A all new Blondey video part by Sirus F. Gahan and for his Brand Thames. Here’s what he had to say about it:

I was 22 when I put out my last video part. I’ve turned 27 today, putting out my next, and a lot has changed in the time that’s elapsed. Raising children… running a business like mine… you don’t just do what you can in set hours. Nor do you ever feel you’ve done enough. The care such vocations ask of you and you want to give — assuming they are indeed vocations and not just situations — is limitless, so giving anything else your all is mathematically impossible. In accepting this, especially if the process involves first trying to deny it, one can lose the inclination to give anything anything at all. And instead take as fact that adulthood = the end of childhood. I NEEDED to disprove this to myself in this effort, and I’m proud to say I have.