Tag: Teampapa Arne Krüger

We can all agree that at the core of skate culture is a strong DIY spirit. But as skateboarding continues to grow the look and feel of DIY has changed, from professional skatepark builders to companies like Polar (and Pontus in particular) DIY still is omnipresent. Even though we welcome that evolution it is nice to see that some people still hold on to skateboarding’s punk roots!

BAUAMT is an initiative by skaters for skaters (mostly in Berlin). The park looks amazing and is reminiscent of some of the early ’90s builds, rough, weird but fun! So, with that said, it was only logical that Radio Skateboards would pay the place a visit. They all pulled themselves together and came all the way to Lichtenberg with a strong squad that was ready to rip. The result speaks for itself enjoy!

Das kann ja nur geil sein, wenn sich die Berliner Radio Boys mit den Hamburger Clepto Aalen zusammentun und eine Tour, im kompletten Low-Budget-Gipsy-Style, nach Skandinavien machen. Wer is mit am Start? Alle, also von Nino Ullman, Colin McLean, Maxim Rosenbauer, Valle, Lennie Burmeister, Teampapa Arne Krüger bis hin zu Cäptn Clepto und und und…Ein geiler Flick. Reinziehen. Jetzt sofort, du Aal.