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It wasn’t the first time that Converse decided to help the Berlin Skateboarding scene with an indoor facility during those dark days of the Winter. Meet “Push Berlin” – a project in cooperation with Converse.

In this video, a few Converse CONS ambassadors took a look at the park to show you around, which ended up in a session for everybody.

Featuring.: Danny Sommerfeld, Daniel Pannemann, Vladik Scholz, Jonas Hess & more.

James Cruickshank is definitely one of the most talented filmmakers in our skateboarding community. This piece was filmed just a few weeks ago and features a small selected part from the European Converse Cons team and introduces a household name: Mauro Caruso.

A video by James Cruickshank for a brief glance skateboardmag, in association with Converse Cons.

Filmed on location in the region of Puglia, Italy and starring: Felipe Bartolomé, Remy Taveira, Pietro Bontà, Ollie Lock, Jonas Hess, Jerome Campbell and Mauro Caruso.

Film and edit by James Cruickshank.

Picture the following scenery: It’s August the 15th, we are in Abu Dhabi and the clock is about to hit the 12 pm mark. Can you imagine how it would feel to skate outside in the heat of the desert city? Well, the day before yesterday we did the complete opposite of the above-explained situation. Converse CONS sent us out to Stockholm/Sweden (Yeah, it was cold), where we celebrated a very special happening. Main topic was: David Stentström took us on a very personal tour through his life in Stockholm (HERE you have the masterpiece) and some of us took a little but happy detour that night. The following photos will give you a taste of who was there:

Past summer American filmer Brett Nichols visited the two German cities Berlin and Hannover. His edit “SPÄTI” chronicles this ten days trip and features next to his American friends Harrison Hafner and Bobby Groves also some very common German personalities like Dennis Laaß, Niels Brauer, Malte Spitz, Jonas Hess, Conny Mirbach and with Tjark Thielker, Daniel Pannemann and Danny Sommerfeld even half of the PLACE staff.

“Späti (pronounced shpi-tee) is a shorthand for a German corner store. It was the most common word spoken by my new German friends Nils Brauer, Daniel Pannemann, Tjark Thielker, and so many others. Between every spot a debate would be sparked as to where the nearest späti was and whether it was in the direction we needed to go. The späti serves as both the snackbar and the regular bar – unlike The States, you are free to sample adult beverages right outside.” – Brett Nichols

Photo by Alexey Lapin

I clearly remember when this project started, I was talking to Leon Rudolph and I asked: “Why don’t you do full-length videos anymore?” He answered: “Right now, I just don’t want to wait to put something out.” Leon did do a lot this year, he did some stuff for Converse Cons, Cleptomanicx and a couple of independent short videos. So an idea crept into our mind, what if we ask Leon to remix his 2016 work into one longer project? He loved the idea, and from that moment we started to talk regularly about the project, Leon would bring up ideas and started working on the project, he even found a date and a location to premiere the project. Yesterday the video had its premiere in Kassel it premiered together with Jonathon the Dog’s new project. So with, that out the way we are proud to introduce to you Leon Rudolph’s newest project “U Already Know” for PLACE, Enjoy!

Featuring: Danny Sommerfeld, Jonas Hess, Jan Hoffmann, Daniel Pannemann, Hyun Kummer (Versace_Germany), Jun Kummer (Seoul_air), Steffen Grap, Franz Grimm, Max Sand, Moritz Alte and much more.

Our friend and editor in chief is having a great month, He has an interview in the current issue of Solo skate mag and yesterday he put out a new part together with Converse. Because we have known Daniel for a pretty long time it is nice to see somebody who is not afraid to change up or fine tune his style with each part he puts out. This part shows you what Daniel and his friends have been focussing on both spot and trick wise. Enjoy!

