We get e-mails about submissions all the time from places all over the world. The quality varies but we try to watch as many as humanly possible. A funny thing is when you watch as many skate videos as we do you start to love the variation of people’s styles. Styles of editing, skating, dressing, the diversity of their crew, all play a part in how you feel about what you are watching, you also find some weird love for obscure little things. So when we pressed play on this video we instantly felt good about what we saw, we hit back Jacob Lunsford and asked him is he wanted to tell us something more about the project.

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.
Words and Video by Jacob Lunsford.
Photography by Jake Sanso.

When the opportunity to make a collaboration project with Five Six One emerged, there was absolutely no question on what we would be working on next. Teak at Five Six One has played such a critical role in the South Florida skateboarding community dating back to its opening in 2000.

Growing up as a sweaty skate park kid rummaging through product in what was then a small sliver of real estate in Jensen Beach, the thought of us making a video and product together was one I was immediately attached to. As the shop grew throughout the years, doubling their original space and then later moving into their now renowned Stuart location, the inspiration drawn from all around grew as well.

This video is a nod to the respect all of us share for Teak and Five Six One. Without it, so many skaters from the area and their stories may not be the same. Not only do we want to thank Teak for the opportunity but everyone involved in helping make this possible. Also big shout out to Jimmy from Post Modern and Nick from Andrew Downtown for the work they’ve done for our Florida scene! This video was filmed completely in South Florida from May-September 2021.