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Paul Herrmann gets the honor of closing off our year with his best of 2018 montage. The video features some of Berlin’s finest and some of Germany’s best.

To be honest, it is nice to see that young filmers still wait to “build” montages instead of filming for a couple of weekends and then “just putting it out” in a sub-par fashion.

Surprises are nice and we believe in the fact that every skater can have something to add to a montage. To draw a parallel, in a band not everybody can be the lead singer, some people might be drummers or they might not even play any instrument but still, they are an important element of the band.


In “bestof2k18” Herrmann manages to show us all the bits and bobs behind his “band” and we hope you enjoy the results.


As someone who lives in Berlin, of course, it is always nice to see a new Berlin video. This city has a lot of potential and almost no city limits but it is extremely rare for new videos to come out.

Those guys are all from the western part of Berlin and so are all the spots. The video came as a lovely surprise! Thanks, guys. Good job!

Feat.: Edgar Fischnaller, Krischan Hintz, Sören Fischer, Tamas Tschaidse, Christopher Hartl, Mattis Obermann, Maurice Manasse, Konrad Waldmann, Joel Grasmuck, Kacper, Frederik Thomsen.