Every year there are a lot of companies and crews that want to do a tour or to just spend a couple of days in Berlin. The skaters want to see and skate the famous spots like Kulturforum, Naga, Polendenkmal, Bänke, Frankfurter Tor and many other. Recently, the German Converse Cons team riders Daniel Pannemann, Danny Sommerfeld, and Jonas Heß met in Berlin to produce a clip, yet with a whole different approach. Next to some of the before mentioned famous spots, they rather tried to find something else, something that gives the viewer a new perspective of the endless possibilities a city like Berlin can offer. With this aim in mind, they chose the right photographer, Henrik Biemer, who is known for his unique way in which he depicts the place he calls home, whereby he is always looking for some new ways to shoot something whenever he goes out to skate.

Text by Paul Röhrs

All Photos by Biemer

There is not a lot of newcomers out there with the ability to jump as high as him. Meet Jonas, the rather shy but mature young-gun from Kassel who doesn‘t really care about the business side of being a sponsored Skater. He can make a talent scout cry, let me tell you.

When I first met him about one and a half years ago, watching him do his thing, I knew right away that he has what it takes to join our gang. Not too tall, not too small, he’s a winsome guy who doesn’t force things and never shows too much ego.

So we exchanged numbers. Met up, met up again, I even gave him a little present, but when I invited him for a proper gangbang with the whole crew, he nevertheless cold-shouldered me. Maybe it all went down too fast for him; maybe I stupidly asked for too much – although I’d taken extra care not to rush things.

Jonas is the kind of guy who only wants to have fun. No demos, no elaborate marketing strategies, no after parties with all the other pros and hoes. Being as humble as they come, he really only asks for one thing: a board made out of the best possible wood – for a long lasting pop.



And yet, it did happen eventually. For some reason this one girl managed to butter him up. She’s gorgeous, visually a great match, and all the homies seem to like her as well. Love was in the air whenever you saw them together. He was already in a relationship before they met; that one was his first. But apparently it never felt right anyway. She lacked motivation, something was wrong about her style. In short, the whole thing was destined to fail from the beginning.

Well, now he’s with the girl everybody was after. A perfectly shaped body, great skin. But there is a downside, unfortunately, as he certainly knows where the shoe pinches him: She wants to get entertained, get shown around and meet all his friends and family. It’s only the beginning of their relationship, so maybe he’ll get used to it without burning his fingers. I just hope he knows when to stop so he doesn’t get footsore. As some wise man once put it on a cloakroom wall: “No matter how beautiful she is, there is someone out there who’s fed up about her.”

I hope he’ll find a way to walk that thin line between jerking off and sex for money. And that he won’t get cold feet when it’s time for the big gangbang.

Danny Sommerfeld




Yesterday we had the story plus photo-gallery and now we would like to present to you the short-film. Alex Ullmann, Valentin Cafuk, Daniel Pannemann and Jonas Heß skating in Frankfurt am Main. The city of Goethe, skyscrapers and despaired business men, filmed and edited by Severin Strauss.

I was drunk last night. Drunk and high. It wasn’t too crazy, but enough to make me talk shit about my boss to one of his closest assistants. I’m sure this won’t cause any trouble for me, but it’ll definitely make me feel a bit uncomfortable at the lunch meeting later on today. A wall of six screens, various desks, neatly arranged in a room the size of a swimming pool. 12 people in dark suits competing over today’s biggest deal. I’m here to put them in their places.


I like my job, I really do. I couldn’t see myself working anywhere else right now. I work as a banking administrator in the Corporate Finance Department of a big bank that’s based in Frankfurt am Main. Born and raised in London, I’ve always been able to hold my liquor. My siblings and I were born drinking, my whole family drinks. What is a hangover anyways? Isn’t that a city in Germany? I usually wake up early, I need to be in the office at around 7 a.m.


The first meeting is on at 7:15 and the last one usually around 8:30-ish. That’s normal. I’m not complaining. I love it! If I could, I’d probably sleep less and drink more. Having a successful career is a family tradition. When I look out of my office window I can see the “Silberturm”, also known as the DB Tower, and its marble entrance plaza. Some days you can watch the most fucked up things happening down there. Pure entertainment!


