Julian Lopez from Soren Fischer fame is back with a new submission to our wonderful Place Present series. This time we don’t get a single part but instead we are treated to a 7-minute montage featuring some of our “Soo Hot Right Now” friends. Munich, Innsbruck & Berlin stand up and applaud some of the madness that people Like Leon Charo Tite and Daniel Ledermann has to offer you!

Intro by Roland Hoogwater
Film, Edit & Text Julian Lopez
Supported by SHRN

In the film world, an „intermission“ describes the break in the middle of a movie, it is used to create some sort of excitement or simply to allow the viewer to go to the toilets if the film is too long for a single sitting.
At the beginning of this project, this video felt like a break between some of the other projects that I had going on. It was similar for everyone involved in this edit. So we collected as much footage as possible and added stuff that everyone had already stacked before and pieced this shit together.

Towards the end of the project, I got in a flow and was really hyped about how the video turned out. That lead to us all starting to put a lot of extra effort into the video. We all got really into going out and filming more tricks for this video. Now, in its finished form, the video doesn’t feel like an „intermission“ anymore; instead, it feels like an actual project. But I liked the title anyway, so I decided to just keep it as it is. Enjoy!