If you have ever been to Berlin or if you have friends or family in this city you might be aware that it somewhat lacks a central area. This is in part due to the history of the German capital but it is also due to its sheer size. Apart from these two factors, you can add the fact that stable housing is not an easy thing to find in Berlin. As such people move from east to west gathering places and people along the way. We all construct our own version of the city. We have our parks we go to, our favorite cafes or clubs but as skaters most of all we all have our own places to skate. So we decided to give you all a sneak peek into one of our Berlin’s, and that is where Leon Charo Tite enters the chat.

Illustrations by Leon Charo Tite.

Text by Roland Hoogwater.

Film & Edit by Roland Hoogwater.

Concept by Daniel Pannemann & Roland Hoogwater.

Leon Charo Tite has been in the city for a few years now and he knows his way around town. Traveling most days from his Prenzauerberg home in the east to westside areas like Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Schöneberg, and beyond. When we asked him to show us his Berlin he liked the idea but immediately warned us that it might involve some long-distance bike riding as well as some rough-ass spots.

We agreed but we all felt like it would be cool to show “Leon’s Berlin” to an outsider. After a short brainstorming session, we decided on Hamburg’s own Theo Löffler, who in our opinion is one of Germany’s “next-up” skaters and a generally great and easy person to be around. We called him up and told him to leave his 52mm wheels at home and come meet us for a little day trip. It was as easy as that!

So now you, the viewer, end up with the final product, Leon Charo Tite and Theo Löffler’s trip through their own version of Berlin. Which takes you from Yoyo Burger to Kleistpark and MBU and much more (ask for a pin on IG) Place Presents you our “Uncommon Guide 2 Berlin“. Enjoy!