Although I have a pretty terrific car collection back home in London, I never really use my own car out here. Frankfurt is small, and I can take a cab in less than a minute if I really need a ride. Since my new apartment is only a block away from my office, I often take a quick walk instead. Probably the only time I actually spend outside. I’m sure I’d catch the flu if someone threw me into the woods, or even just close to a tree. I rather smoke a cigarette; they do me better anyway. Life is what you make of it, right? Nature only makes me nervous.


As a kid you have a different view on things; I always thought of myself as someone who goes on a journey to discover the planet. I wanted to plant a seed on every single mainland, help people, feed those in need, maybe become a doctor or a professor, just to do some good. That was before I went to college and everything. Before girls, money, drugs. I was wet behind the ears, a real virgin. So after I discovered my strengths, I slowly started to forget about all that good-will bull crap and became a businessman. I do business!


So, today I arrived pretty late. It must have been around 7:14. That means not much time to actually prepare a meeting, although that’s something I usually don’t do anyways. My job is to chair the meeting and talk about yesterday’s numbers and today’s forecasts. My secretary is this 23-year-old German girl, born and raised in Frankfurt. Married to a policeman. No kids. So, why not? I mean I would, and maybe I will at one point.


I saw her once, at an office party, making out with the younger brother of my boss. They left the room for a good 15 minutes. Whatever it takes, I always try to get what I want. Since I was a young kid, I walked my own path in my very own shoes. My father was a cold-hearted man and I taught myself how to take a shit on the toilet, ride a bike and smoke a cigarette. My mum died when I was two years old and I never really learned to love my stepmother. What I’m trying to say is, I’m good.


Sometimes, when I look out of the window, down to the DB entrance plaza I see grown men on skateboards. Guys around 20, 25. Playing with a toy for kids, in the streets. I always wonder what their parents might think about that. Do they still have a parent that tells them to get a life? Skater-punks, prostitutes, drug-dealers, all kinds of crooked people and in between you have us: good-looking men in suits. What a contrast! Like there is only black and white. Rich and poor. Clean and dirty. Day and night. Call me whatever you want, but this is pretty fucked up and I kind of like it. I feel like I belong in a situation like that. I was born for this. Give me more of that.


This meeting is useless. Every single banker in this room is looking at me as if they really care, as if they like what I’m saying… they want to know, they want to get a raise and I am the one in charge. Bullshit. Don’t look at me like that and stop kissing my ass. You pricks don’t know shit. My mood is on a low. This might be the closest I ever get to a “hangover”.


All these thoughts come to mind as I sit here and I talk about millions of Euros. It’s easy for me. After ten years in the business and three years in a position like this, it’s a fucking breeze. God, how I love it. Actually, I do three things at once. 1: Talk about yesterday’s Indonesian stock market. 2: Make fun of my colleagues. 3: Picture my secretary butt naked while screaming at me – maybe that makes it even four. This place is like hell and I seem to be the devil.

Words: Daniel Pannemann
Photos: Danny Sommerfeld

Skaters: Valentin Cafuk, Jonas Hess, Alex Ullmann

The only Constant is change – mit jeder Ausgabe versuchen wir PLACE weiterzuentwickeln. Ausgabe 52 markiert einen Wendepunkt in unserer Historie, denn es ist die erste, die komplett auf Englisch erscheint – in Zeiten der Globalisierung ein logischer Schritt: Kids sprechen heute besser Englisch denn je… Das erwartet euch in der neuesten Ausgabe aller Zeiten – wir wünschen viel Vergnügen!

New Love – Jonas Hess

Haiku – Photography by Davy van Laere

Frankfurt am Main – A bankers diary

Wanderlust – Juan Saavedra

TJ‘s furniture – Tjark‘s side job

Curious moments – The photography of Dan Zvereff

Portfolio – Requiem For A Screen / Nathaniel Jones

Rocco lifestyle – Patrick Rogalski Interview

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