stevie und Lukas

Pascal Reif – Switch Heelflip

Sami Harithi – FS 180 Transfer

Yannick Schall – Switch BS 360

Tjark Thielker – FS Bluntslide

Best Line – Hirschi

Best Trick – Nepomuk Herok

Best Team – Saltyboys feat. Yannick Schall, Denny Pham und Diskotoni